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  1. Red Hill Tactical. 10% off with discount code rumblestrip I run an SP-01 with a DPP.
  2. 4.4 grains of Accurate No2 over a 230 grain Black bullet yielded a 10 shot average of 745 FPS on a 28 degree day.
  3. LOVE my X-Cal, can't wait for the CO version to come to the US. I'll be selling my CZ SP-01 and XDm to buy the CO X-Cal once it's available.
  4. Any word if we will be able to buy the optics cut slide anytime soon?
  5. I'm at 4.2 grains of AA#2 behind a 230gr BBI right now.
  6. Here you go, quick video showing loading 24 rounds into two different mags
  7. I can put 24 in the tube and then barny up to start with 25. There have been a few 22-24 round stages I have been able to run without a mag change. That said I'm trying to sell my XDM setup so I can get an SP-01 or a Shadow
  8. I can get 24 in the mag of my XDM using the Springer base pads and the Grams follower.
  9. I have the XDM, but am selling it for reasons. It's a very solid platform. My gun is the Classifieds if you search for Carry Optics.
  10. I'm loading for the first time and working up a load with AA#2 CCI primers 230 grain BBI AND 4.6 grains averaged 785 over 7 rounds u was within 10 fps on either side of that, going to load up 4.4 and see where I land with that
  11. I confirmed today that the GP 20 round mags are 140mm, but what other combination of mags+extentions have others used to get to USPSA limit. Setting up to run my X-Cal in Carry Optics. David Copping didn't know, as he said, he's in the land of the 10 round mag. TIA!
  12. Red Hill Tactical, full stop. Robert has a package ready to go: http://redhilltactical.com/products/doublelayerdrop
  13. If I can't sort out an optics mount for mine very quickly I will sell mine off with 12 mags.
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