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  1. gianmarko

    Bul Armory?

    i dont remember exactly the price but it was not a lot different than a Czechmate so less than 4k. i held the bullesteros gun and it weights a ton and half. not for me.
  2. gianmarko

    Bul Armory?

    i was quoted substantially less for a SAS II including a belt and holster
  3. i am very happy with the Ghost, from Amadini
  4. slide ride is hard to beat. almost total reliability, cheap, solid. for me the heght of the red dot over the bore line was never a real issue i tried mini dots (ddp) but i was a lot slower so went back to the vertical slideride i am now testing on my CM n.2 a bracket for the ddp that i designed. the ddp sits right at the back of the gun slide. ths setup is very comfortable for me, and cant really see any performance difference with the CM n.1 still equipped with the slideride i still shoot matches with the slideride, until im sure the DDP is realiable enough
  5. i know of at least 4 guys who bought DVC here in Switzerland and they had only problems, one even had a barrel breaking in two, no kidding some of them eventually got them running but was a long and expensive business. inexcusable from a gun that here was 6.5 grand
  6. exactly dont think you can improve your scores throwing money at the gun or other more or less irrelevant accessories. i shoot open and in a big match i got my ass handed over by a guy shooting a borrowed, big standard glock 19 using a 10 dollars holster. commercial ammo. get a decent prod gun and buy (or make) ammo and shoot it. that is the only money that you should invest on. reloading is always good. you dont save any money, but you have a good excuse to shoot more
  7. i have never shot a match where i can pick up the brass.
  8. if the romeo3 LED is driven in PWM, as it probably is, then it makes sense as the pulses have higher voltage all the considerations re voltage vs current and the possibility to fry the led remain valid.
  9. someone mentioned finding an attiny13 in a red dot. attiny13 is rated from 2.7 to 5.5 volts, two new 20xx coin cells would reach 6.4 "it probably turns the LED on and off quickly" pwm. mmhh, maybe ill try to see if thats what is used in my DPP
  10. i also milled the dovetail, i like the double set screw idea,
  11. it really all depends on the circuitry, and some red dots cant even be opened to see whats inside, and check on how the led is driven. leds are funny creatures and a slightly lower driving voltage will cause a large drop in luminous flux, but a slightly higher driving voltage will cause a very small flux increase, a much larger current flow, and a much shorter life. thats why they should be driven regulating current and not voltage. also, leds have funny ways of dying. one of the ways is much lower flux... be aware that a 20% increase in apparent brightness most likely means a 100% higher current flow, and unless the led was underdriven to start with (and i cant imagine why any manufacturer would want to do that) that is a lot more current. all i can say is that the led of the slideride, the only one i have bench tested, depending on module and battery runs a 40mA current, which is pretty high for small red leds. so thats already overdriven.
  12. 38SC would increase my ammo cost by 50% as i would have to buy the cases. picking up the 38 after training sessions is out of the question for different reasons. that would mean that my yearly round count would go down A LOT. so i will do more miss and D than i already do, but reliably
  13. hex bolt? they should be illegal
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