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  1. took it to the range yesterday, and it had 3 no fires, click, but no bang, was able to inspect each of those three rounds, no striker mark on the primer. reloaded them, and they shot fine. Leads me to believe its the striker assembly, but the intermittentness of it, makes it hard to trouble shoot, Thank you in advance for any advice,
  2. Update I found the striker Channel to be dirty and had oil in it, Disassembled the slide and cleaned all the pieces with ultrasonic cleaner and simple green, It is clean as a whistle now, trying to go test fire it later in the week Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. All, thank you so much for the advice, any continued advice on service intervals, recommended upgrade etc, are greatly appreciated i did join canik forum, so I will start browsing there
  4. I am new to competition shooting, and have been away from any shooting for the last 20+ years. my buddy got me into shooting again a few months ago, and my son and I shot out first competition over the weekend. i write the long entry, to let you know I don’t know anything, and all legit feedback is greatly appreciated, and to save you the time from critiquing my “ignorance”. Durring the competition we had 4 times the gun did not shoot, round was in the chamber, trigger was pulled, but only “click” no boom. ”tap, rack, and click”, the next round fired as expected. we were unable to collect the 4 round to inspect the primer, but positively on 3 of the 4, a round ejected when the slide was pulled back. an experienced guy at the competition mentioned it could be an issue with the striker, but to message here to see if it’s “known” in the canik community. the gun is stock, about 2000 rounds through it, roughly 600 rounds since the last time it was cleaned when the failur occurred. the mags in question were the stock +2 and it was 2 different mags, ( each failed twice), durring the 400 ish rounds we shot that day. the Ammon was factory loaded Winchester 115g we share the gun, so it happened to me 1 time and my son 3 times, also, any suggestions on “spare parts” I should have on hand, prevenative maintenance I should do, and the interval, any other canik advice would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance, Daniel
  5. going to do "speed Steel" until we are ready to do USPSA carry optics, currently sharing a gun, once we are sure this is for us, I plan to move to production, as I don't like the optic site on the canik we have.
  6. Hello all, My sons, (17 and 23) and I, (44), are just getting into competition shooting. At a friends recommendation, I have joined this forum, and have started the process of educating myself. Currently sharing one competition gun, Canik TP9SFx with Burres Fast Fire III optic site. Any guidance is greatly appreciated! Daniel
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