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  1. Has anyone used Xtreme plated 9mm?
  2. How many use Plated bullets? I use coated but thinking of trying plated. Is there any difference between the two?
  3. Do you feel that VV N320 burns cleaner then other powders? To me TG was very dirty and HP38 is not as dirty.
  4. Just curious on powder everyone uses for there revolvers and why? I use HP 38 in my SW929 9mm. I shoot Steel Challenge and ICORE.
  5. Sorry can’t download the picture. Talk to TK and they said to send it in and they will machine it to fit. Crazy!
  6. Has anyone bought a TK hammer and when I install it I can’t tighten the side plate. If I tighten the side plate I can’t pull the trigger and if I can get the trigger to pull the hammer and trigger completely lock up.
  7. I use HP38 with 95, 115, 147. Never a problem with injecting the spent rounds.
  8. I use Winchester and Blazer brass. Works great in my moonclips with no problems. Crimp so no bell. AOL 1.125.
  9. Does anyone use Extreme brass for there revolver reloads? Or just use Winchester or Starline.
  10. MWP it’s my bad. I shoot a Beretta in production for Steel and USPSA but I’m going to shoot Revolver in Steel and Icore. Just really enjoy Wheel Guns. I shoot a SW617 in RimFire optic for Steel Challenge.
  11. MWP I’m going to shoot ISR in Steel Challenge.
  12. Looking to get a Holster for my SW 929. I shoot mostly Steel Challenge in production class so Im going to shoot only revolver in both Steel Challenge and ICORE. I've been looking at Holsters so I would like to get more info, pros and cons from guys that use them or if there other options. Speed Beez, AA Racemaster, CR Speed #2000 Thanks
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