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  1. shakin_bakin

    Protocol Design New Product Announcement

    awesome thanks!
  2. shakin_bakin

    Protocol Design New Product Announcement

    Well, I might have to go buy a new revolver then... Subscribing, I'm really interested in this! (And I live not to far from you!) (If you need a tester, I'm willing to buy a gun just to be a tester hehe)
  3. shakin_bakin

    Books and DVDs

    I just got into competitive shooting and purchased Steve Andersons Get To Work book. Its a decent book. The dry fire drills are worth it. I just purchased two of Ben Stoegers DVD's cause I'm a much more visual learner to help build upon Steve's book. I haven't got to watch them yet, I'm hoping I can get to them this weekend. As an example of what Steve's book has done for me. I shot my first match about 5 weeks ago and finished 14 of 17. I read the book, dry fired 5 times for about an hour each. Then I shot one larger match of 60 people and finished 33 out of 60 4 weeks ago this Sunday. Then a week after that I shot the same match I finished 14th in and finished 4th overall out of 16. I'm not putting all the credit to the book, but the dry fire drills and a few things I read knocked many seconds off. I did shoot a lot more Alphas after dry fire practicing I do accredit that to the book... And now, my wife wants to read the book.
  4. shakin_bakin

    Primer Station Hold Down for Dillon 1050

    Just ordered this today! Can’t wait to try it out!
  5. I used the rubber band trick, and now it runs fine. I have a double drop every now and then, but its rare.
  6. Having this same issue. I followed the directions when I installed it because I've read multiple posts about it. My Mr. Bullet Feeder is brand new. I installed it last night. It sends the bullets to the bullet drop with no issues. I tested the bullet feeder with 6 bullets in it, spun it till it dropped one bullet, then turned it the 1/4 turn per the directions (directions dont say forward or backward, so I kept going down more because thats the only direction I had been turning).... it was dropping singles. When I turned the machine on to continue to feed and i tried to start pressing out ammo.... they all fell out.. every single time... so I left it hooked up, and spun it back a few to where I couldnt get any to drop. Then spun it down slowly until I got it to drop one. Then it dropped one... that one time. Then tried hte next one and it didnt drop at all. Figured not a big deal, I'll just slowly spin till I can get it to drop one. literally turning it like 1/32 of the way around each time... it went from dropping none, to dropping all of them in one 1/32 of a turn... I can not get it to be consistent.
  7. shakin_bakin

    ACME 147 vs 145

    Just to follow up my previous comment. I got about 750 round nose Blues that I opened up this week. No smurf fingers. The new coating doesn't come off on my fingers.
  8. I'm using CCI Smalls as well. I have only seen one go in upside down in 2000 primers... which I'll happily take. If I could figure out why I had so many upside down, I wouldnt watch it. I dont think mine are flipping in the RF-100. I'm going to measure my tubes tonight to ensure I'm using the right tubes. (I have no idea why or how I possibly got the wrong tubes since I only have pistol tubes, but whatever, I'll check to make sure) Next I'll look to the press... I've replaced the little blue tip on the rods, I think I'm going to try and clean it with carb cleaner and a pipe cleaner to ensure its perfectly clean.
  9. I'm having a lot of issues that your having. Multiple flipped primers. I havent had one blow up yet. I"m also using an RF-100, but I watch all the primers go in and they go in right side up. I've cleaned and made sure my primer slide is smooth and not bound. Its actually impressively smooth. Checked the white strap thingy... moved it even closer just to give it a go... I'm starting to run out of ideas.
  10. shakin_bakin

    ACME 147 vs 145

    I just got a box of Blue's about two weeks ago. I still had smurf fingers... must be very recent! I got my Acme's in to test against the Blue's I've been running. I use Sport Pistol just cause its easy to find.
  11. shakin_bakin

    Road to USPSA nationals!

    Haven’t seen anything from you in a few weeks. Have any updates?
  12. shakin_bakin

    Road to USPSA nationals!

    Congrats that’s awesome!!
  13. shakin_bakin

    Road to USPSA nationals!

    Congrats that’s awesome!!
  14. shakin_bakin

    Road to USPSA nationals!

    By any chance have you checked out Steven Andersons book Get to Work? I just ordered it. After following your forum posts here it makes me wonder if this book wouldnt help you on your journey. Also, thanks for the youtube video's on the fault lines.... I'm going to make some for myself.
  15. shakin_bakin


    I just bought this due to some of the reviews. I played around with it a little. I think for me, it will let me know if I'm getting sloppy or lazy with my dry fire practice. I'm hoping in live fire it will let me know if I'm anticipating the shot, breaking, squezing etc. I feel like in dry fire I do pretty decent (and according to my scores on Mantis I'm doing good) but I think when it comes to live fire, I'm breaking my rests and applying uneven pressure with my grip. If you saw my shot groups you would probably agree. So, I'm hoping it can help me become more consistent and keep me honest.