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  1. Honestly I think a bigger confounding factor than the age is actually the weight of the gun. Most Prod and CO guns are much heavier than the subcompact 9s that are increasing in CCW popularity. I wonder if there's a greater divergence in performance the smaller and snappier the gun gets.
  2. Really? Damn, that's a shame. How have you found it's brightness and visibility?
  3. I did have a look at the images both in your post and the git repo. And the results are quite good. What I was wondering was whether you could refine it to make it a multinomial classifier as opposed to just LC vs non-LC. It's just that it would require significantly more training data and labeling, too. Tbh, you could just as easily run this in a cloud setup so you don't need to recompile client-side every time the model is retrained. And an AWS micro instance probably has enough horsepower to do it (run the forward model).
  4. This is pretty neat and probably what I would have done. I'm going to assume that the .hdf5 is the model weights? If I can ask, what was the ROC-AUC for your model? Don't get me wrong. It's very impressive, but I had been debating about how much any model's robustness would be impacted by the quality of imaging and such. Also, getting it on an RPi3 is pretty nice. I was tempted to use one of the intel compute chips but suspected that'd be overkill I've just been sidelined with thesis revisions and haven't been able to really go at it but this is pretty cool.
  5. So does anyone know of a good optic that will mount on the g43/43x width slide? Sorry for being pedantic. I have a DPP mounted on it right now on a dovetail plate, but would like to get it lower if I can.
  6. Oh yikes. That's.... Less than comforting. Does the SRO use the same pattern for mounting as the RMR or are we screwed in this case?
  7. I'm wondering a similar question to the OP and was hoping someone had experience with the Aimpoint Acro? It appeals to me bc it seems like it can be mounted on a 43/43x/48 and that's what I'd like to put it on. The DPP and RMR, I've been told, are too wide at the base to get on those slides.
  8. Ay... Got any of them sub $200 deals around?....
  9. Total price for the upperm?
  10. Nice. Are these new hybrid barrels the huge ones that Don cut the slide for? They look fantastic.
  11. If, as a professional machinist, you look at my photo there and consider the overhang to be the ridiculous part, I think I'm doing well. Thanks Bruce. I'll have to consider it more about whether to stick with the DPP or go with the Acro when the Acro releases.
  12. So you're saying I could have it milled to the slide instead of this plate?...
  13. Fair enough. I was always confused because EGW uses the same mount for both. But I guess with EGW, there's no metal enclosing the footprint. Personally, I'm going to try out the aimpoint acro when it comes out. It looks like it might fit the g43 slide.
  14. Doesn't the Deltapoint pro have the same footprint as the shield rms?
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