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  1. That will make it cosy. Back to the 'pre-Tom' numbers ? .
  2. JSC Have a read of these articles. They were a great help to me and my optometrist. http://www.bullseyepistol.com/wong.htm
  3. #3. It stops any ordinary super and 9mm getting into the system.
  4. I can't see the reason for tumbling loaded rounds. If you need to tumble to remove case lube, you are using too much lube. Always lubed, never tumbled and never had problems.
  5. Is that the Brazilian Dodge?
  6. If the two warring factions in Australia don't shoot themselves in the foot again I would like to see Australia get it. Maybe Brisbane.( Sorry Craig not Blacktown.) Easy to fly into and brilliant facilities. Direct flights from Dallas and heaps of accommodation. If it has to be the US, the week before Bianchi would be my choice.
  7. There was talk in 2014 of the event going to a 4 yr cycle but those guys are not around anymore. The tradition was to announce the next venue ASAP after the last one. To be honest; I don't think the NRA have a great interest in the WAPC anymore.
  8. Yeah! That's only thirty down from last year and one hundred from the year before. A great improvement. The queue won't be so long for the ribs at the BBQ.
  9. In the "Good Old Days" We used to get our invites, entry forms and BATFE forms sent to us and arrived just at the start of the New Year, Throw in an entry and then get an e-mail asking if we had preference for shooting times and competition numbers. (Never got 1,good parking spot; or 69.don't go there). As we were sharing vehicles we asked for similar times to save a lot of hanging around. Then within the next few days we had all the info including numbers, squadding etc. That was BD (before Dennis) and then AT (after Tom) it just went to the pack. No planning, no forward thinking and just rushing from one disaster to another to try and put out the fires. Y'all enjoy yourselves. I will be sitting back in front of a roaring fire relaxing and really missing you guys company. Don't forget to send me all the gossip. PS. Had an e-mail from Tom a couple of days ago and he is doing well.
  10. Youv'e been playing again; haven't you? Naughty step for you.
  11. Stephen You hit the nail on the head when you say that the NRA should not be running shoots. They are a political organisation not a large shooting club with the shooters and the sports best interests at heart. I don't mind a few hiccups at shoots run by clubs as these are run very well, on the whole ,by the shooters themselves and any profits go back to the shooters via the club. BUT the NRA is a commercial entity, with paid staff, and they are running around like headless chickens with no thought for the majority of the shooters that make up the field. They have a very arrogant attitude (we know best) when dealing with shooters, sponsors and the like. They run on the mushroom theory. There! That has probably put pay to my NRA referees warrant renewal this year but it needed saying and has been hinted at many times before. Sorry y'all. Won't be seeing you this year. Coatesy
  12. There should be a shed load of them as we mostly used the small joiners. I think the plugs with the wires on were in a separate bundle.
  13. and Miss Helens' Mustang needs careful running in.
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