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  1. Here’s another Decapping die only up date. I’m adding a flicker spring with a flat top and bottom to the die. It sits between the shaft top and cap face. I know it works. Primers flick off pin. Not sure about life expectancy. That’s what we need to find out.. let me know if you’re interested in trying. Wayne Mighty Armory
  2. Thank you, Welcome to the Mighty Armory Family! Here 24-7 for all.
  3. 9mm has started shipping. Tomorrow 40 and 45 start.. looks like we’ll be shipping the rifle sizing dies next week. There won’t be any delays in the future. We have geared up to Machine 30 Dies and sets for 2019.
  4. I’ll do my best to answer your questions. 1. A2 Tool Steel 2. Heat Treated to 62 HRC 3. Precision CNC Machined 4. Bore surface finish 5+- 5. No inserts like Carbide dies 6. Will size a million cases 7. No tool modular design 8. Shaft and pins are also Heat Treated. The same steel we use on the Decapping Dies. 9. No lube needed 10. Due to spring back after sizing and different brass wall thicknesses it’s impossible for every 9mm case to be the same after sizing. What I can tell you that all cases will case gauge and will look like factory loaded rounds. Zero belly wasting. If further information is needed please contact Wayne at (401) 575-1288
  5. Yes, Email mightyarmory@hotmail.com we’ll set up your account.
  6. Hi Wayne,


    Thanks for the information on the decapping issue I was having on my 1050.   Thinking about replacing the MA Magnum decapping die with the new MA 9mm decap / sizer die and the 223 sizer / decaper for my 650 setup.  If you ever have a sale, I will pick up those 2 plus a few more goodies on your website.  Thanks for the help and feedback.  Love the MA decapers and I am sure i will love the new resizing dies.

    1. WaynePatrick


      I know you will love the dies. They really are amazing. If you’re running a 1050 Automated you can sign up for our private page. Offers discounts to volume loaders. Let me know via email.


  7. 9mm can be a royal pita. Try our .057 pin. Many of my customers are having great success with it on 9 and 40. Slow down to -1500 and your problem should be solved. also check out our new Shorty Decapping and Backer Dies. They’re made specially for auto.
  8. If a pin gets thru a primer it means the primers are deteriorating. This is generally due to moisture. Dissimilar metals touching cause a galvanic corrosion which obviously weakens the integrity of the primer metal. Many of them end up with a punched out flat leaving the ring in the pocket. I’ve made a few changes to our pin design to help overcome some of the problems you guys run into. Including a high polishing to the enhanced pin design. No pullbacks reported to me in more than 2 months and no ringers. We refer to the pin as our standard profile. Pics are on our website. Wayne Mighty Armory
  9. Will do JC.. Check our website in 8 weeks..
  10. That we are. Provisionals in place for our expander, seating and crimp dies. Heres a 3D glimps. All will be similar in design. No lock nut will be needed. Wayne
  11. That sounds great Brian. Looking forward to feedback on both the Dillon press and our die. The 9mm will leave .005 neck tension now. Thanks for the support. I can’t tell you how much it means to all of us at Mighty Armory. Wayne
  12. Hi All, So we made a few changes to the 9, 40 and 45. Added a side vent hole. Increased the thread height and changed the heat treating process to eliminate the break in process. We’ll start shipping replacement dies soon, mostly the 9mm.. and will have the 40, 45, 223 which have been an absolute success out of the gate. The 300bo, 6.5cm and 308 Sizing Dies will also be ready to ship. Unforseen problem on first issue. 1. 9mm were either over bored by .003. And vacuum bound. 2. Some of all the dies weren’t cleaned properly before heat treat. Left the bore with dimples which cause some light lines on the cases. 3. We ordered a new cleaning drying system. Problem solved. Also, after cleaning the dies are now white glove handled. They put into a vacuum pack and delivered to the heat treating company. They will also white glove handle the dies. Prior to heat treat there will be zero human contact. Our dies are precision Machined to .0005 tolerances. Our threads are the best on the planet. No cant. Concentricity is under .0005, most are at .0000. The steel were using and steps we’ve taken will ultimately set a Die on your tool head that will size to perfection and with ease will be obvious. Quite frankly they are the best design and quality in the reloading industry. I personally guarantee this. You may quote me. “promises made promises kept”. Wayne Mighty Armory PS: IF you have read this post through note to email or message me. I want to send a Die to 7 different Mark 7 press owners for testing and to prove our dies. After trying them and realizing the results, Post away! At this time the best referral I can offer is Ben at Trident or Match Point Ammo. He’s running 4 Revolution presses. He has done well over 200,000 with all 4 of our dies.
  13. There’s no way you can stop a Lee or a Lee with a squirrel daddy pin from crunching 223 cases or surviving a case that feeds sideways. Checkout the new Mighty Armory Shorty Decapping Die. This is a steel Die that will Decap 380 up to 308. Same tough shaft and pin just shorter. The threads start .650 up from the mouth so no threads can get gouged. They’re also Black Oxide coated. You won’t find a better design or quality Die. Designed for autos. Thats a promise..
  14. Hi All, The 9mm definitely needs a vent hole. The flash hole draws air up into the die an causes a down pressure which pushes the mouths out, We also did find a number of the 9s were over bored. We are replacing the 9s with the absolute quality you deserve and we want to offer. The 223, 40 and 45 have all been perfect after the breakin. For those who weren’t successful after trying we asked that they return them and we would polish the bores. All seems well.. In short, We own this one and are taking whatever steps needed to get a perfect Die on your press. Here’s a pic of our 45 polished. Cases slide in and out and are sized perfectly. When you load, your rounds will be like factory. We promise! Wayne Patrick MightyArmory 401-575-1288 PS: Thanks for all the support and patience.
  15. For winter fun I’m looking a the 22 competitions. Going to buy one and have done indoor fun during the winter months. Im looking at the Walther P22.. lots of cool options available for it. I’m not concerned about the longer barreled pistols available. The little P22 fits my hand and vision extremely well. I’ll forfiet the extra barrel length for that any day. P80 34 build ready for spring, building a back up right now.
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