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  1. Ay... Got any of them sub $200 deals around?....
  2. Total price for the upperm?
  3. Nice. Are these new hybrid barrels the huge ones that Don cut the slide for? They look fantastic.
  4. If, as a professional machinist, you look at my photo there and consider the overhang to be the ridiculous part, I think I'm doing well. Thanks Bruce. I'll have to consider it more about whether to stick with the DPP or go with the Acro when the Acro releases.
  5. So you're saying I could have it milled to the slide instead of this plate?...
  6. Fair enough. I was always confused because EGW uses the same mount for both. But I guess with EGW, there's no metal enclosing the footprint. Personally, I'm going to try out the aimpoint acro when it comes out. It looks like it might fit the g43 slide.
  7. Doesn't the Deltapoint pro have the same footprint as the shield rms?
  8. Ugh, now I feel cheap and used like when I feed the neighborhood stray cat and instead of a 'Thank you' he just leaves to s#!t on my lawn.
  9. I think the only time I've seen a $10k open gun was when it was posted on calguns. And even then, when you take into account that most 2011s are verboten in California bc of the roster, people were still mocking the listing. A few months back SVI had a pistol "available now" for $20,000 but it had been custom engraved all-over. But at the same time it seems unsurprising that a company that makes some of the most expensive pistols around couldn't match the financial incentives of Bul.
  10. I've tried tugging and yanking at it and it won't budge. Is there a trick to it?
  11. Previously I had a Gen 3 (or, well had a gen 4 captive assembly and then replaced it w/ a gen 3 guide rod assembly). I assume that the G43's recoil assembly can't be disassembled? So would I just clip the coil with all the recoil assembly parts still together?
  12. Also, Daniel, I feel tremendously bad if this thread is diverting any time from your work. This is - as the kids say - a shitpost and a meme gun thread. I had one of your triggers when I used to shoot a G17 for production and it was fantastic.
  13. .... Actually, the UPS guy came by since I posted and I just had a chance to install it. How much/how would I lighten the recoil assembly?
  14. Oh I absolutely agree. I have a 2011 for open and a shadow 2 for carry optics so I wasn't really wanting to compete with this for anything except ostentatiousness when shooting with friends. I did also have a curiosity factor of "how soft/flat/easy can I get a subcompact 9 to shoot if I put on as many 'go-fast' parts as possible". I have a compensator coming for the threaded barrel I got. I was hoping to get a frame weight and a *thumb rest [generic]* type thumb rest, too. But the lack of forward accessory rail makes that challenging.
  15. First of all, thanks for the info everyone. I've been out of the glock game for a while. Secondly, as to 'why', just because. I got a good deal on a g43x and I'm a tinkerer so I was just wondering how much flexibility I had with the platform. I suspected that there wasn't a lot of 'gamer glock' accessories since most people use the compact and full-size frames for competition, but wasn't sure.
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