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  1. I decided on the M3K Freedom.bang for your buck with out of the box features and the consensus is that over the FN. Now what's a good source to shop/look for shotgun parts and other resources? Thanks guys!
  2. It's really the only two I've had my hands on that I liked. Remingtons are nowhere to be found now except used. I don't really like the 930/940, and Benelli's and Berettas are just above my budget. I could probably get a standard shotgun like a SX3/4, Montefeltro, and upgrade them, but that's what I'm looking to avoid or at least minimize.
  3. That’s why I’m sorta torn. The m3k has some better “gaming features” out of the box and I’ve been recommended them by others, but all of them have been tweaked one way or another to run better. I’m thinking the FN would have better fit and finish for out of the box reliability, but I know it’s not popular in shotgun games. Only bad reviews from gamers I’ve seen are for the old version that came with two different pistons.
  4. Mostly will be used for hobby trap/sporting clay, but I want it to be good to go for the occasional 3/multi-gun/shotgun match My main concern is whichever is most reliable without gunsmithing/permanent modifications; drop in parts are fine for customizing/upgrades, but not needed for reliability. I'm leaning towards the SLP because gas systems are generally regarded as less picky about light loads My girlfriend will be shooting this as well, and gas guns generally have less recoil and is more forgiving when recoil is cushioned(bad grip, recoil reducers, etc) I can load the FN faster and consistently even though the Stoeger is opened up more. Stoeger is on my list due to being more competition ready with extended handle, bolt release, opened loading port, 10+1 vs 8+1 capacity, and of course price.
  5. Not including "enhanced" uppers like the Vltor MUR, BCM Mk.2, Aero M4E1, etc, as long as it has an identifiable forge mark and is "mil-spec" there shouldn't be a difference in reliability/durability, right? Is there a difference from Luth-AR's upper to a BCM or Spike's in quality? Also internet sleuthing shows a mixed bag of reviews of adjustable gas blocks and that using different buffer weights is a good enough fix in the SBR/Pistol barrel lengths. Is a Superlative Arms for $100 more durable than a $60 Seekins, or is it just purely in the cost of design?
  6. I got bored and made a cheat sheet. My living situation doesn't allow me to reload, so I buy factory for the time being. https://imgur.com/a/niPemmD
  7. Regardless if it's a "bug" or "feature", I dug it. It shouldn't be a safety concern because your finger shouldn't be in the trigger area while reloading anyways.
  8. I feel like S&W is like Apple.. creates the "innovative" Shield and owns that market. Instead of innovating, they just come out with different variants.. like the iPhone Cs and Ss. After a big hit, they're just stagnant in the market while everyone else comes out with optic cuts from the get go and p365s and Hellcats... Instead of answering the P365, S&W just releases a subcompact(which is just a compact 1.0 with 2.0 upgrades)... that's like when Apple released the iphone #S's and #C's
  9. I fiddled with it on my STI Limited on my DAA Race Master. I average maybe .1-.2 seconds faster on a scoop draw to first shot, but also about 10-15% of the time I have a bad grip so saved time is lost regripping.
  10. Here you can see the follower sliding forward when loading in one round too
  11. DAA spring and slim follower, Dawson base pads, and stock STI mag. The follower slides forward after the last round is ejected. Sometimes causes the follower to get stuck in my gun. Actually happened at my last local match. Just not sure if it’s a mag body, feedlips, spring, or follower issue. Just got a dawson mag kit, but forgot my caliper is busted.
  12. Flying Southwest to Vegas and driving up seems to be my best option. still looking at hotels/rental. My DAA bag is only .25" oversized on one side; do they allow carryon if I can force it into the dimension or are they super strict? Again, I haven't flown in about a decade and they don't specify how it'll fit the dimensions. I also don't even have a suitcase for travel , so I'm looking for that as well. For SouthWest I'll need a hardcase for the firearm, and then have that in whatever checked bag I use.
  13. This is the only stage I’ve shot so far that could possibly be considered a “memory” stage. I had a tough time remembering which “hallway” or aisle was open to which targets.
  14. Buying a backup gun for my STI Limited .40 is far away budget wise, so I'm looking for suggestions on a rebuild kit in the meantime. Not sure what the lifespan of some parts are, so I'm looking for suggestions on what parts to have in my bag. Firing pin, extractor, trigger group parts, etc. Should I add a guide rod, pins and barrel link to the kit? Are they prone to wear and tear/breaking like others?
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