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  1. I think I have the first Jellyroll Pat built. We had a couple of small issues a first, but Pat was 100% all in and stood behind his product. I have had 4 Open guns and this one is my favorite. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pat for a build.
  2. I have, they have a good reputation.
  3. I have a bunch of Tripp magazines and they feed well, but the do allow a round to slide forward and out when reloading with rounds left in the mag. I am considering buying Metalform mags but am curious if they can be seated with an DP ice magwell or do you have to add the extended basepads?
  4. This is a to difficult to answer. I don't know that I have a single favorite. Western- The Outlaw Josey Whales War- Saving Private Ryan Honorable mention- Full Metal Jacket (Gunny Made it Great) Sci Fi- The Matrix Comedy- Trading Places, although the list of great ones is long. I like lots of different movies, just depends on the mood.
  5. I have one of the Mag pouches from Midway that holds 6 2011 mags but I can fit 2 1911 mags per slot.
  6. There are more competitive shooters in that area than you realize, but you are correct it is not like SW VA. I am from the SW part of the state as well so I understand where you are coming from. FBURG practical shooters has USPSA on the first Sunday of the month, I think they will start up again in March or April.
  7. Actually not true, I have shot a few matches where the staff does the resetting in NC and SC. I don't think the entry fee was over $150 and surprisingly it goes very well. I don't mind resetting but it is nice when you don't have to, it allows you to take your time getting your mags cleaned and reloaded for the next stage, and there is some time to BS with the folks on your squad. I do understand this is going to vary depending on location due to the number of people available to work the match.
  8. I don't shoot PCC very often but I think it would suck to put a 30 round limit on it. It is a wide open division that allows you to choose what gear you want, why screw it up. If you think running 30 rounders make you competent then do it no one will stop you. As far as the new mag pouch I would not buy it, with some dry fire practice it does not take long to get pretty fast reloads using regular mag pouches.
  9. We need a Like button!! Seriously I agree, SVI guns are nice but there are a lot of builders out there that are building nice guns.
  10. I just learned something, I have a TR sear jig and did not know EGW made a long nose sear. That is one of the reasons I have not used the Jig it seemed every sear I tried was short! I prefer EGW sears, I usually will go with a Koenig hammer. I prefer the EE disconnector. This combination has allowed me to get some great feeling triggers. I know CS, EGW, and EE all offer complete Kits and many use them as drop in parts but I would caution that they still may need to be fit to a specific gun.
  11. I have used the Classic PT grips, the EVO, and the Cheely E2 all in aggressive texture. Personally I find the best fit for my hands to be the EVO. The Cheely grip is nice and comes with the magwell and mag release, but it is a little smaller and I don't feel like I grip it as well as the EVO. Fitting will vary based on your frame, I have had to spend quite a bit of time fitting all of them I have installed.
  12. Thanks, but I am all in on 9mm. I don't worry about soft shooting as long as it is flat and accurate I am happy.
  13. Never tried 40 in an open gun so I can't say for sure, but would not doubt it is possible.
  14. After shooting quite a few open guns I have not found one yet that consider flat and soft. I can make them shoot flat or soft but not both. There are a lot of threads on this topic already and it is usually the same points made each time. Basically if you want to hunt for brass and pick it up the 38 is fine, I chose to shoot it and leave it. I go to matches to have fun, when I am not shooting I am usually helping run the timer or scoring so I don't want to agonize over losing my brass. As far as reliability, I have found that to be on the shooter most times when I see an issue. If you shoot 9 major you need to be a detail oriented in your loading practices, and gauge your ammo. I would also agree with talking to Pat, I just got my build from him last week and am loving it.
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