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  1. Getting to the end of my supply of N320 and looking to try a different powder. Has anyone tried Nitro 100 with 165Gr coated?
  2. Well broke my first swage rod while processing.223. I was leaning towards the Fast & Friendly Brass swage rod or the buying the Mark7 Swage Sense... what’s do you think my better option is? FYI I only load and process for small primers.
  3. What's optics are people running on their PCC? I'm leaning toward a Trijicon MRO or TA44 but looking for some other good options.
  4. I'm not thinking my accuracy issue is due to my ammo anymore... I just realized that my KMR has about a CH of distance between it and the gas block. I'm using the supplied stretch 16 gas block and the screws are about to get dremeled!
  5. Has anyone "stretched" out their stretch 16 yet? I'm curious how it is at 300-600yards and what ammo you are using for those distances. Thanks
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