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  1. I shot the poor mans open last week, carry optics, due to a retaining pin issue. I like the dot a lot.
  2. Had the same issue last match, except that missing chunk from the roll pin locked the firing pin in the channel. Justified my purchase of a backup.
  3. I just picked up a CO pistol, CZ Shadow with DPP. Haven’t shot a match but I’m looking forward to it. In practice it is faster for me, and more magazine capacity.
  4. How do you like the dovetail mount? Shoot CO with it? Debating on the same.
  5. I shot production sparingly last year, and I want to devote the time to learning and stage planning. i don’t currently have anything chambered in 40, and the cost of open is not in the cards.
  6. Finally set up my 650. Hopefully I’ll start loading on it in the next week or so. Love it and haven’t even used it.
  7. I enjoy what I currently shoot. However open does draw my attention more and more
  8. It showed back in stock at Brownells. Going to stop in on Monday to pick some up.
  9. I have Titegroup currently and will look into 231
  10. As a new reloader I believe I want to use Sport Pistol however I cannot find it anywhere. Is there an ebb and flow with Alliant Powders and availability? Thanks
  11. I really want to focus on one division until I become proficient. Bouncing from division to division will not help me in the long run. The allure of a red dot is strong, but I open is pricey.
  12. New to USPSA and going to be dedicated to it this winter and into the season here. Shooting production to start with, and want to know what your progression as a shooter was along with your goals before moving divisions if you did that. So for me. Finally joined USPSA this year. Next is to get classified. Finally I want to be a B level before moving to a different division.
  13. Appreciate it. Christmas came early. Dryfire reloaded, scaled USPSA targets, and some other items.
  14. I have the roughneck palm swells and they are great, really aggressive.
  15. Glock 19 to CZ 75 SP01. Night and day difference for me and this was after 12 plus years of running a Glock in one form or another. If I were in your shoes CZ SP01 Shadow is where I would take a hard look.
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