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  1. Thanks everyone! Looks like I'm going to have to add a chrono to my equipment list before I can get started.
  2. Please have patience as I try to learn the lingo and ropes. As I try to enter this sport, I'm trying to figure out PF calculations and how I would check my own reloads. So far, I think I undertstand that 125 is considered the minimum for Minor PF and 165 the mininum for Major PF, this being USPSA. Is that correct? Now if I want to see where my reloads fall on the PF scale, I would need a chronograph to check velocity, correct? Would I need to get an average velocity for a given number of rounds or how would that work? How would I know that my PF calculations at home would be the same as when I arrive at a match?
  3. Has anyone ever used this or have any experience? I'm in the process of loading a big batch of bulk 9mm that I load very light. I'm about to run out of powder and Nitro 100NF is the only thing I can get my hands on. I'm currently loading 3.8gr of Bullseye with 124gr Berry's RN at 1.145 OAL. This is a very gentle load and I'd like to know if I can replicate the results with Nitro 100NF. I have found load data on the Accurate website and it seems to be at least usable for my needs. Just wanting to get some opinions and experience before I pull the trigger on purchase. $20/bottle shipped for 10lbs.
  4. That's awesome. I'm in the Cape area too! I was going to come down to watch the match this past weekend, but we had family come in from out of town. My brother went down and watched the match though.
  5. Thanks everyone. I'm thinking about equipment and trying to decide what I need. All of my guns are safe queens that I shoot for pleasure at the range, but I couldn't make myself use them in competition for fear of wear and scratches. Luckily as a FFL, I should be able to purchase guns and equipment at a lesser cost than most and use them as a "demo" until I decide to sell them as used. Any recommendations for guns and equipment?
  6. Here is the trick I use to remember: just think FORS for your point of impact. Front-Opposite Rear-Same. Move the front sight opposite the direction of POI and move the rear sight the same direction of POI.
  7. Just wanted to say hello and try to learn about competitive shooting. Been a shooter and gun collector for more than 15 years and I'm currently a FFL as well. I know my way around guns, but know zero about competitive shooting. I have a USPSA club about an hour away and I'm on the fence about joining. I want to join, but afraid of looking dumb and having no knowledge of the sport. Looking to read up on here to remedy part of that problem.
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