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  1. Getting to the end of my supply of N320 and looking to try a different powder. Has anyone tried Nitro 100 with 165Gr coated?
  2. Well broke my first swage rod while processing.223. I was leaning towards the Fast & Friendly Brass swage rod or the buying the Mark7 Swage Sense... what’s do you think my better option is? FYI I only load and process for small primers.
  3. Monotubes don’t require a barrel clamp... barrel clamps are bad because every time you take the clamp off to clean the gun and then re install it the POI of your slugs will change. Monotubes are one monolithic tube unlike extensions that reduce the chance for the follower, spring or shell to get bound up on while shooting. Monotubes are less likely Fail when dumping your shotgun into a barrel. The weakest part of a shotgun tube extension in where you thread on the extension. If that breaks your match will be done unless if you carry’s spare and the tools to get the broken hreads out. Bottom line is a RCI Monotube is the way to go if you can afford it but don’t let the hold you back from getting in the game. Shoot what you have and can afford and build upon that.
  4. How much clearance is needed between the top of the gasblock and the sides of the gas tube channel of the handguard? I installed a SLR sentry 7 set screw version on a SLR 16.5" solo lite and I maybe have a 1/32 clearance before it would hit the sides of the gas tube channel on the handguard. I know that using a comp most of the force will be pushing the barrel down so I'm assuming I will be ok.... what's everyone's thoughts?
  5. Does anyone have any load data for some 55gr SP with Winchester 748? Only thing I can find is max load of 26gr.
  6. I currently use Cudalube and it seems to get pretty thick and slow my slide down when it's below 40 degrees out. What lube does everyone use for cold weather shooting?
  7. I'm running a 18" Rifle length gas Proof barrel with a JP low mass BCG. I was leaning towards H355 for my 55gr and IMR 8208 XBR for my 77gr. One of our local club matches has targets out to 600 yards consistently so I would like to work up a load for longer distances.
  8. Just cutting my teeth in the rifle reloading game.. I'm looking to load some 55gr bullets for mainly punching paper at 3-Gun competitions but would also like to use them out to 200yrds on plates if needed. What's everyone's go to powder for loading short range rifle rounds? I am also looking to load up some 77gr for 2-600yd range... do you use the same powder as you 55gr loads or do you use something different for more precision shooting? I should also add that I will be loading on a Dillon 650 and I have read that some powders do meter well due to their shape. Thank you for your help!
  9. XtReMe90


    Shot some 147s with titegroup through my chrono last weekend with my 5" 2011. 3.0 Grains Avg 848 3.2 Grains Avg 871
  10. I loaded up 5.1 Grains of Longshot under some 115gr Montana golds at 1.135 OAL and it's noticeably softer shooting then any factory 115, 124 and 147s I have shot. It averaged 1154 fps out of My 16" JP GMR-13
  11. I tried these 2 loads out Saturday using 124gr Delta Precisions out of a 5" 2011 124gr 3.8 Grains of Titegroup 1.15 OAL 1045 3.6 Grains of Titegroup 1.15 OAL 999
  12. Looking to purchase a Mr Bulletfeeder for my 650... if anyone knows who has the best price online for one please let me know.
  13. I took mine off with a Alan wrench and 2 hands... no need for anything special. If you look in the handguard at the barrel but there is several different Allen screws. Lossen those and then unscrew the handguard.
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