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  1. I’m happy to hear you see our quality. We’re always available so reach out anytime. Congrats on the Rev!!
  2. If your having trouble compressing the spring. Put the spring in a vice and collapse it. Leave it for 30 minutes. Remove the spring from the vice and install it in the Die. Wayne Mighty Armory
  3. The spring drops into the threaded cap well over the shaft top. Thread the cap on and all the way down to completely compress the spring. Back the cap out 1/4 turn. All set. Good to go. Wayne Mighty Armory
  4. Hey all, I’ve read through this thread.. you guys deserve answers. So first off... for what ever reason we had troubles with consistency in the treatment of the 9mm Dies. Some of the Die bores scored. We’re quite confident that’s been solved. I took a leap of faith and went to a different treatment company.. so far results have been outstanding. As for shipping.. yes we’re guilty of shipping late which is something we were never bad at. Well, we’re back on track. All dies have shipped and we’re up to date and shipping inside 24 hours again. Our dies are noted in stock or sold out. when a Die in stock was ordered the sale defaults to our shipping system. Somehow there was a feed issue. The shipping dept. was getting doubles, or not at all. It was quite confusing. Glad that’s behind us. Thanks to all for hanging in there! On another note.. I’m having our website upgraded so it’s easy to get to what you want. the BRASSPRO/FFL Page is going away. We are setting up a new site for members. The web address is: mightyarmoryffl.com create account emails will be sent to members within the next day or two. Wayne Mighty Armory
  5. We’re in development stages for our crimp dies. Our crimp angles will be a bit different from the typical which will insure a perfect neck tension.
  6. As you mentioned our first instructions were incorrect. You did exactly as the Die setup requires by turning it down that 1/4 turn. Good job! Thanks for sharing.. Wayne Mighty Armory
  7. Update, We have a new pistol seating Die design available now. It’s a modular design and it’s universal. Easy to install and adjust. Seats 9mm - 45 round nose bullets. Theres a optimal bullet barrel for flat nose bullets which is also available. No bullet scaring. This Die was tested extensively on 6 different autos owned and operated by close customers. Pics are on our website. Wayne Mighty Armory
  8. Go to YouTube and search Mighty Armory. Theres a video posted by Logan Scott showing the Die working. The spring flicks the shaft/pin so a stuck primer will be shot off and has no chance of pulling back.
  9. Works with the all MA Decapping Die Bodies. The springs will be listed on our website Thursday 6/20.
  10. Will be on our site 6/20, eliminates pullbacks completely. Will be included with the BLUE and SHORTY.
  11. Here’s another Decapping die only up date. I’m adding a flicker spring with a flat top and bottom to the die. It sits between the shaft top and cap face. I know it works. Primers flick off pin. Not sure about life expectancy. That’s what we need to find out.. let me know if you’re interested in trying. Wayne Mighty Armory
  12. Thank you, Welcome to the Mighty Armory Family! Here 24-7 for all.
  13. 9mm has started shipping. Tomorrow 40 and 45 start.. looks like we’ll be shipping the rifle sizing dies next week. There won’t be any delays in the future. We have geared up to Machine 30 Dies and sets for 2019.
  14. I’ll do my best to answer your questions. 1. A2 Tool Steel 2. Heat Treated to 62 HRC 3. Precision CNC Machined 4. Bore surface finish 5+- 5. No inserts like Carbide dies 6. Will size a million cases 7. No tool modular design 8. Shaft and pins are also Heat Treated. The same steel we use on the Decapping Dies. 9. No lube needed 10. Due to spring back after sizing and different brass wall thicknesses it’s impossible for every 9mm case to be the same after sizing. What I can tell you that all cases will case gauge and will look like factory loaded rounds. Zero belly wasting. If further information is needed please contact Wayne at (401) 575-1288
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