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  1. what tipped the scale between the Sig Max and the SRO for me was that the SRO is made in the USA.
  2. KlausN

    CZ Frame Widths

    My CZ75 Shadow SP01 polycoat measured 1.004” wide at the bottom.
  3. It is no big deal, I bought 25 screws for $4 (0.16/ea) plus $5 shipping. This can be easily fixed by CZC including a $1 option to recommend you to purchase the correct screws from them, with the plate. And yes, I can use a Dremel but, if I don’t like CO I will gift the SRO to my wife and the standard screws fit her Q5. I just wanted to make others aware that other screws might be needed or the original ones shortened.
  4. Interesting, the screws I received with the SRO are 12.7mm or 1/2”. I would have needed to take almost 3mm off.
  5. Thanks everyone. I settled on a SP01 Shadow RDS from CZC. I would have liked the bull shadow but the additional $800 and the unknown interchangeability pushed be towards the SP01. One thing to note, the RDS plate for the SRO requires a different screw length than the one provided by Trijicon. The needed screws are not included with the gun or RDS plate either. Trijicon ships a flat head Torx #6-32 x 1/2", I am guessing the needed length should be 3/8" which does not seem to be a standard length for flat head torx. This might be similar for all CZ RDS plates for the SRO? In case i really like CO, i just have to buy another gun, possible a Stock II.
  6. Never had an issue with my SP01 in NM or UT but I burned my hand racking a Beretta M9 because of the exposed barrel.
  7. Does the stock II be optic only? No option for iron sights? Haven't seen any photos of it with a rear sight. also, anyone know who has a shadow 2 OR in stock?
  8. Mveto, if you had to choose between a sp01, a CZ 75 bull and a shadow 2 which one would it be for C.O.?
  9. Rafael, milled directly for the optic or an exchangeable optics plate? Which did you choose and why?
  10. I have been a member for some time and found some very useful information here in the past. This I my first time posting and asking for advice. Due to “old age”, I am thinking about switching from production and limited to Carry Optics. My production gun is a SP01 shadow and my backup a CZ 75 shadow TAC II which I both enjoy shooting, but favorite gun is my Tanfo Limited Custom. I am trying to decide between a SP01 Shadow RDS 91158 and a CZ 75 bull shadow OR 91725. The red dot will be a Trijicon SRO. Does anyone have experience with the Bull shadow? I picked the SP01 over the shadow 2, when I started, because I thought 1 gun for IDPA and USPSA would be an advantage but I am gravitating more and more to USPSA. BTW I can’t afford open. Any suggestions and/or advice on which C.O. gun to pick? The Tanfo “fits” my hand better than the SP01/75 but it is a no go for CO. By fit, I mean the larger grip; both of my CZ have modified Lok Palm swell grips. My hand position is also “higher” on the Tanfo which I like.. I also don’t want to spend the money on an Atlas and buy all new mags :o), not saying that I don’t want one just can’t afford one. sp01 RDS vs cz75 Bull OR vs shadow 2 OR vs the gun I didn’t think about?
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