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  1. I removed front and rear sight also cut down the railway bracket to get the C More further back on the gun.
  2. Hi, Has anyone tried fitting a mark 4 Volquartson or Ruger to a Double Alpha insert block?
  3. Congratulations to Roman. Obviously a brilliant shooter. I do wonder though how he was put in unclassified when he shot at the NRA sanctioned previous World Champs in Whangarei? I guess grades are only valid if shot in USA?
  4. Anyone tried the new STI magazines in 9 mm? I see that they now combine 9 mm and .38 Super magazines. Seems a dodgy idea to me.
  5. Keep it simple. Front sight, middle of plate. Hopefully that will work for me someday.
  6. Great thread, educational, thanks to all.
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