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  1. To answer you question yes. With a $4000 budget you can buy a pretty nice open gun. I bought my first one right here on the classifieds for 3700 with 3 mags. It was a Limcat that was in excellent condition. Open is not an inexpensive game any way you look at it, but you don't have to buy a brand new custom gun to play either. If instant gratification is what you seek you will either buy a gun that is sub par, or spend more than your budget to get a nice new gun. If you are patient and keep your eyes open good deals come up pretty frequently. As far as platforms go I shoot 2011s but I do know some guys who use CZs and Tanfos, they both work as well. I think you have more options with the 2011s and in the U.S. you will find more support and parts availability for them.
  2. It sounds like they are both using the buffer set for the shorter length with the blue internal spring, and of course the amount of short stroke will depend on trigger reset. I need to get to the range and experiment with this.
  3. I have two PCCs both have the MBX system in them. Both guns are built on PSA lowers, Uppers are just mil-spec. Triggers are Hiperfire 24c and both have Faxon bolts. The older of the 2 guns has a 16" JP barrel and the newer of the 2 has the MBX light weight barrel. I currently have both buffers set up in the longer configuration using the yellow MBX spring and the red internal spring. Both are setup so that when you pull the charging handle the buffers makes first contact just past the point of the trigger resetting. Both guns runs reliably with pretty much every load I have run in them and both guns have about 3k through them. My current load is 135gr. Blue Bullet and about 142PF. My question is have you experimented with the different internal buffer springs and the buffer length and if so what where your conclusions. I am looking to make the guns a little flatter, not really worried with softer.
  4. 3.2 and a 180 is the same minor load I use. It's crazy how soft it is.
  5. It's not really just internet BS. Many of us have used clays, it is probably the softest shooting powder I have used for 40 and 45. I hardly shoot IDPA anymore so I am not loading much 40 minor ammo which is where this powder is great. I decided to try it for 9mm mainly for my PCC ammo, I worked up a load I was at 3.0gr under a 135gr coated bullet, it worked great, so I loaded 1000 rounds back in March. I shot a 500rd carbine match with no issues at all. I put the gun away and didn't touch it again until July, when I took my wife to the range to shoot. Luckily I shot first, I had 3 case head seperations and the last one blew the mag out of the gun. This was the same ammo and gun used in March. The only thing I could think of to account for the difference in performance was ambient temperature was much higher. I really like Clays but it does have some limitations and I do not think anyone would be wise not to use with a little more caution than some of the more forgiving powders.
  6. Never really noticed that with HS6 but AA7 and Shooters World Major Pistol I have seen it. It never caused any problems, I do use plenty of oil though.
  7. Nothing I load fits my EGW gauge, I load to 1.160" if I load short they will fit but not at this length.
  8. We started the day on that stage Saturday, my buddy shot the popper 5 times before it fell.
  9. I have had 2 and still own one of them. Both have been great, about as close to 100% as one could be. I have had a handful of fail to feeds but it was because I let my mag springs go to long. I would definitely recommend them, they have a unique style and its not for everyone but the guns work.
  10. Great video. Congratulations on the wins.
  11. If you can find a Springfield loaded target, they have the adjustable rear sight and front serrations. The cost is about the same as a RO.
  12. I really like the Odin works stock, I did remove the secondary buffer from mine. I made a spacer to take up the space the secondary buffer occupied and this has run well for me and allowed me to adjust stroke length as short as I could and still get the trigger to reset.
  13. If it is the same as it was when I bought one from Atlas, the grip and frame are PT. EGW ignition parts, KKM barrel, and either an SV or Xline trigger, I do not know about the slides, but they looked like a PT slide I have on another gun. Atlas guns are nice I had no complaints with mine.
  14. Cool, I was going to suggest Charlie since you were in CO. The random misses on open targets, I still get those from time to time and for me its because I am not really calling the second shot on that target trying to transition to the next one before its time. Good luck!
  15. I don't have a Razor cat but I had a Spearcat, and now have a Beastcat. Limcats are great guns, mine are 9mm and are very reliable. I have tried the silica carbide grip and the PT aggressive steel grip, I prefer the steel grip. The new Limcat steel grip is also very nice, a friend of mine has one and let me check it out.
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