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  1. You're looking at a gift horse in the mouth?
  2. Go to Dawson Precision's website. It has a whole section on how to figure out the answer you need.
  3. While you're checking, check the rulebook. There's your answer.
  4. IPSC allows aftermarket trigger assemblies. Assemblies being the operative word that means "a group of interconnected parts that together perform a function".
  5. They are decocker guns not selective DA/SA pistols
  6. No the rules are clear to anyone with more than a rudimentary command of English. Even people like me, for whom English is a second language, have no problem understanding pistol start condition rules.
  7. The easiest way to stay in D class is to keep switching around guns and divisions.
  8. It's an integral part of the trigger assembly. Remove it and see how well the trigger works.
  9. Which pistol is this where you can set the safety with the hammer down.
  10. Ben Stoeger said in his last book that he shoots every single target with target focus and a set of fuzzy sights. That's the sight picture I naturally have due to presbyopia. When I read that, I decided to keep shooting production and get better at shooting with the same type of focus.
  11. The Navy's nuclear program and it's submarine training/force are two completely different and separate things. I never served on a sub. But we do have like a dozen nuclear carriers. You may just want to stop now.
  12. The boron rods are the control rods. Chernobyl had those too. And they aren't shielding either. No offense but working in a nuke plant and understanding reactor physics and reactor control are two completely different things.
  13. IDPA speedloader location rules are retarded. The rule should be simple: lift up arms straight out to the sides. If your stuff can be seen either move it or get a different cover garment.
  14. That's not what graphite did in the Chernobyl reactor. It was a moderator and it made the core behave counter intuitively during some regions of control rod insertion. As far as it being used to produce weapon grade material I don't know and won't speculate.
  15. I took some reading to understand the accident as the Chernobyl reactor operates quite differently to the pressurized water reactors that the Navy and much of the industry use.
  16. Just from his name I'm going to guess: Sweden Denmark Norway Netherlands In that order
  17. I'll have to watch it then. I used to be a Navy nuke.
  18. I have a better idea. I'll tell you how the ignore function works after I use it on you.
  19. It's been explained to you why already. Evidently you like the idea so rock on, at least until you DQ or God forbid shoot someone else by mistake. But just in case you need a reminder this is where it easily leads:
  20. Need a SCRAM button to activate props
  21. I don't think anyone has ever said "don't change anything about your gun". I certainly have modified mine slightly and said so before. The point is that training (be it on shooting skills, strength, or physical speed) pays off far more than most of the gimmicks people spend money on.
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