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  1. Have you shot it much with that thumb rest? How do you like it? To me, it seems big enough to find a comfortable position for your thumb.
  2. Yeah, that's it! Where you find it? IIRC, this is the only one; no specific TSO diagram. But I thought it had part numbers, or SKUs. Guess not.
  3. Thanks, I am making a list. Guess I was more concerned I can no longer find that exploded-view of the pistol with p/n diagram at CZ-USA. It seemed to help me a lot, lol.
  4. Where do you guys get minor spare parts that sometimes break or get lost like springs? CZ-USA used to have a detailed "exploded view" of the pistol detailing the part numbers, but i cannot find it on the new "improved" web site. Is CZ Customs the best place to look?
  5. WildPete, which app do you use to track your shots?
  6. Has the frame been modified and blended, or is this a newer better fitting magwell?
  7. You almost added, "Ask me how I know", didn't ya? There is a wealth of knowledge in your threads, thanks.
  8. Thanks. Any more of my questions and aandabooks might just feel compelled to post a video!
  9. Great info. I assume a lot of trial and error. Let me ask, what do you use the Locking C-Clamp for? I see the Chain Pliers is used to open up the feed lips. It does seem odd... I'm just now buying a bigger mag when ammo is in short supply, lol.
  10. Great info. Suspend the bearing in isopropyl alcohol and then add the dry ice, correct?
  11. Really, why? California? MSRP is about $1,350.
  12. I see that Midway is now out of stock on 9mm Winchester USA Forged 115g. Maybe you bought the last 500 rounds. I hope they fix the supply soon. I do not need another hobby (reloading).
  13. Is this ammo out of stock condition widespread? Could it be with the recent record sun sales, the ammo is now in short supply? My first thought was, try Natchez, but I see you did.
  14. Wish I had a Czechmate to measure for you (lol, sounds like some of the answers to questions I see on Amazon). I am sure you'll get the answers you need from the guys on this forum.
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