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  1. I think I have shot back to back twice when it was at the hogue range. 1st gun was always better, and the second day I was pretty damn tired. I vividly remember, both times, having 3-4 stages left and just wanting it to be over. That's temperamental others mileage may vary.
  2. that is an annoying rub, when you open the cyl all the way does the cyl contact the frame, assuming it does...
  3. Good luck, you will do well regardless but am curious how your time will compare.
  4. which part? about being basically the same regardless of the gun? I mean, you are a alien/mutant so who knows. You are not going to immediately be as good with an auto as you are with a revolver because you are the best in the world with a revolver right now. You aren't are going to beat JJ and max with a 2011 without some serious time, years, spent practicing. I DO think you can definitely classify GM in any division though without to much work... My opinion, this will surely twist some into knots.
  5. I very stupidly and probably arrogantly believed for a (very)brief period I would be at least a little bit "better" shooting an auto. I'm not. With an auto, all the shooting and gun handling is just that much faster across the board, for everyone. You are the shooter you are within a couple percent either way, the division hardly matters.
  6. I just did these at area 7 3 days ago. 160 bayou/ibeji .357 1.145 COAL 2.9 N320 824 fps for 2, the third over the match chrono was 801. at home prior to match i shot 40+ of these over my chrono and all were 820. hth. I'd start at 2.8 if you load them this short and see what you get. These extract perfect from my gun, in this case was RP headstamps... I went this short because they will fit in a CZ mag and chamber properly....looking for that single load.
  7. This is objectively true in the sense that a) its a double action pull every single time and b). reloading is a whole thing and you need to do it every 8 bangs... Its also objectively false because every division is hard to be competitive in,like really hard, because USPSA is difficult to be really good at.
  8. This is it. Just do this on an endless loop and accept nothing else....
  9. YOU can do .16's.... I'm sure lots of people can, it seems beyond me with a revolver. Maybe the odd .18 on something 5 feet away...
  10. I switched to remington from federal at end of 2015, it works excellent. i have tested federal, rem, speer, winchester and all work fine in my experience. What does not work is starline, amerc, etc..
  11. Ruger could not care less about the competition market. By chance I sat with a Ruger big wig a couple years ago, his position...Ruger's take on all competitive shooting formats is that its not even a "rounding error" for them in terms of volume(being the largest by far) and its pointless for them.
  12. I'm not disagreeing because 2.0 is pretty sporty to say the least, especially over and over again. How are we defining this, is this a shot to shot thing with a guaranteed alpha? at what distance? If you really analyze what jerry is doing, stunningly fast, the difference in the speed is how fast he fires the shot coming off the machaniations of all the gun handling. All the hand speed, getting it out, getting it in, getting it closed, etc...is amazing because he does it so consistently, but the money in the bank is the immediacy with the shot coming off the reload.
  13. I had no creep with that length and load. The only bullets I have messed with so far that slip are .357 copper extremes. Since that post, I switched back to the clays load. 2.5@1.200 COAL and 780 fps, these do not slip but I do size with an EGW U-die. These are accurate and soft like most clays loads are, in that they are not blasty, though after having shot another guys gun at the IRC with a 100% different take on things, everything I thought I believed about this stuff is out the window and I am making changes.
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