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  1. We probably don´t have to wait many weeks before someone will test Kynshot and different springs :-)
  2. Hipertouch Elite works perfectly in my GMR-15. Also in my other JP rifles.
  3. Which SCS setup is recommended for a 158 gr bullet at 1,033.46 fps (Subsonic Ammo)?
  4. It does not have to be. Hiperfire triggers have a very good reputation for PCC. I also use Hipertouch Elite in both my JP SCR-11.
  5. It depends on the shooting style you have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL2JWMSsyWQ&app=desktop
  6. This is also my experience and that’s why I stay with 5 tungsten. My best splits are .12/.13. when I use HIPERTOUCH ELITE.
  7. I prefer SCS 5H5 Heavy (Short Stroke) and I use 115 gr bullet from Sellier & Bellot factory ammo.
  8. The buffer tube on my GMR-15 is loose. Increases risk for this if you have a super heavy SCS? I now use Short Stroke 5H5. 115/124 gr Sellier&Bellot
  9. Yes, I have. No problems at all. Very smooth recoil and super fast reset. Always.
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