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  1. I use them ever day. Squeeze them tight and hold it for a 5 count. Release then squeeze again for a 5 count. I do 5 reps then rest. Then do again. I try to simulate shooting. I release after a 5 count to simulate a reload. I shoot revolver. Works great. I use the 150 and 200. I do both hands.
  2. I find that TG and 231 meter better then HP38. With HP38 I had unburnt powder flakes after shooting. In my last competition I used TG and had no problems. I use BlueBullets and never had the barrel get to hot or any other problems. But of course I’m going to do more testing with 231. It shoots softer helps.
  3. So what powder do you prefer? And why? I use TG for ICORE and HP38 or 231 for Steel Challenge. The TG in ICORE for me works great to make PF. I use less powder then if I was to use HP38. But I’m try 231 to see if I like a little soft shot. I like the softer shooting HP38/231 for steel. But I can say that because of cost I starting to use TG more.
  4. So what drills do you do at your range to get ready for ICORE match or just your local match! I do a lot of plate rack, And add weak & strong hand. double traps from draw to steel plate on the move doubles on paper at different distance. To mix it up I use my SW 617. Lots of fun.
  5. Always look at the positive but remember what you need to work on. Keep yourself honest but end with a positive mental thought. I listen to his podcast
  6. Beretta 92FS I use TG 3.0 with Blue Bullet 115gr at 1.11oal.
  7. I ask about shooting my 617 at our ICORE match but they did not like the idea because of the falling plates. They did not want to paint after each Rimfire shooter.
  8. alecmc is that a carbon wrap barrel? How do you like the mid port barrel? Is there a difference between the two barrels on feel and recoil?
  9. I load bunny farts for steel challenge. I use 147gr with w231 under there minimum. Shoots fine in my 929.
  10. Has anyone had a custom open revolver for ICORE and Steel Challenge? And who build it for you? Did you have a custom barrel built for it? I’m starting to look to have one built. Who build your gun? TK, Pinnacle or BC Armory? I have a custom 617 and a limited 929.
  11. Have you thought of adding a thread barrel and comp?
  12. Has anyone build a 1911 for Open or Carry Optic in Steel Challenge. I think maybe to make a build for Steel Challenge. Input would be great. I shoot revolver, Rimfire rifle at this time.
  13. I use W231 or HP38 in my 929. Yes titegroup is dirt. I shoot ICORE and some USPSA. To make PF I use less TG powder then W231 or HP38. To me TG has more of a snap compared to W231 or HP. I prefer a softer shot!
  14. I shoot ICORE and Steel Challenge and I use Blue Bullets 147 with Titegroup, Winchester Brass. I use two different loads but that’s what I prefer. A little softer load for Steel Challenge. I also use at times HP-38. It’s a good powder.
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