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  1. Thanks guys for all the helpful posts. Glad to see that this is a common problem with known solutions. So, this morning I removed the powder funnel. It was pretty rough with vertical grooves. I chucked it in the drill press and set it for 250 rpm’s. I used a 400 grit Emory cloth and sanded for about 3 minutes. I took the funnel out and inspected it, but it needed more sanding. The second session did the trick...pretty smooth. I then used some brass polish to shine it up. After reinstalling on the 650XL, it ran smoothly with no hang ups. I imagine I will have to do this
  2. I have a Dillon 650XL, and I’m having a problem that I cannot solve. As I bring the ram down from the dies, the powder funnel is “hanging” on the inside of the brass after the powder drop. Most times it’s a minor hang, but sometimes it requires extra force to pull the brass from the grasp of the powder funnel. i cannot see any visual reason for the hang up on the brass casing. Everything seems to be aligned ok. There are no problems seating a primer or with any of the other dies. I can watch the powder funnel release from the brass as I bring the ram down. I am reloadin
  3. Footnote at the bottom of my RMR bullet order... *PLEASE PLEASE NOTE* We are sad to announce that, after several years of R&D, our attempts at a successful BMPDS (Ballistic Missile Parcel Delivery System) have failed. Several municipalities complained that spent missile tubes landing in random locations were unsightly. Portland Oregon claimed that the practice wasn't green, although we were able to land the majority of the spent tubes tested there within a two-block radius of a tax-payer subsidized recycling center. We had hoped that local artists would
  4. Thanks for all the great replies. I liked what I saw on RMR. My orders for 4000 9mm are in...they say their orders have doubled from the same weekend last year. Hopefully I’ve found a new go-to supplier.
  5. Luckily I have not pulled the trigger. Here’s hoping that Cyber Monday is better than BF.
  6. Xtreme consistently has offered 20% off on BF. Last year was the first with no free shipping. Now, this year it’s only 10% off, and no free shipping. Looks like new ownership is not going to be kind to reloaders. Only 10% off on BF is not good enough for me. I chose not to buy from them.
  7. I know next to nothing about dg bullets, and can’t seem to find much info. Where is the company located and how long have they been in business?
  8. Anyone found any super deals on primers, copper-plated bullets, and powder?
  9. This is an old thread, but I wanted to update on my progress. In retrospect, I had a lot of issues in the beginning since I had only the help of these forums and Utube. i have climbed the learning curve and now consider myself a competent reloader, having completed over 11,000 rounds to date. I’ve reloaded both .45ACP and 9mm. After getting some of the bugs worked out, I’ve chugged right along. I feel confidant in fixing issues with the 650XL as they occur. Dillon has sent me several replacements for broken parts. Their service is stellar. i want to thank everyone tha
  10. Well, I got it all set up for .45acp. I loaded about 80 rounds. Had powder everywhere with about three rounds with no primer, three round with the primer not fully seated, and about four rounds that don't fit in the case gage. Got the OAL at 1.200 and didn't have much problem getting the bullet seat and crimp dies set. Using 230gr RN Any suggestions in the primers...can I just reinsert in the shell plate and reseat (after removing all new primers of course)? What about the ones that don't fit the gage?
  11. The top is cabinet-grade maple plywood with three coats of poly.
  12. The bench and cabinet are complete (except for door pulls) so tomorrow I mount the press.
  13. Santa Claus came yesterday (wearing a FedEx uniform).
  14. I ordered the case feeder with both large and small pistol plates.
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