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  1. Ended up just going with another half dozen factory magazines and I’ll leave the magpuls for range use.
  2. Like most hobbies, if you enjoy doing it the money is worth spending. This was more of a "since I have the materials, do I need to spend the money?" situation.
  3. I figured these two combined would be my best option but was trying to get out of buying $20 basepads for $10 magazines.
  4. 8.1.8 Non-IDPA-Legal Features and Modifications for All Divisions: B. Add-on weights. This includes (but is not limited to) weighted magazines, tungsten guide rods, brass magazine wells, weighted grips, and weighted grip plugs. Yet SSP Permitted Modifications (Inclusive list): Q. Aftermarket magazines may be used provided they do not weigh more than 1.00 oz. over the same capacity factory magazine. R. Aftermarket magazine base pads may be used provided they do not make the magazine weight more than 1.00 oz. over the same capacity factory magazine. S. Magazine base pads may be modified by reshaping, texturing, or adding bumper pads provided that they do not make the magazine weigh more than 1.00 oz. over the same capacity factory magazine. T. Magazines that are longer than stock may be used provided they meet all other division requirements. Onto the question: The weight difference between factory glock magazines and the Magpul replacement magazines averages just under .17oz. Can 0.25oz be added to the Magpul magazine in the form of lead tape under the baseplate or would that qualify as a weighted magazine? The only issue I've run into with the Magpul mags is that they dont always drop free, but if I add a little weight to the bottom they work great.
  5. Glastonbury, so Hartford County. I know of quite a few places to shoot matches I just never make or have the time to go. My normal shooting spots are in Pomfret and Woodstock where I grew up but some family is moving and now I have to join a range.
  6. I've been lurking here for years, joined earlier this year and am finally making an intro post. Initially I sought out information on tuning firearms I own (CZ, 1911, Sig, Glock) and have transitioned into building my own 2011. The information I've gathered here has been invaluable and although I have yet to contribute anything I hope to change that in the near future. I don't yet shoot competitively, but am trying to determine the best route to do so for next year. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge this space holds and the fact that it can be accessed publicly.
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