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  1. 2mm if I recall correctly and it will still not fit perfectly therefore you might want to use a heat gun to heat the thread locker to prevent stripping the head. Do you want to sell your old s2 sight ;o). Asking for a friend.
  2. Or the cheapest used grips you can find build up with epoxy putty and sprinkled with silicon carbide to match the shape and roughness you like exactly.
  3. Thanks for the link and info.
  4. I just can’t find any info on apex’s spring weight. Going from their competition spring to the carry spring, according to Apex’s website increases the da pull by about 1 lb. This might indicate that there is more then 1 lbs difference in spring weight and there is also another issue: I have to change springs about once per year. due to use they wear out. If I want to purchase a new spring from cgw or Wolff, which one would I get if I can’t tie the apex to a certain spring weight. Yes, you are right going to the Apex carry spring will fix the problem but 1. adds more weight
  5. Apex competition hammer spring. Which is just on the edge of igniting Tula repeatedly. With the original hammer 11.5 was causing issues after a while and 13 worked perfectly. I am trying to understand what is the next step up from the apex competition spring. I think adding 1 lb or even 1/2lb would fix the “issue”.
  6. My shadow 1 with the Apex kit ignites Federal factory ammo and Fiocchi without issues, Tula steel, on the other hand works fine in SA but not always in DA. One out of five has a light primer strike but every one went off on the second pull. I guess I am just a hair off of igniting all ammunition. DA pull weight is 5 lb 6 oz SA 3 lb 12 oz anyone know what the competition hammer spring weight in the Apex kit is?
  7. I am interested as well. I added the kit to one of my shadows and have exactly this question as well. Additionally the instructions or bette4 bag for the reduced FPS says tapered end towards the rear of slide which seems strange to me as the tapered end reduces the ID of the spring and if placed towards the rear would increase the spring tension. I will find out this Friday anyway when I go to the range and shoot a few old Tula steel cased rounds.
  8. Your other option is a race holster.
  9. That is the best quote of the day!
  10. KlausN

    S2 Hammer Spring

    One of my guns runs reliably with a 13lb all the time, extended fp and light fp spring. One of my guns runs reliably with a 11.5lbs Spring. I could not get the first gun to run reliably with a 11.5lb spring so I switched both to 13lb for consistency.
  11. Any news on the SRO compatibly?
  12. KlausN

    CZ SP01 Production

    Are you referring to Tanfoglio or CZ regarding the wobble? My Limited Tanfo has some play but all of my SP01s have no wobble at all.
  13. KlausN

    CZ SP01 Production

    I disagree on the roll pin. I use an extended firing pin for shooting with a low power spring but with the cool fire training barrel I use a standard firing pin with a strong/standard spring. I change springs and firing pins therefore twice a week and it is a 30s job for the non roll pin shadow. Taking the pin out twice a week for a “non-shadow” is too much of a pain for me even with the upgraded pin and a roll pin punch. Same for the solid trigger pin which is worth the $13 to save me the aggravation of needing 3 hands to change the TRS.
  14. Same here, TF +10 works fine for me and fits 28.
  15. Field strip and quick clean after every match. Extractor removal and clean once per year. I also use a dedicated slide stop for larger matches. Detail strip once per year including new hammer spring. Mag clean when I can feel or hear the sand.
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