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  1. Hello everyone! My new TTI Grand Master Kit doesn´t make me happy right now... Anyone seen this problem before?
  2. Using a DA/SA pistol. Does trigger prep mean taking up the pre travel or tensing the hammer on the first DA shot?
  3. hello, ist the Floating Trigger Pin legal for IPSC production? thx in advance.
  4. ok I think I understand I just have a practice room. 2,5m max so 1/3 scaled targets should be preferred for speed drills like 4aces or blake drill.
  5. hello everyone, is it recommended to use different scaled dry fire target for the drills? or just use the smallest one for best benefit? e.g. 1/2 targets for el prez (focus on speed) 1/6 target for trigger and front sight practice
  6. hello everybody, can someone tell me a local store in Baltimore, where i can buy a CZ Floating trigger pin? https://cajungunworks.com/product/floating-trigger-pin/
  7. pictures: i marked the spot where the mag release touches my hand. when using a standard grip I have no problems. but as far as I know a high grip should be preferred I hope im not doing something incorrect.
  8. hello everybody when you have your grip very high with your support hand, does the mag release annoy you? using a shadow 2 and a firm grip im not sure if my grip is right the mag release is in the way
  9. scgun

    CZ Shadow 1 and 2 Finish

    thx for your replies. does the sp01 shadow have the same nitride coat?
  10. Does CZ 75 SP 01 Shadow and CZ Shadow 2 (Black/Blue) have the same finish? Or which finish is better? Today I saw a used CZ Shadow 2 Urban Grey and the grey finish looks really ugly. Thx!
  11. if your fundamentals (grip, trigger) are okay, maybe you just have to relearn your index/npoa.
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