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  1. SWprotected

    9mm Major Overtakes 38SC--Optics Nats Equipment Survey

    38SC feeds better, doesn't jam! This is Fake News!!! I will say I do think SC is a little flatter and softer, but I don't buy all this other stuff. I shot open for 2 years both of my guns were 9 Major and I had jams two times in 2 years and both times it was my fault for not changing mag springs, I let the springs go longer than I should have. Both of my guns were cleaned after each match and new springs a couple times a year. I personally don't care what anyone else shoots but I keep hearing a lot of bad information about what 9 major can't do like run reliably.
  2. SWprotected

    Trigger freeze

    Actually dryfire would help, work on Blake drills with the focus being letting the trigger out all the way. I think it is easier to freeze up knowing you need to shoot more than one target, which is why I would use the Blake drill instead of the Bill Drill.
  3. SWprotected

    Why is is so hard to get people to try USPSA?

    The funny thing is this is not uncommon. I have a buddy who started IDPA at the same time I did, after a few matches I was hooked and wanted to shoot all the time so I started shooting USPSA and outlaw steel. I thought shooting steel was a blast and encouraged my buddy to come out to the next match, when it was over he said he didn't like it that at least in IDPA you could shoot fast and no one could see you missing. I guess the tolerance for having our ego hurt varies, I just explain my misses as accuracy by volume.
  4. SWprotected

    Accurate #7 temperature sensitivity affecting PF?

    I have found WAC to be very temp stable, but agree with Sarge on variations from jug to jug. My load for almost a year was 7.2gr and MG 121 @ 174PF, switched to a new 8lb jug and was down to 166PF.
  5. SWprotected

    Are these ok to post?

    Fantastic photos, I always enjoy when someone share some of the cool stuff they have seen.
  6. Blantons is good, nothing wrong with Woodford Reserve either. The last bottle that was different that I liked was High West Whiskey American prairie bourbon.
  7. SWprotected

    How light of a trigger is everyone running?

    My open guns are set at 1lb 4oz, I have plenty of rounds on both with no issues with reliability. I do put an eye on the sear when I tear them down for cleaning to make sure everything looks good. 1.5-2lbs really not that much difference just have to have good trigger discipline.
  8. SWprotected

    Shock- BUffs, who uses?

    One of my Open guns has a very light slide and I run a 7lb spring, that gun gets a buffer in it. I did not use one initially but when I started seeing the penning on the rails I put one in, never been an issue in that gun. My other Open gun wont work with a buffer.
  9. SWprotected

    Flying with Guns

    Check each airlines policy, I was looking at one of the low cost airlines and they limit you to 1 firearm per locked case. So yes you could take more but it would require additional locked cases and as others have said weight will add up fast and that is where they will ding you for extra money.
  10. SWprotected

    Which trigger is best?

    Did the same thing myself!
  11. SWprotected

    Which trigger is best?

    Screw the trigger out on the threaded stud, this will allow the bow to contact the sear.
  12. SWprotected

    2011 Open Gun Main Spring

    I run a 17# in all my 2011's. I just don't want to risk ignition issues for no real gain to be had by using a lighter spring.
  13. SWprotected

    Silicone Carbide grip tutorial

    Nice video man, results looked good.
  14. SWprotected

    9mm Major powder choices?

    I have used powders 1 and 2, but have yet to test number 3. In my guns WAC which is a faster powder for open only needs about 6.9gr. to make major with a 124jhp. For me 7.2gr. WAC or 8.2gr. HS6 were good loads with 124 jhp at 1.160". These seem to be pretty common among most 9 major shooters. Start lower and work up slowly with coated bullets I think you will need less powder to get the desired results.
  15. SWprotected

    First 1911 or 2011

    The 1911 sear and hammer have a very small contact area. This area can be damaged by repeated dropping of the slide on an empty chamber. When you do this the slide and hammer come forward with greater speed than when loading a round from the magazine and can cause damage to the sears primary surface. So long story short, if you have a nice trigger job and you drop the slide on an empty chamber over and over it won't be nice for long.