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  1. Yes, Open Office was the guy in the above video's second choice for a freebie. I still just have to figure out how badly I need MS office suite. The best prices that I can find from a reputable dealer are from New Egg. I also have to figure out how badly I want Access and Publisher since the MS Office Pro raises the price tag again. Anyone know of a better price from a reputable dealer? Newegg Digital Download Delivery Service Important Shipping Information Microsoft Office Professional 2019 - 1 device, Windows 10, Download Consumable Product Return Policy Update In Stock Limit 20 $439.99 $399.99 Save: 9.09% Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 - 1 device, Windows 10 PC/Mac Download Consumable Product Return Policy Update In Stock Limit 20 $249.99 $229.99 Save: 8.00%
  2. I started this thread and for me I passed on this. I went to Ebay and you can find even better deals on fake software from MS. If you think the $80 is a good price you can find the same kind of stuff for $8-$12. The biggest thing that I found was that the are genuine MS codes taken off of systems that were not meant to be sold to individuals. MS said that selling these key codes is illegal. Many of the reviewers said that the codes will probably work until the first update is done at which point MS will revoke your permission a couple of months down the road. Two months later, even if you paid by credit card, it's too late to get your money back. If you want something for free, I did install this on my wife's laptop: https://www.libreoffice.org/ Here is a nice YT video on the free ones that are out there:
  3. I did notice that these guys are in the UK. There is also a coupon for another 10% off. Now that I look at the picture, it does say 365 on it, which is a yearly product, the photo also says MAC on it. When I read the description it says: Lifetime license, pay once, for Windows.. Those conflicting pieces of information should be a red flag for me. Maybe, I should be asking where is the best place to buy this software stateside? We all want a 2 carrot diamond solitaire ring for $49, but when we see one, we know that it is not as advertised. This is from their website: Home › Microsoft Office 2019 › Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus for Windows PC Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus for Windows PC Regular price $89.99 Download Immediately After Purchase One Time Payment - Lifetime Licence Genuine Retail Software Guaranteed Dedicated After Sales Support Team Head Office: Fast Software LTD, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom Phone Support: (020) 3967 8380 Email Support: help@fastsoftware.com Company Number: 11467318 Trademark Number: UK00003325017 Microsoft Partner Number: 5207108
  4. I'm an old guy, and "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". While I am well aware of that, I sure wish this was legit. What do you think? You can feel welcome to tell me "to pull my head out of my rear and get real, this is a scam". https://fastsoftware.com/collections/microsoft-office-2019/products/microsoft-office-2019-professional-plus-for-windows-pc Thanks for your thoughts
  5. This past year I took and intermediate scoped rifle class. I used my 3 gun rifle and engaged targets at 500+ yards with the little 223. At the end of the course they had a chicken shoot. The target was a centerfire chicken silhouette. On 6 power I could easily see the chicken and I hit it on my second attempt at 517 yards with the 69 grain pills I was shooting. I was prone on a mat, with a bi-pod and rear bag. I'm not saying this to brag, I really think that it is a capable thing for most people with a little understanding of basic rifle skills. The point of the post is that I could ID a chicken size target at 500 + yards with a 6X optic. There is no need to think that you can't hit a LaRue target or some other reasonably sized piece of steel at that distance with a 6X and an 8X will make you a shooter all of a sudden. Bluntly most 8X optics are very heavy indeed and the field of view is tighter and the eye box more critical. Now having said the above if anyone has a Swarovski 1-8 that they would like me to evaluate over the next couple of years and want to send me one, I probably would be willing to give it a go.
  6. Any links to information about the new Vortex?
  7. Another set of progressives look to be in my future. Thanks everyone, looks like I still need to decide on polarized or not and color.
  8. I know that there is a long running thread in the general area about glasses. What prompted me to post this here is that the requirements for a bifocal lens for a handgunner, I suspect will be different than what someone who shoots a handgun, rifle and shotgun are. I've been told that progressive lenses will give a very narrow focal plane left to right and that I might want to consider just getting a lens with a lined bifocal. I think a lined bifocal will allow me to keep scores / read but also allow good target acquisition but I am concerned about handgun front sight crispness, and shotgun sights while shooting slugs. Do you use a progressive lens for your bifocal prescription for 3 gun or do you use a lined bifocal? Next big question is about lens color. In clay target games, Decot Hy-Wyd coined a term "romancing the target". As an example, I shoot a very light rose color lens in sporting clays which makes the blaze orange targets pop against the background. For USPSA style cardboard targets, has anyone tried a brown or tan type tinted lens. I'm trying to get a nice pair of glasses that I can use for multiple outdoor type activities. I happen to be a mad fly fisherman and the brownish color lenses are very popular on the water, but I have a concern about them looking a brown cardboard colored targets. Thanks for your thoughts
  9. I'm not guessing here. I spoke to my insurance agent, who has been an American Family rep for 25 years and he called the underwriters. I have no coverage under my homeowners or any umbrella type policy that they have available for me. Your insurance company might be different. I do pay for the NRA instructors insurance out of my own pocket, which covers me for shooting related activities. I would suggest you call your agent and see about your own personal situation with your current insurance company. The time to find out is not after the fact.
  10. My insurance rep called the underwritters for me to see if I could get an umbrella policy. They said that they would not be able to offer me anything for coverage in the shooting sports. Make sure your umbrella policy really covers what you think it covers.
  11. Thanks Pat for the nice review and adding to the knowledge base about this product. Good price point with popular specs will make this one on the short list for many.
  12. Best price I have seen on a VX6 1-6 with Multigun reticle Model 120448: http://www.midwayusa.com/product/550632/leupold-vx-6-rifle-scope-30mm-tube-1-6x-24mm-multigun-custom-dial-system-cds-illuminated-matte
  13. I just saw a reference this morning about a drop in gun sales since the election. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/11/22/trumps-pro-second-amendment-platform-could-end-gun-sales-boom.html With record after record being broke almost monthly, the industry was reaping a good windfall with the threat of Hillary. With a progun president in office the rush to buy is over and sales have dropped. Looking forward to a great year of bargains in firearm related purchases. With a glut of product and lower demand those of us that buy all of the time will reap a bonanza of deals in this coming year.
  14. I didn't see one yet, so wanted to start a thread on Black Friday deals that you find remarkable for our sport. If you find a deal on something useful for 3 gun, please feel free to post it here. Thanks for sharing. Me, right now looking for another optic and a mount. Feel free to share anything appropriate for 3 gun.
  15. Anyone see any deals on these that are in stock? Months ago, I saw preorder pricing just over $800, but now, most spots are close to $999 and availability is still sparse. Thinking of the FFP circle dot. Thanks
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