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  1. Buy a production gun that is either ready, or easily modifiable, for CO. Win win.
  2. That might have been the gun. It's a known issue.
  3. https://friendsofferdinand.com/ https://www.retiredracehorseproject.org/ https://www.thoroughbredadoption.com/ http://www.horseadoption.com/ https://www.canterusa.org/ They are not throw aways
  4. You really don't know what you don't know.
  5. It's almost as if you have to be (as an RO) ready to physically intervene to stop something like that. I mean like physically controlling someone's arm/hand/pistol so that if it does discharge at least the only hole is in the dirt.
  6. The glossary is there only to provide the narrow meaning of particular words or phrases, not to define when, where, and how a particular word or term is used within the rules. So I'm not surprised the glossary doesn't go into the details of when sweeping applies or is a DQ. Some common sense needs to apply within the context we're discussing here: a pistol with a bullet stuck somewhere in the barrel. Once the pistol has been shown clear (mag out and hammer dropped confirming there's no live ammo in it) then one is free to take it to the safe area and manipulate it however necessary to fix the problem.
  7. I disagree. 10.5.5 clearly states in no uncertain terms that sweeping someone during the course of fire is a DQ'able offense. It says nothing about before and after the course of fire and no creative reading of the English language could come up with an interpretation to the contrary. And on top of that the beginning and end of the course of fire are both clearly defined in the rule book. Long story short: sweeping someone with a handgun can only occur between the time that the RO utters "make ready" and "range is clear". Not before, and not after.
  8. That would be his opinion and not an official rule.
  9. I'm curious about which rules apply to the situations you mention, except for the PCC
  10. "Stop, unload and show clear. If clear, hammer down and holster. Range is clear" The course of fire is now over Now you can look down the freaking bore if you want to.
  11. it's legal if you have an operator beard
  12. Yes. You said it yourself: the guy who screwed up your pistol thinks he did a great job. So sending it back is stupid. Get someone else, who knows what he's doing, to fix it. The first rule of holes: when you find yourself in one, stop digging.
  13. Cross country is a part of eventing. The three events (dressage, stadium, and xc) happen one at a time so you can watch whichever you want and ignore the others. Personally I'm a dressage nut. Hard as f*#k to ride well. You should hit one of the big 3 star events around VA/NC/MD or make the trek to the KY Horse Park on the last weekend of April for the Rolex 4 star.
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