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Found 9 results

  1. About to pull the trigger on an open gun, trying to decide if the higher price tag on the Atlas is worth it over a good Steel grip CK arms open gun. Was curious who all has shot both or had any recommendations. I also need some recommendations on sights. Ive been doing carry optics with a Trijicon RMR, but I know on the open guns CMore, Leupold, or Holosun are the standards
  2. I have only ever had experience with Hard Chrome, this is the reason for this post. I have 2 Open 2011 guns, both have the same barrel (KKM) both have the same general round count, different builders, different style comps. Both guns were purchased new. Gun #1 was plated/coated with NP3 after approximately 2k rounds, (it was previously Cerakote), and it was built on an STI Slide/Frame. Gun #2 is DLC Coated from purchase and it is a CK Arms Thunder, CK Slide/Frame. Over the course of the last 2 years I have noticed that the gun that has the NP3 coating is significantly more accurate than the gun with the DLC coating as they get dry and dirty. Test 1 -Both guns started cleaned and lubed with “light” Oil only, both guns grouped 2~3” at 20 yards, (same ammo) both were alternately shot using the same method. Test 2 – Both guns were allowed to run without cleaning or lubing for a period of approximately 700+ rounds in 90+ degree weather. (Note: The DLC gun was significantly dry). Gun #1(NP3) still held sub 3” groups. Gun#2 (DLC) accuracy degraded and was averaging groups of 5~6”. I have repeated this test approximately 4 times over several months and have seen the same results. Questions: Does this make sense? Is the gun with NP3 just develop a tighter lockup after re-finishing from the Cerakote? Does DLC require more lube or “thicker” lube than other coatings? Is Gun#2 just bad? Thanks-
  3. Recently purchased a CK arms 9mm major open gun. Question on how much powder, projectile weight, powder type. What are u all using or had experience with?
  4. Witch kind of magazines do you use or prefer for the CK Arms Open Gun 9mm, polymer gripp?
  5. I have a couple questions about the CK arms open 2011's. Can someone tell me for sure: what weight and brand recoil spring comes in the hardcore and thunder open 2011's? (38 super in this case though I presume they use same springs in 9mm too) what weight and brand hammer spring in same? What brand firing pin spring (I believe this one is ismi) what brand leaf spring/sear spring? Finally does anyone know what twist rate the KKM barrels are? KKM state 'standard' is either 1:16 or 1:18 but they make a bunch of twist rates from 1:10 to 1:40... I'm hoping it's the 1:18 or even 1:24. The reason I ask is I've previously seen it stated they use all ISMI springs. I've also seen (I think it was on SSI) that they use wolf springs. I have a CK open in both hardcore and thunder. So far the harcore runs great though the hammer spring feels super heavy (not quite springfield 1911 heavy which are 28# but certainly much heavier than the 15lb or 17lb in my other 2011/1911's. it 'feels' to me like it's over 20lb). The recoil spring is harder to feel as the slide to frame fit is still very tight so there is some friction when racking the slide, but if I had to guess I'd say it's a 10 or maybe 11lb. I'm curious for 2 reasons. One it's nice to know what's in there. Also if I want to replace them at some point it means I can do the same if I wish. I usually run a wolf 8, 9 or 10lb variable recoil spring (depending on slide weight really) and a 17lb or 15lb ismi hammer spring. That combo is quite nice on my SV (8lb variable wolf recoil and 15lb ismi hammer). The CK currently is being run in, but it shoots really nicely with whatever the current spring set is. So I'm curious to know what it is. I feel the hammer spring is very heavy. When I got the gun I had to put in a new firing pin spring. I did what I usually do and fitted an extended FP (in this case SVI was what I had handy) with a wolf spring with 2 coils cut. When I dry fired the gun the hammer strike was hard enough to jam the firing pin into the breach face hole! I removed the wolf spring and re-used the one that came with the gun (looks like ismi) and it now works fine. That's something that leads me to believe the hammer spring is quite heavy (also you can feel the weight if thumb cocking the hammer). As I said the gun shoots really nicely and I wonder if a heavy hammer spring actually works to contribute to that 'feel'. Any help much appreciated.
  6. I've got the 2011 bug, badly. Currently looking to make the jump from my CZ Tactical Sport 9mm to a 2011 from CK Arms. One thing has been holding me back, the size of my hands. I've got smaller hands (see pictures below). Current issues I have with my CZ TS: Cant reach slide stop, weak side safety digs into the palm, mag release digs into weakside palm (had to switch sides) Will making the jump to the CK Arms 2011 alleviate my current issues, or am I stuck with smaller framed guns due to the size of my hands. Plan on running a 9mm CK Arms Hardcore series with steel grip. Look forward to pick your knowledgeable brains on this subject.
  7. Wondering if there are those out there that have an understanding of slide warranties between the different brands. I am posting this in the Open section as it seems like slides on open guns are correct fairly often, and this could be a living resource to those putting new guns or top ends together, From my limited understanding STI will warranty a cracked slide as long as it has not been cut to under 10 ounces and the cus are not what caused the crack. Can anyone confirm this? Also what are the warranties on CK arms, Caspian, etc? Will they cover the slides under the same circumstances? Finally are there ways, besides logos, that a manufacturer can identify their own slide for warranty work. Thanks all!! Edit: If you have a slide that has cracked. Please tell us where the crack was and if it was deemed by the manufacturer to be the result of slide lightening and therefore not warrantied. Pictures are great if anyone has those to accompany their posts.
  8. Wondering which steel grip should I get for my next 2011 build? We currently have three popular steel grips in the market today (i.e. SV Infinity (SV), Phoenix Trinity (PT) and CK Arms (CK)). Please help me decide and provide some feedback? I handled the aggressive SV and PT grips last month from the 2015 Nationals sponsored shooters. Unfortunately, I was not able to try and shoot it so I can't really tell the difference. One thing I noticed was that the PT was almost the same feel with STI Polymer Grip in terms of circumference. Now, with the new introduction of CK steel grip at a very reasonable price, I can't decide which one to get for my next build. I have some pictures of the three main grip players taken from social media for comparison purposes. The pictures would show that the CK's grip surface pattern is noticeably different from the two others (i.e. micro pockets). Please provide constructive feedback. As always, thanks for your help!
  9. Here is my new FGW build by Bobby Keigans! It's an IDPA ESP legal gun that will serve double duty as my USPSA Limited blaster. It is a 5" 40SW KKM bushing barrel on a CK Arms light rail frame. It also features the brand new CKA Aluminum grips that have been hard anodized black. It got here on Saturday and I put about 150 rounds of factory ammo through it. Then I ran about 150 rounds of my Major PF reloads through it. I was expecting to be shooting major for the first 1000 rounds but a friend brought some 200gr 650fps Minor PF loads for me to try out from a sponsor and much to my surprise they worked great. Decided to have him load up enough for me to shoot our local match on Sunday. I ended up placing my highest ever, 4th overall.That's over 500 flawless rounds through a SUPER tight gun. Every time someone tried to rack the slide, they double checked that the safety was off because it was so tight haha. The slide runs like butter now, looking forward to how it feels after 1000 rounds. Below is the build sheet for those who are interested.
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