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  1. I didn’t want to create a new thread so thought I’d ask here. I’m a mediocre USPSA shooter who is now doing 3 gun too. I only own a hunting type mossberg 500. I did my first two matches with a borrowed 9 shot 500. I was looking at the m3k but I really like the m3000 turkey hunting model, which has all the chokes and a pistol grip stock. Outside of the nut, tube/spring, and follower is the m3k waaaay better than the standard gun? I just really like the PG stock.
  2. I'm not certain how all of this will shake out. If you look at municipalities that previously banned all hi caps in California (LA & Sunnyvale) no one turned in their mags and nothing really came of it. I guess if anything it's an excuse to buy a 1911.
  3. I'm lucky as I have an employment exemption, so I won't have to get rid of mags. Honestly my understanding of the enforcement end of it is possession of a hi cap will be an infraction cite only and carry a max penalty of a $109 fine. When you consider how rare it is to have LE contact it seems like a no brainer to keep your mags.
  4. So many folks, like me, shoot limited in California. Our laws were set up so if you owned hi cap mags prior to the year 2000 you can still have/use them. Prop 63 passed which outlaws all hi caps in state and requires they be sold out of state or surrendered by 1/1/18. I'm guessing limited and open will just not be offered in CA? I'm bummed, we've been talking about it at the club trying to figure it out. Didn't know if any of you guys are in a similar situation in other states.
  5. Just be careful if you happen to live in one of the restricted states I live in Georgia these days. I moved from CA about 2 years ago. There's no restriction on tube magazine capacities in CA. Just putting it out there.
  6. Thanks for the heads up, I wasn't aware the DC model had the ported barrel, specifically read a review saying it didn't because the reality show guys didn't like the porting. May still buy one, on the fence as the old auto 5's are pretty common used up where I live for cheap. I liked the idea of getting a new in box gun for the same price as an auto 5 from the 30's or 40's.
  7. Besides the fact they're badged with hill billy nonsense of course.....
  8. I want a better shotgun for 3 gun, currently own a mossberg 500 18.5" 5+1 capacity. A lot of the tactical type semis are pretty pricey. I'm the only income with two kids, and cops aren't that rich! I see the duck commander model of the mossberg 930 seems to be on clearance everywhere. Buds has em for $407 and cheaper than dirt for $378. I could throw on a nordic plus 7 extension for $70 an be in business. Question is are these lower grade than the normal 930? I can't figure out why they're so much cheaper.
  9. I've run about 1500 rounds so far through the lonewolf top end with no issues. Factory UMC 165 grain TMJ. To be honest though I own a 34 I use in production and am thinking the 35 top end woulda been just as good. I used all glock internals not lone wolf. Just put a TTI 3.25# kit in but haven't shot it yet. Got a match on the 22nd.
  10. I went a different route with a Glock 22. I found 4 friends willing to buy one too so we could all get a cut rate for going 5+ from summit and have them mailed to the same shop. They were $289 each (plus receiving fee of $40). I then sold the complete Glock 22 upper for $225, bout a stripped lonewolf glock 24 slide for $174 and a LW barrel for $89. The internal parts to finish put the top end were about $50 from Glock and I already had an extra set of Dawson sights on hand. Not too much money out for a ghetto glock 24 knockoff, which is pretty much my only option as we can't get them in CA.
  11. I only own gen 3 since I live in CA and you can't get the gen 4. Fun fact though, the new navy contract for glock 19s stipulates gen 3's only. Don't know why, thought it was odd.
  12. Deadcoyote

    Glock Mags

    I use this method, easy peasy!
  13. Before you go buy a brand new beretta, just know they're out there used in some quantity. I had always liked the beretta just from being a 70's kid and their being featured in 80's action movies. Just picked up a 92 fs with 6 beretta mags for $300. I had another one offered to me for $350 a week later with 2 mags and one for $250 with no mag and a spare barrel(?). I'm a glock shooter but it was too good to pass up. I'm gonna try it out in April match and see how it goes.
  14. Hey Southpaw, not trying to be rude but do you work for or have an affiliation with this company? You seem pretty passionate.
  15. It actually looks like bladetech has pretty much just what I'm after but I'm gonna try to get them to add a retention to it, even just a thumb break. Thanks guys.
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