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  1. Hi. I haven't posted in a while. I am looking to sell one of my AR pistols. I was going to post it on gun broker or guns america as they are action stye sites. I am trying to figure out if I should post my 10.5" AR pistol in the pistol section or the rifle section. The pistol section doesn't seem to fit as it doesn't actually pertain to AR pistols as far as I can tell. The rifles section doesn't let me select a short enough barrel length. I am looking for recommendations. I am not sure where else to ask this question. The one I am trying to sell isn't a competition setup so I was not going to list it in the classifieds on this forum. What do people here recommend for this case, or is there a better platform to sell this type of gun on? Thanks, -Wayne
  2. Mine are currently loaded 1.15 with xtreme FP 180 bullets
  3. The long ammo that ran in my .40 2011, will chamber in my TSO, but won't eject when I rack the slide. With the bullet still in the case, it won't come out of the ejection port. I have to pull the mag out to get the round out. I shortened them up and they work fine. I will get a measurement when I get home.
  4. I had a regular one, tried the mini, and went back to the regular one on a 90deg mount. I prefer the regular one in the 90 deg mount. I like the dot to be closer to the bore axis, and the taller glass size. Just my personal preference
  5. 16, it shoots great. I had to shorten my loads because the ones that fit my previous 2011 would chamber but I couldn't eject a live round through the ejection port. It is nice and heavy and very accurate. I don't have any data on it yet for velocity or accuracy but it feels good! I'm currently trying to decide on some 140 mag extensions, haven't made my mind up yet though.
  6. I went to my local gun shop/range this past weekend and wasn't even looking for a new gun, but look what was in the used cabinet. Only a few mags through it. basically brand new. Trigger breaks at between 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 pounds. Only put 15 factory rounds through it before it went home with me. Came with 3 mags and all the spare parts, oil and case. It is chambered in .40 S&W!
  7. I ran MBX in my CK open. Plastic grip and steel grip later on. No issues with either.
  8. I hade the Hardcore in 9 major. I had no complaints about it. The quality is just as nice as the limited ones they make. I prefer the CK arms to the Trubore. My hardcore shot great no issues.
  9. I was in the same boat. I zeroed the windage at that distance just to make it a bit closer to 'perfect'. I didn't notice any change at closer ranges for the wind age after that.
  10. HI,

    Is the gun still available? I'd offer $2600...

    1. wblacksh


      Sorry it was already sold

    2. JFK714
  11. Sorry. I meant 20ga. Does the same still apply?
  12. My uncle is looking to get into shooting clays and knows I am into pistol shooting. He asked if I would ask around. He is looking for a couple of 20ga over under shotguns. Does anyone know a good place for these? Or what some of the better brands are? I admit I know very little about shotguns. I will probably put a WTB ad in the classifieds but thought I would start here first. Thanks in advance. -Wayne
  13. I used 8.0gr under MG JHP 124. Loaded at 1.165. My gun is the hardcore version from CK and has 3 holes. I also use CCI SRPs
  14. I just put a CK steel grip on my open gun. I love it. It fits my have better.
  15. Ok, this is embarrassing, but for everyone's amusement.... [drum roll...] It was my fault... I just got new MBX mags for my new limited gun, and the pins are able to be pushed with the finger. When I got my 9mm mags, I remember now, taking them apart and scraping out "that black rubbery piece" out of the hole that was keeping me from tightening the set screw all the way. Someday I will quit tinkering; or well, maybe not. Sometimes you win and sometimes.. well yea, we don't talk about option B
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