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  1. I just ordered the Arrendodo one. I have the DAA one. Its ok, not magical. I like how the Arrendodo will fill two full stations.
  2. shakin_bakin

    Primer Station Hold Down for Dillon 1050

    I was actually unable to get mine to slide into the head to make it work so its just sitting on my bench. To be fair, I didnt work on it for hours, I just tried to tap it in a few times and that didnt work and I gave up.
  3. shakin_bakin

    Anyone have a membership at PSTG?

    Follow up. I started as a Silver Member and transitioned to a Gold member. I am a new shooter, I've only shot about 5 matches (3 USPSA/2 Outlaw). For a new shooter, if your looking to learn the basics correctly from the start, I think its phenomenal. But your going to pay a price for it. What I mean by this is, I shoot 300-500 rounds of ammo a weekend (1500-2K a month) to get adequate live fire training in to get the full benefit of my Gold membership. If I had a Silver membership, I'd probably be able to shoot once every two weeks to get the video review benefit needed to get my moneys worth. I also wake up at 4AM to dry fire in the mornings for about 15-30 minutes before work. However, that price gives great 1 on 1 fast feed back for a beginner. I now understand the concepts of how to hold the gun properly, they knit pick the small things I do with the gun while shooting, it has allowed me to fine tune my shooting. Now, application of those concepts I have not yet mastered and that's why they review the footage. Also, just cause I have gotten better at those concepts does not mean my actual ability to shoot 3 inches at 20 yards at speed has come around either. Some things just take a grind (or practice/experience). If you are an experienced shooter, the gold may be a little over the top unless you want them reviewing your match footage every weekend or something. There are pro's and cons to the service they provide. If you aren't trying to make M or GM... or maybe even A... Then more ammo and a basic dry firing book will probably get you there. I like to learn proper mechanics early on... so for example, when I first started golfing before I even took a swing, I went and bought golf lessons and gave the guy a clean slate to work with. So for me, I wanted to get the mechanics correct from the start.
  4. shakin_bakin

    Canik TP9SFX - Which Adjustable Rear Sight?

    I still haven’t put the Dawson’s on my wife’s gun yet. So can’t comment to much. I meant to take it to the gun store with me this past weekend and left it at the house.
  5. Thanks for putting it on! My first year at regionals!
  6. shakin_bakin

    CO mag weights for Shadow 2

    What plastic grips are you talking about? You mean the G10 by Lok?
  7. shakin_bakin

    TP9SFX Light Primer Strikes

    I replaced my plunger spring to stock and put the 6 pound Glock 34 spring in and have no issues now. To be fair, I cleaned all of the junk that was in the striker channel out at the same time. There was a decent amount of random carbon. I did just as Weapon said though and also added the #2 SS ring to the trigger return spring and that helped with the way the trigger feels.
  8. shakin_bakin

    Walther new steel frame competition Q5

    Wished I would of seen this. I just ordered my Shadow 2 from Cajun with all the bells and whistles... this is definitely a viable alternative... this looks very promising.
  9. shakin_bakin

    Canik TP9 SFX Tungsten Rod?

    thanks for the info!
  10. shakin_bakin

    Shadow 2 Optic Ready from factory

    I was unable to find this. Not saying your wrong. I'm just saying I cant find it. Maybe I just looked in the wrong place. I also wonder if its milled to make weight, but not milled to make weight and an optic. I know that sounds stupid... but sometimes stupid things happen hehe.
  11. shakin_bakin

    Canik TP9 SFX Tungsten Rod?

    Was there a substantial difference from steel to tungsten? Trying to figure out if its worth the $100
  12. shakin_bakin

    Shadow 2 Optic Ready from factory

    Wondering if it will make weight for CO. I know this has been kicked around and I think we ultimately came to the conclusion of no... but I kind of want to see one sitting on a scale to verify.. If it doesnt make weight for CO I wonder how many people will buy them and not know that it doesnt make weight...
  13. shakin_bakin

    Canik TP9SFX - Which Adjustable Rear Sight?

    Hmmm yea I might put it in a rest and check it
  14. shakin_bakin

    Canik TP9SFX - Which Adjustable Rear Sight?

    Dont know meant to put it in today and forgot. I’ll grt back with you when I get it on.
  15. Wondering if anyone has used a P320 X Five Tungsten rod in a TP9 SFX yet? I know the P320 rods will work with 1911 springs, but I'm trying to get the X five tungsten rod so I can get a couple more ounces on the front end. I currently use a G34 stainless steel rod with 13 pound spring. Thanks for the help