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  1. Really depends on your barrel. I run 3.5gr with a 135 blue bullet and get about 133PF in my gun with 16" JP barrel. This load is about 142PF in my other 16" barrel.
  2. I have always liked having a backup gun for whatever division I shoot. I have only had to resort to shooting the backup once and that was with my PCC. I had to rob a firing pin from my backup open gun at nationals last year to repair my primary gun. The best spare parts kit to me is a complete gun.
  3. I have a TR Jig, Power Custom, and the Ed Brown. They all work fine but I find myself using the Ed Brown more than the others. I consistently get triggers that are between 1.5 and 1.75lbs for my 2011s without to much fuss.
  4. I tried MP yesterday for the first time. 9mm mixed brass, 9.5gr using 124gr PD at 1.160" HI=1366 Low=1328 AVG=1350 ES=38 SD=12 The gun is full size with 3 barrel holes. This powder seems very close to AA7 in that it is very fine, fills the case about the same as well. I ended up going up a few tenths to get to 171PF.
  5. I learned I needed to practice shooting on the move more.
  6. Drop them in the hundo primer down, if they fit you know its not the case but the bullet. The GRX will fix brass related issues for sure I have used one for the last couple of years.
  7. Thanks, I fit the magwell this weekend and got the Dawson angled base pads. I think I should be good, I still need to finish setting up my belt and start reading up on the rules.
  8. Thanks, I am planning on shooting IPSC nationals this year so I am trying to get my gear squared away.
  9. Thanks, I was looking at them and most descriptions do not give any detail.
  10. What magwell? I run a Dawson Ice but I don't think it will fit the box just wandering what everyone else uses.
  11. My Beastcat is a Hybrid barrel with turbo comp, the gun shoots flat enough for me. Hbar would probably be flatter still you just have to figure out how heavy are you willing to go.
  12. The rules are a little better now as far as reloading is concerned. I now wish they would just leave them alone.
  13. There are some other threads on this already, but I will say I started with a Cmore and switched to a smaller dot and have no regrets. The battery life of the smaller dots is a big plus IMO. I also like the way they adjust better than the old style.
  14. 38SC feeds better, doesn't jam! This is Fake News!!! I will say I do think SC is a little flatter and softer, but I don't buy all this other stuff. I shot open for 2 years both of my guns were 9 Major and I had jams two times in 2 years and both times it was my fault for not changing mag springs, I let the springs go longer than I should have. Both of my guns were cleaned after each match and new springs a couple times a year. I personally don't care what anyone else shoots but I keep hearing a lot of bad information about what 9 major can't do like run reliably.
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