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  1. I’d buy if they offered poly. I’m not at all interested in aluminum or stainless steel. to cold, to hot vs poly.
  2. The more the die is use the smoother the bore will become. Polish in a dry media works well too. Dry carbon covered brass will cause friction and heat. Not a good idea to size brass in that condition with any die. Contact me if you like..
  3. They'll load undersized but they won't be as good as they should be. I'd be glad to send you the new TNT die, give it a try. Post a review.
  4. Try using Peg75 lanolin. It's a synthetic water based lanolin. Wipes off easy and quick in corn media. Or leave it, It's not greasy. mix it 12:1 with 99% alcohol for pistol and 8:1 for rifle. Wipe or corn tumble it away when used on rifle brass. www.floridasunshineproducts.com
  5. Ok so you prefer .015-.025 bullet tension. Proper bullet tension is definitely about sizing as long as you don't over flare you're good to go with MA. Consult saami specs. New TNT Match Die is a breeze..
  6. You wont beat our dies.. We have taken Dies to another level. The new TNT is outstanding and Super Duty Decapping die design is coming very soon, it's all steel with unique features, designed specifically for autos. No question it's the best the industry has ever seen. Our Flare/Expander is glass. Test flare dies have over 300,000 cycles along with our universal pistol seating die, no wear. Crimps will be available soon. Any one interested in testing and posting full reviews with pics and videos?
  7. To all shooters and family... Wayne
  8. Glad your happy cool.. we appreciate you letting other loaders know about the die, Wayne Patrick Mighty Armory
  9. Try Purple Plate Busters. You can load major without concern. Haven’t had any issues with lead build up inside a comp.
  10. I only know of a few loaders that don’t Lube using carbide insert dies. They seriously stress their presses. The idea behind our dies is lube and size to spec. The dies will cycle a million sizings. keys are you can load to powder specs. Get proper burn rates and case pressures. lower SDs and more accuracy. Your pistol will be a lot cleaner after a shoot. Bullet tension is all about the flare and crimp set up and which dies your using. our flare and crimp will finally be available in less than 2 weeks. It will make it easier for the few that struggled with other brand dies to finish a perfect round. Feel free to contact MA anytime.
  11. Are you guys using our dies without lube or One Shot? The dies do require lube.. most use lanolin. The only user issue we had with our dies is when someone is sizing dry. We replaced dies for those who didn't lube. That's no longer offered. It's all in the instructions in the box and online. The dies are designed for spec sizing, much better results with your gun, on the range and will last lifetimes.
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