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  1. I fiddled with it on my STI Limited on my DAA Race Master. I average maybe .1-.2 seconds faster on a scoop draw to first shot, but also about 10-15% of the time I have a bad grip so saved time is lost regripping.
  2. Here you can see the follower sliding forward when loading in one round too
  3. DAA spring and slim follower, Dawson base pads, and stock STI mag. The follower slides forward after the last round is ejected. Sometimes causes the follower to get stuck in my gun. Actually happened at my last local match. Just not sure if it’s a mag body, feedlips, spring, or follower issue. Just got a dawson mag kit, but forgot my caliper is busted.
  4. Flying Southwest to Vegas and driving up seems to be my best option. still looking at hotels/rental. My DAA bag is only .25" oversized on one side; do they allow carryon if I can force it into the dimension or are they super strict? Again, I haven't flown in about a decade and they don't specify how it'll fit the dimensions. I also don't even have a suitcase for travel , so I'm looking for that as well. For SouthWest I'll need a hardcase for the firearm, and then have that in whatever checked bag I use.
  5. This is the only stage I’ve shot so far that could possibly be considered a “memory” stage. I had a tough time remembering which “hallway” or aisle was open to which targets.
  6. Buying a backup gun for my STI Limited .40 is far away budget wise, so I'm looking for suggestions on a rebuild kit in the meantime. Not sure what the lifespan of some parts are, so I'm looking for suggestions on what parts to have in my bag. Firing pin, extractor, trigger group parts, etc. Should I add a guide rod, pins and barrel link to the kit? Are they prone to wear and tear/breaking like others?
  7. So I haven't flown since maybe 2010, but looking for suggestions and advice. Which airlines is best to fly with firearms and related gear? Airport and hotel suggestions in the Nationals area? Should I get a suitcase for my guns and gear and use my DAA backpack as a carry on for my clothes? Recommendations on luggage that won't break the bank, nor my gear in transit?
  8. Sti gen2 .40 tube, Dawson EZ off pads, DAA spring/follower gets me 19. I can cram 20 if I want to, but I’d rather not. Lol
  9. I made this chart a while ago. A lot of factory brands. Price may not be accurate, but everything else should still be accurate.
  10. This is from August last year and only had that set maybe 3-4 months
  11. I’ve been taught techniques that are for sure better and faster than what I do, but with my skill set and learned behavior this is the best way for me.
  12. I don’t have to regrip after shooting, but I’d say I have a solid grip. I have a video somewhere on my Instagram with 1-reload-1 with the time posted.
  13. Thanks for the kind words, guys. I am actually a little bit faster with my old technique of bringing it in and dropping the gun lower, but it'd slow down the whole shooting process by taking more time getting sights on target.
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