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  1. I used my backup gun and all the mags ejected fine. But new mags ejected like a rocket out of my backup gun and not so great out of my competition gun. So I knew it was the gun. I lightly sanded but used my finger to just clean up the spots I can see are roughed up from jamming mags in and out. The mags eject with no issues again. thanks for the help!
  2. Like the follower inside the magazine? I took the mags apart, cleaned them, and put them back together hoping that was the case. Didnt do anything. I will say, it is kind of interesting how the mags are all starting to go bad at a similar time. I do rotate between the same six mags.
  3. I actually have a backup gun that has less than 200 rounds through it, I'll try them in that one as its only been shot once. Secondly, I also have about 4 brand new magazines I can try to use just to seperate rather its a gun issue or a magazine issue.
  4. umm do they go bad in less than a year? I mean I do shoot like 1500 rounds a month. But they only get loaded to like 8 rounds at a time and I have 6 magazines I rotate through.
  5. gravity... great... its also the thing I hate when I step my fat a$$ on a scale... hehe Thanks for the answer though! I read a post that talked about taking really fine grit sand paper and making the entire mag well about a couple thousands bigger... thoughts?
  6. mine used to drop awesome. No issues. Its like there was a rocket pushing them out... Now I have to pull half of them....
  7. I googled and looked around the forum. I've never had any issues with magazines not ejecting until recently. I've cleaned the magazines and the magwell so that its clean enough I cant get any debris on my finger. some magazines might eject a little better than others, but not by much. Besides the spring in the magazine assisting ejection is there any other spring I should look at? Or is it maybe that my polymer gun's magwell has been beat up from magazine changes and has burrs in it or something? I mean I can feel some resistance near the bottom, but I look in it and t doesn't look to bad. Thanks for the help!
  8. I have started a list of weights for items for comparison. (Just puts it all in one spot for people and seconds the weights others have reported) LOK safety = 1 gram factory safety = 4 grams Acetal guide rod = 4 grams factory guide rod = 19 grams LOK ultra light grips in palm swell bogies = 35 grams factlory grips = 62 grams Factory 17 round magazine no modification = 90 grams 18 round cz magazine w/ CZC +2 base pad and springs (able to get 22 rounds with no issues) = 98 grams
  9. I dry fire 6-7 times a week for 20-60 minutes. Usually week days is about 20-30 minutes. Weekends is about 30-60 minutes. I then live fire about 500 rounds a week on Saturday or Sunday. I almost never miss a week of live fire.
  10. Can you not lighten the inside of the slide? Or get lightening cuts?
  11. So, as I see it. You have to loose the difference in weight of a mag and an optic and a plate... 17 round mecgar mag, nickel plated. grams spring and follower. hennings basepad. 3.90 ounces. Venom is a fairly light optic, I believe its .8oz... so that's 4.7oz's not counting the plate... You could always try and use the lightest mags/followers you can find. That's a lot of weight to loose from bolt on parts. I dont see it happening without some kind of lightening of the slide.
  12. HAHA I have no idea what 20 Portuguese Escudo's weighs but I like the comparison! Yes that was for Carry Optics Only to help make weight. And the weight limit I was referencing was USPSA 45.00oz. Sorry, I should of been more clear. The LOK grips should give you about .7 oz's back, the guide rod would give you about .6 oz's back. If your saying your coming in at 47.8 OZ with rear sight removed thats pretty heavy. I think a discussion about two months ago we were talking that it was going to weigh about 46.8OZ.... Can you weigh it with rear sight removed and without a mag? @rowdyb has weighed the mag's for me already so we could add up the weight, and subtract what we know the other items weight to get a pretty close idea of how much weight would have to be milled or if not. Currently sounds like there is no way it would make the 45oz USPSA weight requirement without lightening of the slide of some sorts. Also, I'm extremely jealous you have them in Canada already...
  13. First off, I think whats great about this sport is competitors helping each other so a fellow competitor can continue to have a good day. Secondly, I think if you have practice doing it, you can probably swap the TRS out in 15-20 minute stretch at a match. Just like a NASCAR pit crew, though you need practice to change that tire in 14 seconds. So, dont show up on race day and expect a 5 minute TRS replacement with no practice. @rowdyb I 100% agree, to a normal range day, this guy is bringing a slide stop and thats it. I'll take my gun back home to a sturdy table, clean environment and all the tools I need to properly do the job with ease.
  14. Yes and no. Yes its on the production gun list so it can be used. No, right out of the box its not legal cause it doesnt make weight. However, there are several posts in the CZ section that will help you make weight. Couple real quick that will help you get there are: 1) ultralight LOK Grips and the skinny mag release 2) Cajun's Acetal guide rod to replace the steel one 3) dont use a DPP, use a lighter optic like the venom 4) this list is not all inclusive, and you might have to get the slide lightened a little, but this might get you close. 5) if you want to use extended mags (who wouldnt in CO?) you'll almost certainly need to get the slide lightened to make weight (henning and CZC tend to be the lightest mag extensions at this time with TTI coming in at a close 3rd... I believe only about 8 grams difference)
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