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  1. I was running 1.14, with 124 Blue Bullets. However, when I measured that bullet it was 1.25'ish. I must of short stroked that round when loading.
  2. Yea, I found out that was my fault. The OAL of that round was to long.
  3. With Blue Bullets, 147 FP, I was running 3.2gr of Sport Pistol, @ 1.14 OAL and was having good luck before switching to 124gr bullets. To make your test as accurate as possible. take 20 bullets, get the same head stamp brass, and weigh the bullets and get all 20 bullets as close as possible in weight.Just some thoughts. getting a sub 2inch group at 25 yards is pretty good, you may have to step up your reloading OCD game to get them really good. Hope this helps
  4. Couple things I haven't seen mentioned to check, double check, and maybe just replace to ensure its right. Make sure the plastic drop down piece into the tube is for pistol primers and not rifle primers... Yea, first hand knowledge on this. it caused me a lot of jams and flipped primers. Another thing is, if the primers are stacked up in a line like that, try slowing the rheostat down. I can get mine to work with WSC primers at roughly a 99.9% rate, but its slow. Which isn't a big deal, I work the press as they fill up. It takes mine about a minute and a half to almost two minutes to put 100 primers in one tube. But its consistent. So I'll take slower. Also like someone said above, mine sits on a mouse pad, but to be fair, I think it would work fine off the mouse pad. When I was trying to run them fast, the mousepad helped, but now that its running slower, I dont think it did much. But since its working, I'm not touching it. Like someone above said. When its working, its great!
  5. Mr. Burgess, Thank you. Between you and Lee I think I have the answer. Long story short, I just need to wait for the ammo list to come out for Nationals. I could probably use last years as I imagine they will be similar. Then just double check when it does come out.
  6. Lee, Thank you for your response. This close to what I'm getting at.
  7. What hassle? I'm looking for an approved ammo list. I want to reload my practice ammo to be as identical as manufactured ammo. So I can use manufactured ammo during a competition and my reloads during practice. Secondly, I was planning to ship ammo from a distributor straight to nationals. Lastly, with that I wanted to make sure it makes chrono at nationals, and if it didnt (or my understanding from the word of mouth), that its an approved ammo so it wouldn't matter. I was planning to chrono whatever was approved and then change my reloads to match. I was told this weekend at the Oklahoma sectional that even if the Syntech didnt make chrono, that its ok, because its an approved ammo. So, I'm trying to see where the list of approved ammo is. (This appears true, if it didnt make chrono per appendix C it just has to be within 10 power factor of the ammo on the approved power list/ REF: C3: Ammo Verification) So, I'm trying to find out facts versus rumors, which is why I'm looking for this "list" that I'm unable to find.
  8. This is basically the best info I've obtained so far: https://uspsa.org/viewer/pdf/Match_Ammo_Declaration_FormV1.pdf http://www.multibriefs.com/briefs/uspsa/cert-ammo-policy.pdf
  9. Good Morning, I'm looking for the USPSA certified ammunition list. I've searched google and the forums and am unable to find the actual list of certified ammunition with weights. I have found in the rule book Appendix C3 that discusses "Certified Match Ammunition" but it is not a list. I've also found the Match Ammo Declaration for the shooter to provide the match director, and I've also found the form for manufactures to fill out and submit their ammunition for certification. But, I have not found a list from USPSA that says, Ammo maker X, using X caliber, and X weight is certified match ammunition. I've found questionable information that would lead me to believe that Federal ammunition is match approved, or that Federal Syntech is match approved, but nothing (particularly in the rules) states either is officially approved, and what caliber and weight. My dilemma I'm heading to nationals in the fall. Everyone says the 150gr Federal Syntech is match approved (supposedly). I want to shoot the 124gr Federal Syntech, but supposedly its not match approved. But I cant find where either is match approved or disapproved. The misleading notes I've seen is that Federal is the official match ammunition. Official match ammunition is then certified. Thus, any Federal Ammunition should be ok? But then in the rules it says that Official match ammunition allotment is checked and your purchased ammunition just needs to be within 10 powerfactor of that ammunition. So there is no way they have every single version of federal ammunition. Long story short, I'm just looking for the list so I can be positive on whats approved. Thank you for your help!
  10. I was wondering the same thing....
  11. shakin_bakin

    Why Shadow 2?

    Yea, its nice to have an S2. But when you go to purchase your backup gun like I am now, you start to wonder if it was a smart idea or not...
  12. shakin_bakin

    Why Shadow 2?

    I'm with Rowdy. Owning 1 of both, Its hard for me to tell to much of a difference. If you are a high end shooter, you could probably tell the difference. The one thing i will say I really do like about the S2 is the stippling on the front of the grip. I do really like that over the S1. I feel the S2 is a little front heavy compared to the S1.
  13. I was wondering how much that really matters on a 9MM case? Probably makes them all uniformed... but does it really matter? I was thinking I could chrono some rounds with and without and see if there was a difference in SD velocity.
  14. Yep. I've got it. It doesn't lock my press up. Maybe I have the tension to high though. I will tell you though, that rod is strong. I pulled my rod last night to try the double decapping setup and my rod looked brand new.
  15. I’m with George. Probably not essential. Now the reset screw aka the top screw, I do see a difference. I have small hands so that reach can be tough for me.
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