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  1. Hi, Has anyone tried fitting a mark 4 Volquartson or Ruger to a Double Alpha insert block?
  2. Congratulations to Roman. Obviously a brilliant shooter. I do wonder though how he was put in unclassified when he shot at the NRA sanctioned previous World Champs in Whangarei? I guess grades are only valid if shot in USA?
  3. Anyone tried the new STI magazines in 9 mm? I see that they now combine 9 mm and .38 Super magazines. Seems a dodgy idea to me.
  4. Thanks for that info. I guess everyone must be doing the same however it worries me that spacers were necessary before but are not necessary now. I use my 9 mm 2011 for Speed Challenge. Jams are not a fun option.
  5. I see that SVI and SPS both also do combo magazines so no solution there. I have seen SPS combo 9/38 mags fail constantly when running 9 mm.
  6. It looks like STI no longer make a 9 mm specific 2011 magazine? 9 mm and 38 super sharing the same magazine? The older 9 mm magazines have a spacer. I have seen many failures with shooters running 9 mm through 38 super magazines. Do I have to make my own spacers and change out the followers now?
  7. Steven, Thanks for your thoughts. I think the clause that you have quoted means that if the gun has a grip safety it must function. The question is do all Metallic sight guns need a functioning grip safety to qualify.There are custom gun builders producing very high end pistols with Phoenix Trinity grips ie Atlas Gunworks, Titan. There will be more I am sure.
  8. Hi, Phoenix Trinity Evo grips do not have a functioning grip safety. Are they acceptable for Metallic Class at the Cup? Has anyone had a gun passed for a previous years cup with one fitted? Anyone tried one? I am wondering about trigger bow fit and STI magazine fit.
  9. Hope we have a date sorted this week as Air NZ flights are on sale till Monday the 13th November.
  10. Thanks, that makes sense to me. Cheers.
  11. Yes thanks I do. I guess I should have started a new thread. I am hoping someone has a current day solution. Cheers. (I will not be touching my sear but maybe the spring?)
  12. I have just purchased a Stock 2 Extreme. I need the SA trigger weight to be over 3.5 lbs and the DA trigger pull light as reasonably to avoid strike failure. I guess from the above that sear increasing sear spring weight is the answer? Can anybody suggest where I can get a heavier sear spring?
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