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  1. shakin_bakin

    TP9SFX Light Primer Strikes

    Had equal wear between the working pistol, and the non working pistol on those marks. Cleaned the striker hole out, used a little bit of slide glide on it to try and smooth some things out to see if it was just getting to much friction. This morning it struck me, could we not look at the light primer strikes and if they are off set a little, wouldn't that indicate the gun isn't going into battery?
  2. shakin_bakin

    MGW Sight Tool

    I was wrong. I was referencing the "universal compact" version.
  3. shakin_bakin

    MGW Sight Tool

    To be fair, I havent even looked at the wheeler. I did look at the MGW Universal but my concern was with it not fitting all pistols (particularly 1911's was my understanding).
  4. shakin_bakin

    MGW Sight Tool

    hehe thats true. Especially when its a tool that doesnt get used a bunch.
  5. shakin_bakin

    TP9SFX Light Primer Strikes

    wow... Thanks for that response. I appreciate it. I'll get on this tomorrow night and see what I can find out.
  6. shakin_bakin

    Canik TP9SFX - Which Adjustable Rear Sight?

    ughhh wow... that sounds like its in there pretty tight.
  7. shakin_bakin

    Bullet weight vs the timer

    To be fair, i've wondered the same question.
  8. shakin_bakin

    TP9SFX Light Primer Strikes

    I'll pull it and give it a go, cant be any worse than what I currently have. I put a softer plunger spring in and polished the plunger.
  9. shakin_bakin

    Picking my new CO gun

    I heard there was some rumor that next years sets of rules was not going to allow slides to be milled for optics. That they would have to come from the factory optic ready. So that could really change your selection of guns if true. Anyone have any more info than the rumor I read on the forum?
  10. shakin_bakin

    Shoe Recommendations

    I use Salomon and love them. A lot of guys I shoot with usd Boombah’s. Booms are half the price, I’m thinking about giving them a shot.
  11. shakin_bakin

    How did you save money for your 2011s?

    Haha!!! This! Or marry for money and learn to love
  12. shakin_bakin

    TP9SFX Light Primer Strikes

    Thanks for the help! Do you use oil or think something like slide glide would be better?
  13. shakin_bakin

    New Guy

    Welcome! This is the best IDPA and USPSA forum on the net!
  14. shakin_bakin

    Hello from UK!

    Good how are you? What pistols do you shoot?
  15. shakin_bakin

    New revo shooter

    Welcome! This forum is loaded with information and people who are willing to help!