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  1. Appreciate it. Didn’t know where to look for the info when it comes out
  2. It’s been posted previous years, but does anyone have the pages that show the breakdown for CO Nationals regarding optics, gun make and model, bullet choice, etc? Thanks
  3. I’ll jump in on this. Currently shoot a Shadow 1 worked over by CZC with their plate system and a DPP. Found a OR Shadow 2 locally for $1550. Is it worth the jump?
  4. All codes have expired per DG Bullets.
  5. Sent an email to DG. See what happens. Either way an order will be placed.
  6. Anyone have a code for 10% off or have discount codes been discontinued during given current circumstances? Thanks
  7. Anyone have a discount/promo code for Bayou Bullets? Thanks
  8. Mine is fairly similar. I’ll try to figure out pictures later.
  9. Interested to hear how this works. Thinking of trying one for my P07 before I get a slide milled.
  10. Is there a code to enter? Not seeing anything on the site. Thanks
  11. Following up from original post. Sticking with CZ platform at this point. Finally classified with CO as production gun was not running properly. Love the platform and now the practice needs to be more consistent.
  12. I shot the poor mans open last week, carry optics, due to a retaining pin issue. I like the dot a lot.
  13. Had the same issue last match, except that missing chunk from the roll pin locked the firing pin in the channel. Justified my purchase of a backup.
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