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  1. StandardError

    Anyone have a membership at PSTG?

    Have those who used this found it helpful primarily for production shooters? Or would open shooters also benefit?
  2. StandardError

    holosun 510C is huge

    For a carbine wouldn't the weight difference of the shroud be minimal?
  3. StandardError

    holosun 510C is huge

    I'm thinking of going down this route as well and was wondering if anyone has had a chance to see if the 1-sided is rigid enough or whether I should go w/ the 2-sided mount.
  4. StandardError

    Slide cuts for C/O

    The DPP is very popular since it has a large window and pretty good warranty. So an RX might be the best option.
  5. StandardError

    Venom Customs!?

    I'm still learning but I do realize how fatiguing this debate must be to the more experienced crowd.
  6. StandardError

    Open pistol length opinions

    There was a thread recently that went into this. What seemed to be the quasi consensus was: Shorter guns transition and point more easily. Longer guns are softer and can be flatter. Shorties require firmer grip but can be really driven around easily. The gap between the two has closed significantly with metal grips and titanium comps which all move the center of mass closer to the trigger finger and give less of a feeling of a lot of weight hanging out there. A PT Evo grip is going to far outweigh an extra .4" of barrel/slide. Also, the dust cover length and thickness is another variable that a lot of gun makers like to play around with. The best advice seems to be to hold different styles of guns to see which you prefer. But also realize that practice will probably nullify most of the differences when actually in play. Me? I'm going full length. Bc it's always easier to go shorter than to go longer. (Well, sort of)
  7. StandardError

    Venom Customs!?

    Any other cheaper bullet besides everglades? I ask because Everglades is in FL which means I'd have to pay sales tax for any purchase.
  8. StandardError

    Venom Customs!?

    You mentioned early that 9 major with 115 grn bullets and a slow powder is the way to go. Do you have a specific combo you'd suggest a new shooter start with so I can buy components in bulk? I'm also looking to have Don make my gun.
  9. StandardError

    Black friday components thread?

    *ATF-ing intensifies*
  10. StandardError

    Black friday components thread?

    I feel emasculated. But then again, I, too want to make it to the point where I can measure my reloading components levels in presidential administrations.
  11. StandardError

    Black friday components thread?

    I don't see it but maybe I'm just dense.
  12. StandardError

    Venom Customs!?

    I'm in communication with Don right now for some upper work (slide/frame/barrel fitting) and while I haven't had any work done by him yet, he has been nothing but kind, courteous, and prompt in responding to my inquiries.
  13. StandardError

    Black friday components thread?

    I'm not sure if anyone has made one, but it's that time of year again for me so I was hoping to reach out to the community. Nationals is done. The components pile is running low. And my CC has gone a bit long without being flogged for primers and powders. I'd prefer to support a forum vendor but with so many and all of them using different methods of announcing deals, I was wondering if we could have a compilation thread. Think of it as an Oscar highlight reel but instead it's credit card debt.
  14. StandardError

    Open Gun Design Questions

    I'd like to use the same optic and was wondering whether the 2 sided mount was necessary or not.
  15. StandardError

    Machine vision to sort by headstamp

    Honestly I'm tempted to do this. I am planning an open gun build and the prospect of sorting 9mm brass by headstamp is just nauseating. I don't even care about speed (although I think I could get this operating pretty quickly). It's more about reliability. Maybe I'll make a separate thread about how to DIY this.