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  1. hello everybody, can someone tell me a local store in Baltimore, where i can buy a CZ Floating trigger pin? https://cajungunworks.com/product/floating-trigger-pin/
  2. pictures: i marked the spot where the mag release touches my hand. when using a standard grip I have no problems. but as far as I know a high grip should be preferred I hope im not doing something incorrect.
  3. hello everybody when you have your grip very high with your support hand, does the mag release annoy you? using a shadow 2 and a firm grip im not sure if my grip is right the mag release is in the way
  4. scgun

    CZ Shadow 1 and 2 Finish

    thx for your replies. does the sp01 shadow have the same nitride coat?
  5. Does CZ 75 SP 01 Shadow and CZ Shadow 2 (Black/Blue) have the same finish? Or which finish is better? Today I saw a used CZ Shadow 2 Urban Grey and the grey finish looks really ugly. Thx!
  6. if your fundamentals (grip, trigger) are okay, maybe you just have to relearn your index/npoa.
  7. ok, but on closer the surface of the oval area seems to be different am i worried to much?
  8. hello everyone, plz take a look at the barrel. does it (finish) look strange to you? it´s a cz75 sp 01 shadow. maybe 500 rounds shot.
  9. I tried g17 gen5 last week. very sweet and it fits my small hands trigger quiet the same. but I didn't buy it cause no real new benefits for the prize if you already have one I consider tuning my gen3
  10. Hello everyone, Now with gen 4 and 5. Would you still buy a gen3 for USPSA/IPSC? Reason? scgun
  11. thanks a lot! now I can find enough information on the internet.
  12. right handed. both fingers are pressing against the trigger guard from the downside.
  13. hello everybody, Im new and I practice dry fire everyday 20-30 minutes + range visits once per week. now I notice corn/clavus on my left index finger and right middle finger does anyone had the same experience? or is my grip technique wrong? thanks
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