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  1. It depends on what kind of match and hit the targets. For a standard USPSA match a 41 rounder will do. For a hosefest match, you will need the higher 50 above rounder. Add a few 17 rounders as backup, since its easier to move than with the bigger stick on your belt.
  2. Keeping it simple with the PSA Enhanced Polished Trigger is good enough. Practice makes perfect.
  3. Option 2, 2 days, shoot 8 & 4. prize table Sunday, leave early. ideal for out of town competitors.
  4. You could prep all your primer tubes inside the house where its warmer. If you have not prep/sorted your brass you can also do that inside the house. Basically separating processes so your stay in the basement is cut shorter.
  5. I re-purpose the Midway pistol bag (same as what you had mentioned). I have this dedicated for my PCC mags and I also have the same mags as you do. I place the mags where the pistol would be. The pistol bag side pockets is where I keep my Maglula reloader and the other side for a pad/pen/keys, etc. The magazine slots to keep some cleaning supplies. I use a hard case where this bag goes in with the PCC.
  6. Pros.. just fun to shoot. Cons.. you have to haul a little more gear than a pistol shooter would.
  7. You need to add sorting brass to your reloading process. You need to separate the good from the bad ones.
  8. I use the plastic case that comes with factory 45s box that holds 50 rds. Get a pair of this. From your unsorted pile of brass grab a hand full and pour on top of one of the 45 case, most of the brass will fall in each crate hole base in first. From that the 38s will stick out, the 380 will be shorter, the 40s and 45s are obviously bigger. Then you can hand pick easily. I use a plier. I use the same process when I have sorted this by caliber. grab a handful pour on the 45 case, then under a light source you can see the good, the bad and ugly brass better. Then after this get the 45 case pair, line them up together and flip so the upside down brass will now show all the base in the other half of the 45 case. From here you can sort by head stamp. This is sorting 50 pcs at a time, better than one at a time.
  9. Just curious. Why clean it every 10 rounds? Can't do that in a match.
  10. Why would anyone want to count spent primers? A simple way is to count how many spent primers in an ounce, then multiply that by 16 = 1 pound
  11. This is similar as with the use of laser and offset sights. It all depends on the shooter's capabilities. If you can run and be good without it. Then it does not matter.
  12. We are all different and match stages will not be the same. You just have to know your limits and your equipment. It is always better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them.
  13. Monitor your reloading dies for built up as the coating does sometimes flake off and may cause some inconsistency in your loads.
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