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  1. loads are ok, check them regularly and i have been using the same recipe since years CM's surely break slide stops, but not every 5-700 rounds...
  2. i would also need to extend the thread in the barrel and machine the comp a little to fit correctly, but as the gun shoots fine... the other 2 CM will drop in any barrel/comp without the need of any fitting. i think the N.2 was not properly fitted at the factory. in fact, of the 3 barrels that were in the box, only 1 fitted correctly.
  3. my CM n.2 was never properly fitted at the factory. currently i have 0.8 mm between slide and comp. she however shoots fine, and is as accurate as n.1 and n.3
  4. slide stop pins do fail. but they usually last 5-7k rounds. these ones lasted less than 1000. and i am using hardened steel pins that usually last a bit longer than the standard CZ pins. as far as i know nobody has been able to find material that would last more than a few 1000 rounds. the pins im using are really tough, they come from a large impact wrench. i tried other materials but they fail very very quickly, or bend. now i have fitted a Sebo slide stop pin, see how it goes. they are way cheaper than the CZ ones, assuming you can find them. as i changed both barrel and comp, the problem could be the barrel. thats why i will re-fit the old one to remove one variable
  5. not sure what you mean. can you do half turns? my comp fitted fine with no mods or work.
  6. just for information. when i have fitted the Sebo comp i have also fitted a new barrell as the old one had the lug a bit deformed where it hits the slide stop pin at the end of the cycle. it had probably some 40k rounds on it since then i have already gone through 2 slide stop pins. less than 1000 rds each. i will probably fit the old barrell and see if problem is the new barrell or the comp
  7. Hi i got it from a guy here in switzerland, who basically made it on purpose. i think he still sells them, let me check and will come back to you. it aint cheap though
  8. test fired the comp. cant tell the difference with the original one
  9. i ordered the 26th of april. usually stuff from Czech arrive in Switzerland in a couple days. i weighted the comps. standard comp is 112 grams, the titanium one is 71 the CZ on which is installed has an old style barrell, new. lets see how it goes.
  10. got the comp. is a direct swap, no fitting required. now to test fire it
  11. you are using one? is it any good?
  12. no idea but i bet is similar to others. after all, all these things are probably made by the same chinese outfit i found this thread
  13. i wish i could get hold of one and see whats inside if it works, the price is right. and if it doesnt, the loss is contained https://www.bushnell.com/products/red-dots/ar-optics/ar-optics-red-dot-first-strike-2-0-reflex-sight/
  14. the thread is metric 1mm so each turn moves the comp 1mm in my experience any gap between 0.2 and 0.8mm works fine. hope there is no fitting to do because machining titanium can be a problem in the case i would machine the slide. which is what CZ does to fit the comps, i suspect.
  15. i hope the combination new barrels and lighter comp will solve the barrel failure problem.
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