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  1. robert.a.brewer.

    Why can't I find Czechmates for sale?

    Zspeed, How do you like your new Parrot? I assume you got it already. I used to think the colors were awful, but now I want one. Not ready to buy... still just drooling, lol.
  2. robert.a.brewer.

    Why can't I find Czechmates for sale?

    The Parrot is $1200 more than the CzechMate. Why is that?
  3. robert.a.brewer.

    CZ tso Trigger delay

    The set screws in the stock plastic trigger seem to hold their position much better than those in metal triggers where many recommend loctite.
  4. robert.a.brewer.

    CZ tso Trigger delay

  5. robert.a.brewer.

    CZ tso Trigger delay

    I learned not to take out all the trigger over-travel. Set trig OT screw plus one half turn so the sear clears the hammer hooks. If you pull and hold the trigger and rock the hammer back and forth, the sear should not touch the hammer hooks. Otherwise sear/hammer hook DAMAGE WILL OCCUR.
  6. robert.a.brewer.

    Tuning for "auto forward" slide lock reloads

  7. robert.a.brewer.

    Shadow 2 LOK Grips

    Lok says, "These S2 Bogies will fit the TSO. You would just select, 'Cut short for magwell'. They're not exactly the same. They have a slightly different curve. The S2 grips are made to fit the S2 but customers like to put them on their other CZs. They fit your TSO, the curve just isn't exactly the same. The short S2 grip is what you need for your TSO though". Lok also said to ask for them to be cut higher, if you like the high tops NWfront has, which I do!
  8. robert.a.brewer.

    Shadow 2 LOK Grips

    NW, Can you please post a pic of those high tops from the side? Thanks in advance!
  9. robert.a.brewer.

    Czechmate slideride mount fits TSO

    Does the sidewinder sit flush with the slide top? If not, how much taller is the racker than the slide? I assume there is enough clearance between the optic and the racker to remove the slide.
  10. robert.a.brewer.

    Found a simple method to measure spring rate

    Perhaps pushing "... just shy of bottoming out." would only read the spring force and not the weight of the pistol. In any case, one could compare springs relatively, or trend results and replace springs when obviously weaker. Just found out my digital scale only goes to 11 lbs.
  11. robert.a.brewer.


    Does Freedom plan to liquidate their inventory? Maybe sell ammo at a price lower than big box stores?
  12. robert.a.brewer.

    Delta Point Pro ??

    For those who have one, is the DDP 2.5 MOA dot bright enough for range target shooting? I don't want the 7.5 MOA triangle. I guess I can know I may have an accelerometer issue down the road.
  13. robert.a.brewer.

    RTS2 or Deltapoint Pro

    I see. Are spare parts available?
  14. robert.a.brewer.

    RTS2 or Deltapoint Pro

    Waco, I too, am wondering how you diagnosis and repair the RTS2. I would be inclined to buy an RTS2 or two, if I knew more about how to fix them. For now, I'm leaning towards the SlideRide.