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  1. Try a different kind of brass. Sounds a little weird but let me give you a case and point. My brass is sorted by head stamp. I used to use only Blazer head stamped brass. Got a Cajunized Shadow 2 milled for DPP about two months ago. It had issues ejecting brass one out of every 100. Thought hmm, just randomly tried a different head stamped brass. No issues. I don't even have issues with most types of brass. Something about Blazer though. So I just avoid blazer brass for the Shadow 2.
  2. I would agree with this. And I'm very guilty of this. Last year was my first year shooting and I shot a Canik TP9SFX.. Cheap, plastic polymer gun. This year I bought a custom Shadow 2, with the full pro package from Cajun. My scores have improved dramatically from last year. However, I can shoot both guns and get the same scores. One gun is $500, the other cost me $2,000. The time I put into training made me better, not the gear.
  3. Hmm interesting. I have several TP9SFX mags and just ordered my SF which should be here this weekend. I'll try and test both factory mags and the Canik mags and get back to you all after 1,000 rounds or so. **EDIT** I also dont have to buy new magazine extensions if the Canik mags work. I wont complain about that.
  4. Sent for repair... this week. 2,800 rounds Milled Cajun did the milling.. Currently on the spare, its got 800 rounds on it, hoping it can make it through my match this weekend that I'm traveling for. If not, I guess to the backup gun... I'm not happy with the DPPs life span. I did look inside, and the tape that holds the contact in place is for sure loose on mine and the battery contact has shifted. They really should solder that.
  5. I found that the little tape that holds the silver connector to the contacts in the battery compartment was coming up a little and the silver contact had slide down and was no longer center. I slide it up and it works again.... but probably only until I fire it once or twice.
  6. Well, my DPP just died this weekend. Right at 2000 rounds. I have a backup on hand. But a little shocked it died so fast.
  7. So you all are using brake cleaner to clean the carbon out of your guns and then using oil like 30w to lubricate the metal on metal parts? Will the brake cleaner not destroy the finish of the gun?
  8. I run blue bullet RN 124 @1.110 OAL with no issues. And good accuracy. I also have 115 RN extremes that run good. My gun does not like Blazer brass though. Which sucks cause I’ve got a lot of it as my previous gun loved it.
  9. Viper has been awesome. And is SUPER bright. But, since its a bottom mount battery, I don't like that. So I switched to the DPP. I like the venom, but the window is a little funky for me. Nothing I couldn't get used to I just preferred to not get used to it. If you shoot a lot of competitions. Make sure you have a back up DPP in the bag. I've heard anywhere from 3-6K is common. Uncommon to get more than 10K rounds before they break.
  10. yea... hurt my ego and my insides pretty bad. especially since its only at 500 rounds... and its first match... but all in all, it was fine. I did make me feel better I had that shroud on there. But to be fair... I took the shroud off and it looks to be protected just as good as my viper, and my viper is at something like 12,000 rounds and still going strong.
  11. I didnt plan on it, but i dropped my S2 with a DPP this weekend... FML... luckily, there was no damage to anything. I was shocked.
  12. I used my backup gun and all the mags ejected fine. But new mags ejected like a rocket out of my backup gun and not so great out of my competition gun. So I knew it was the gun. I lightly sanded but used my finger to just clean up the spots I can see are roughed up from jamming mags in and out. The mags eject with no issues again. thanks for the help!
  13. Like the follower inside the magazine? I took the mags apart, cleaned them, and put them back together hoping that was the case. Didnt do anything. I will say, it is kind of interesting how the mags are all starting to go bad at a similar time. I do rotate between the same six mags.
  14. I actually have a backup gun that has less than 200 rounds through it, I'll try them in that one as its only been shot once. Secondly, I also have about 4 brand new magazines I can try to use just to seperate rather its a gun issue or a magazine issue.
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