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  1. I shoot ICORE and Steel Challenge and I use Blue Bullets 147 with Titegroup, Winchester Brass. I use two different loads but that’s what I prefer. A little softer load for Steel Challenge. I also use at times HP-38. It’s a good powder.
  2. As on price yes PP is cheaper then HP but for me I have to use more PP to make power factor then HP38. To me it a wash!
  3. In my Beretta 92FS I use 115 mostly. But I have shot 147s and it hit a little harder then 115. But not to bad.
  4. To make power factor I use 147 Blue Bullets. Use less powder then 135. I’m testing 160gr bullets from Revolver Supply today to see how it feels.
  5. Is it for competition or just for fun?
  6. 115 Blue Bullets 3.0 TG in my Beretta 92FS I use in production.
  7. Looking to get new Moonclips for my SW 929 9mm. So I’m looking at TK custom or Revolver Supply Moonclips. Is the a big difference between the two?
  8. One thing great about rim fire practice is that if you are struggling with weak hand strong hand it great use to work on mechanics and get some confidence. Plus it does not hurt the pocket book as much.
  9. How many use Plated bullets? I use coated but thinking of trying plated. Is there any difference between the two?
  10. Do you feel that VV N320 burns cleaner then other powders? To me TG was very dirty and HP38 is not as dirty.
  11. Just curious on powder everyone uses for there revolvers and why? I use HP 38 in my SW929 9mm. I shoot Steel Challenge and ICORE.
  12. Sorry can’t download the picture. Talk to TK and they said to send it in and they will machine it to fit. Crazy!
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