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  1. My Cabela's gets them pretty regularly, though I see they're out of stock online. Put in a backorder, should get filled in a week or two.
  2. I can't wait for some Solo too! Sent from the range I've given up on ever seeing Solo 1000. Made the move to Titegroup.
  3. I use something different than everyone else evidently, an HKS speedloader.
  4. I've got an M&P9 with the Apex FSS kit that's picky about primers. It doesn't like Tula or CCI. I'll give these a go and report back.
  5. I picked up about 2k of Sellier & Bellot Small Pistol Primers when Cabela's had them on sale, but haven't tried them out yet. How hard are these compared to like Tula or CCI?
  6. Why could he not use the TTI/TF +6 extensions in ESP?
  7. I've seen Rose Action Sports mentioned here on the board before, are there any other suggestions?
  8. Other than their website? I'm basically looking for info regarding starting out, what sort of equipment everyone is using, what the course of fire is like, etc. Is there a subsection on here that I'm missing or are there certain keywords I need to be searching for?
  9. I'm considering stippling my M&P myself or shipping it out to somebody to get done. Anyone have any recommendations on patterns or who to look at for a good stippling job?
  10. I wouldn't want to have to shim a new barrel. Dissimilar materials will expand/contract at different rates due to heat. That's bound to have an effect on your accuracy, especially at distance.
  11. Or maybe I was imagining things...
  12. A couple of days ago I managed to find an online web store that was advertising the JP Rifles ULMOS bolt carrier for around $240. Unfortunately, I forgot to bookmark the page. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  13. Sorry, I'm in the Upstate, Anderson/Greenville area to be specific.
  14. Thanks guys, I appreciate the info, now I just need to find a qualifier.
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