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  1. VforVandetta

    PRIME ammo slugs

    Just won a case of these at a shotgun match and not a moment too soon! My slug stash had dwindled and I was not looking forward to buying more. I’m pretty pumped about trying these to see how they perform in my 19” Vepr 3 MOA 12 and razor red dot. anyone else have more experience with these and how they do with various chokes?
  2. VforVandetta

    Monotube vs. X-Tension tube. Pros/cons?

    ahhhh. The flop factor. gotcha. -V
  3. VforVandetta

    Hi. My name is Vadim, and I’m a gunaholic

    Lucas Oil brand Unicorn Semen! But seriously its just some good old fashioned elbow grease and Russian Black Magic. In a short time Michael Whitesides has taken this platform farther than it has ever gone before. I'm fortunate to work by his side. For the past 5 years I have put in many many many hours into understanding the AK shotguns because I saw their potential as soon as I bought my first one. Michael's vision and our partnership with Briley Manufacturing is pretty special and I'm proud to be a part of it. -V
  4. VforVandetta

    With Winning In Mind

    Just bought a copy of it waiting on it to come in. Pretty excited to read it a lot of people talk about it. I wish it came in a downloadable audiobook that I could listen to in my car/at work. Anyone been able to find that? -V
  5. VforVandetta

    furthest pistol shot you've attempted and made

    80 yards with the ole Red dot M&P. Apex flat trigger. love that thing.
  6. Hey just thought I’d finally introduce myself formally. Ive been on this gun kick for about 5 years now. Quickly went from collector/buyer/wannabe hunter to cashing all m my chips in and competing in open division multigun. some of you may know me as “the Vepr 12 guy” from YouTube Vepr12AllDay. That’s my main passion is the open division AK shotgun. Im pursuing USPSA with about equal effort currently just running my glorified carry Optics m&p with red dot no comp just a slide ride red dot. Moved down here to Texas from Ohio just recently and started working for Dissident Arms. Having a blast shooting as many matches as a can and trying to make the most of this crazy ride im on! I love forums and discussion and I’m finally starting to scratch the surface on the wealth of info found here. thanks for having me! -V
  7. VforVandetta

    Monotube vs. X-Tension tube. Pros/cons?

    Really? Can you explain How would it help that?
  8. What exactly makes one better than the other?
  9. VforVandetta

    Getting rid of "warm up" nerves/jitters

    I do about 15 million walk throughs on every stage. This really helps me. I view shooting as an individual performance like public speaking. No-one wants to stumble or stutter over their words. Everyone wants to impress the crowd and look their best. Its just human nature. So I look at the walk through as learning my script on the spot and practicing it as many times as I possibly can to figure out what movement I can eliminate, what might look/feel more smooth, etc. I'm not a "great" shooter by any stretch but I usually come in anywhere from 5th to 10th at any given match multigun or pistol. I usually focus on shooting a clean match without few penalties even if my times aren't blazing, and that relaxes me as well, along with the fact that I'm doing something I really enjoy. -V
  10. VforVandetta

    anyone saw this video?

    Dude is a badass in my book.
  11. VforVandetta

    Between Walls

    I like that philosophy
  12. VforVandetta

    Indoor stages

    indoor match I went too had duct tape on some stages and then a metal start box duct taped down on 2 of the 4 sides. It was angle iron with the "legs" of the angle touching the ground, if you follow me.
  13. VforVandetta

    Double Texas Star

    with a shotgun
  14. VforVandetta

    Open shotgun choices

    Let me know if you have any questions about the Vepr 12. Dissident Arms does the finest conversions in the business and is always innovating to drive the platform forward. These things are built like tanks on light machine gun AK receivers, the durability and speed is unmatched. I can get you the best possible pricing and discuss options for your build! -V
  15. The external threads on most AK shotgun platforms Including the Vepr 12 is M22x.75 Dissident Arms has partnered with Briley Manufacturing to internally thread the AK shotgun barrels for briley thin wall chokes. A long choke wrench is used to change the chokes without having to remove the compensator. I am not sure how extensive the work would be but I do believe it's possible. And if anyone can make it happen it's us and Briley. Contact me at Vadim@dissidentArms if you are interested. -V