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  1. Illegal? You mean against USPSA rules? I doubt it. We do have a USPSA rulebook on line. I know it's a lot of work, but you can always read it and see what it says.
  2. As long as the material choice is appropriate for the application, I don't have a problem with plastic and "pot metal". A significant portion of my car is made of plastic or castings. Yet it's been rode hard and put away wet for 227,000 miles and still going strong.
  3. I use Hornady Ti-N pistol dies and have never used case lube. I do wet tumble my brass before sizing, so there's never any galling or scratching. I also don't need to swage primer pockets. I toss any military brass I come across. My process would be: wash, bake dry, size/deprime/bell mouth in this thing, prime, and load. Definitely a huge time saver.
  4. I like it. I think I just found my Christmas present.
  5. It's one of the most poorly written definitions I've ever seen. The inside of the shooting box cannot be the outer edge of the fault lines since fault lines and shooting boxes are listed separately in the same sentence. That means they are two distinct objects and fault lines have dimensions (volume).
  6. Well, this isn't a job. So expecting financial rewards from an amateur sport is probably a setup for disappointment.
  7. Tougher than your monthly club match? For sure. Tough mudder? If I wanted one of those I would go run one of those.
  8. It's a chickens**t call that wouldn't even need to be made if someone had spent 5 minutes with a shovel, pick, or hoe.
  9. Agreed Many 124 gr factory loads are pushing 1150 - 1200 fps
  10. True on who's attracted to PRS If I wanted to shoot flying targets I'd grab my 686 and go back to sporting clays. If I needed to shoot something in a practical setting I'd grab a rifle for several reasons. 2 gun (rifle and pistol), have done and would do again. Add a shotgun to it and I'm a no show.
  11. Seriously? Considering what you get for $20, I just don't see how your outrage can be taken seriously. Go price any registered sporting clays match or a PRS long range rifle match...……………. Anyway, here's my must-have list Interesting problems to solve in each stage No circus/carnival prop targets Fair officiating Shade in each bay Plenty of cold water A well planned match with no built-in bottlenecks. I know problems happen despite the best planning, so don't make it worse by having an obvious choke point designed into your flow. Two days max to shoot the match Things I'd rather my money didn't go towards Prizes Shirts/coffee cups/swag Parties/social events/extraneous non-shooting stuff
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