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  1. Excellent document from Schuemann. Thanks for sharing!!!
  2. That is so wrong!!! That was a neck to nuts cut right there.....
  3. Why would anyone believe what a S&W Open shooter would say Those 9mm case head separations are neat.
  4. 20 min, went slow on taking the material off.
  5. It is a standard cut (.300 × 60 degrees). I used a Brazo micro dot $35
  6. The KE is nice but my whole rifle cost what your lower did.
  7. Don't be hating!! It's easy to make it smaller(bench grinder) but more work to make bigger(welder and bench grinder)
  8. I made a Palmetto State Armory glock billet lower ambi! Not pretty but works great.
  9. The SVI mag release is different for the left side and right side. Totally different parts and mag buttons.
  10. PSA 16" upper PSA billet lower Red dot of choice JuNkWorKs custom shop work Wins first match ever shot!!!!
  11. No, not on a AR-9 platform. Totally different mag release than an AR-15. I did make a PSA lower ambi like this.
  12. Definitely not an easy powder to meter. I have a Hornady LNL and their powder drop is one of the better designs on the market. Actually chrono'ed today. 5 shots Avg. Vel was 1010 fps the extreme spread was 42 fps.
  13. An A2 flash hider with the bottom 3 ports welded up and a washer welded on the end!!! Works like a charm. Probably a thread saver would work just as well? I suspect most comps on PCCs don't do much unless you use very slow burning powder and with a blowback design just as much gas is escaping out the bolt if not more than is going through the comp. I would like to see some super slow motion video.
  14. 135grn Blue Bullets with 2.9grn of ClayDot @1.125 oal. Soft shooting @ 137pf
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