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Found 4 results

  1. Online Registration and squadding is open for the April 23rd WCRHC Match. Please Register at the provided link then squad. When you squad, select the squad, then say yes to the pop up window, THEN click the "select Squad" button at the bottom of the page (Many people are forgetting to hit this last button). The match is 9 field courses. Payment/Registration verification window will open by 8:30am and close promptly at 9:30am. Shooters meeting at ~9:45am and We should be shooting at 10:00am. Any issues please contact me at wcrhc.ipsc66.stats@gmail.com. Remember if the match is full PLEASE use the waitlist. Planning meeting is tonight so details will follow! https://practiscore.com/wcrhc-april-23rd-match/register Hope to see you there! Geoff (Stats)
  2. Hi, I started shooting last October, and started getting in to competition this past March. I shoot IDPA and GSSF mainly. I have worked very hard and have had lots of great opportunities in such a short time shooting. I am very fortunate to have met so many nice people who have not hesitated to help out a new junior like myself. I have advanced in skill significantly and quickly, but I do not want to stop. I have shot three IDPA sanctioned matches, one of them being the Carolina Cup, and would like to shoot more and make something out of myself. The next logical place to go seems to be USPSA. I have shot one local match and have not joined, but I am shooting another local match this weekend and will join shortly. I missed the points cut off for IDPA nats this year because of the my late start (I had exactly 0 points at the time) and am looking at the Indoor Nats in February. Lately I've seen a lot about the IPSC World Shoot. Now, I want to go there. I believe that if I keep working as hard as I have been I can make it skill wise. I know that the process for getting to the World Shoot may change, but for now, how do I get to USPSA nats? I'm having trouble discerning what the USPSA Slot Policy says, could anyone shed any light on the subject? While we're at it, any advice for a "beginner" shooter starting USPSA (I mean how to find matches and that sort of things, not what equipment I need or what to expect at a match)? Thanks for any advice, it is GREATLY appreciated!
  3. On-line Registration for paid shooters begins: Sunday October 20th 2013 5pm MST Paying competitors wishing to apply for the match: For those of you that have not yet participated in the on-line registration process using Match Director, the process is simple and straight forward. Simply access the website at: https://matchdirector.com/app/comp/match/view/bda05bab-ac51-42dd-9fb0-8e572803ccea Between now and Sunday October 20th 2013 5pm MST you may practice the entry process to become familiar with it. On Oct 20th, completing the same process will complete your registration process into the match. If you are told “Congratulations You have been entered in the match”, that is your confirmation that you indeed made it in the match which is contingent upon our receipt of your check along with the printed confirmation within 2 (TWO) WEEKS of registering. Send checks to: SMM3G P.O. Box 52770 Mesa, Arizona 85208 There are no-exceptions to the following policy: If your check is not received by November 3rd, 2013, your slot will be given to the next person on the wait list. Using the online registration, if you do not make it into the match because the match has already filled, you will be placed on a wait list automatically arranged by time of your registration attempt. Using the email address that you provide during the online registration process, we will keep you informed about the status of the match and the current wait list order. If people drop out, you will be immediately notified via email regarding the open slots. Wait listed shooters will be required to submit payment within ONE WEEK of being notified of the open slot. Approved Sponsored shooters will be contacted to sign-up using a different website. Approved sponsored Shooters may contact: Mick Bjelopavlic prizecoordinator@smm3gun.com for further registration info. Only one registration entry is allowed per person and a valid email is required for each shooter. Duplicate emails will not be allowed by the system. Email correspondence will be essential with keeping you up to date regarding the match. When you register, please have the following information ready. T-Shirt Size, Division you plan to shoot, Shooting partner full names, Preferences of an AM or PM start time, valid personal email to receive confirmation. We hope that you will enjoy the Match and hope that this automated process will allow us to keep you more informed about the match and make it an even more enjoyable experience. http://www.smm3gun.com/registration.html
  4. What are the opinions about using online registration (programs such as Match Director) for major match's that fill up very fast. I can see no downside, but I would be interested in hearing any problems that anyone has had in recent times. Thanks in advance for anyone's opinions good or bad !!
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