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  1. I like this bull shadow. The gun seems to fit nicely into CO, and mitigate the weight restriction. Also like those brass scales grips; maybe better than orange anodized aluminum... maybe.
  2. Please don't take this the wrong way, but how does your gun with both a bull barrel and brass grips make CO weight?IIRC, the S2 with a red dot necessitates weight reduction in at least a couple areas. What am I missing? Is the CZC gun much lighter than the S2?
  3. Does the Racemaster wear your trigger guard?
  4. What is the diameter of the barrel?
  5. How do you make sure to not over insert the barrel bushing? Just tap it a little at a time until it looks right? I was thinking the bushing would hit a ridge in the frame and stop; apparently not. Interesting, the oem bushing is $3 and the CGW bushing is $60. Yigal, did the EE bushing need fitting?
  6. Does the Cajun 10x bushing require fitting?
  7. That's a nice improvement from polishing. Bravo.
  8. Call them. Sometimes, when the item comes back into stock, you get the email, but the website has not been updated yet, and it still shows out of stock.
  9. regor, Thanks, I will contact my Congressman. I'm glad he is pro 2nd Amendment. -Rob
  10. So, the lesson is take the wife with me to the gun store. Got it.
  11. I hope I get my suppressor soon. Waiting for the tax stamp etc. The FBI has been doing my background check for more than two years. I know they have been busy.
  12. I too, thought the Parrot was too much. However, it didn't take long to appreciate it, and now I want one.
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