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  1. SWprotected

    Is 38SC dead ?

    38 Super may be dead, but not SC. As far as the choice between the 9mm and SC it really depends on what you want out of your gun. I think SC is the flatter shooting of the two, but it costs more unless you can recover your brass multiple times. I have had 3 9 major guns, they have all run extremely well. I have had 1 Atlas and 2 Limcats, all 3 were accurate and functioned properly. I have had maybe half dozen fail to feed issues in 2 years of shooting open, and it was magazine related. I realized that with 170s a strong spring is a must. On the topic of how flat each one shoots I will say my 9mm dot moves but it is not hard to track and is back to center before I can pull the trigger.
  2. SWprotected

    Springs and followers

  3. SWprotected

    9 major

    I use 7.2 and a 124PD in my Limcat with 6 holes and makes about 174PF, that same load in my friends CK was 178PF. The KKM barrels are pretty fast.
  4. SWprotected

    Delta Point Pro vs. C-More RTS2 = Slide or Frame Mounted?

    I have 2 DPP, both frame mounted on open guns. One for about a year the other about 18 months. I have had no issues of any kind with these sights, I think I changed the battery in the older of the 2 but honestly don't remember. Honestly if we could merge the RTS2 and DPP together we could have the best thing on the market, there are features of both that I like. RTS2 brightness adjustment, and glass shape. DPP battery compartment, sight adjustment. Can't we have it all?
  5. SWprotected

    Open Gun Pictures

    How many popple holes does it have? And are they angled back?
  6. SWprotected

    PT Aluminum grip

    Sarge, is correct I have tried steel but I prefer a lighter gun. I also like a very aggresive grip and that is why I was considering a PT with aggressive texture. I really was wanting to know from thise who tried it how they held up.
  7. SWprotected

    PT Aluminum grip

    Thanks Sarge, I like the new Cheely grip. I would prefer to stay with the PT because its the same shape and texture.
  8. SWprotected

    PT Aluminum grip

    After doing some searching I found a few threads where people had put the Aluminum grips on there guns, Just wondering how they have held up. I am thinking about putting them on my open guns but worry about them cracking. I have the PT aggressive steel on my Limited guns and like them I just don't want to add that much weight to my open guns.
  9. SWprotected

    Cheely E2 vs PT Evo

    I had the chance to shoot a friends gun with the E2 grip on it. Its a nice grip, but for those of us who are used to the aggressive PT or SVI grips it may not be enough. I would say if it provides a similar level of grip to the standard texture PT grips.
  10. SWprotected

    RTS2 or Deltapoint Pro

    Having had both, I will say they both have features I like. RTS2 wins for ease of adjustment, shape of the glass, and dot clarity. DPP wins battery life, ease of adjustment, and battery compartment. The RTS2 was my first microdot and I liked it until it quit on me during a stage at a major match. It was a V4 and cmore said they could not duplicate the issue. They did replace it though. It could have been low battery but I had no indication of such it just quit. Switched to the DPP and have not had a problem with it in the 2 years I have had it. The reliability to me is the most important feature.
  11. SWprotected

    Working up a new 9mm Open load

    What does your dot movement look like? No need to load longer or increase powder if the dot tracking is good. I have been running 8.2gr. HS6 with a MG 121 at 1.160", I like this COAL because I can use it in mags with or without spacers. When I watch close I see the dot make a small circle, I think last time I tested this load was about 168-169PF in my gun.
  12. SWprotected

    IDPA shooter wondering about USPSA

    Definitely try it, shooting limited to start and not buying new gear is solid advice.
  13. SWprotected

    My new Bull Shadow 2

    Interesting, my M&P shoots perfectly with 124s, but about 2.5" high with 147s.
  14. SWprotected

    My new Bull Shadow 2

    I am sure it depends on your ammo choice, I agree the gun is very cool.
  15. SWprotected

    My new Bull Shadow 2

    Very nice, wish they would put adjustable rear sight on them.