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  1. Siemens2

    Dryfire Drills

    Appreciate it. Christmas came early. Dryfire reloaded, scaled USPSA targets, and some other items.
  2. Siemens2

    Lok Grips - Thin Bogies or Thin Full Checkered? Thoughts?

    I have the roughneck palm swells and they are great, really aggressive.
  3. Glock 19 to CZ 75 SP01. Night and day difference for me and this was after 12 plus years of running a Glock in one form or another. If I were in your shoes CZ SP01 Shadow is where I would take a hard look.
  4. Siemens2

    Dryfire Drills

    I’m new to the sport so I’ve really only worked indoors on draws to a small point, and reload, sight align, repeat until out of mags. i appreciate the printable targets above. Thanks.
  5. Siemens2

    Dryfire Drills

    What dry fire drills do you run using full size USPSA targets indoors. Ordering scaled targets but looking for some drills for now.
  6. Siemens2

    SP-01 worked over vs Shadow

    My current SP01 was right around $1000 all said and done, which is why I’m debating a shadow at $880 or so.
  7. Siemens2

    SP-01 worked over vs Shadow

    I had a someone else do the work. Trigger is fantastic at 5.5# DA and 3# SA. New sights, etc. Does an out of the box shadow run without that much work? Nobody carries them locally.
  8. Siemens2

    SP-01 worked over vs Shadow

    So I had an SP01 for USPSA production, great gun. Had it worked over and trigger is fantastic, and I want a back up. Debating on just buying a SP01 Shadow, how good is the trigger out of the box? For the SP01 and parts, etc I would have been money ahead buying the Shadow.
  9. Siemens2

    CZ 75 SP-01 TACTICAL

    Just bought a SP01 with safety. Doing over I would go with the Shadow at $880, but there were none locally and CZs are scarce in local shops.