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  1. I put the longer dillon spring and bushing onto my RL1050 and it made the stroke a good bit heavier. Will the level 10 spring and bushing put up even more of a fight on the RL1050? There's an extra 3/4 or so of compression right off the bat because of the shorter stroke on the old RL models.
  2. Nothing wrong with running the spacer. I replaced the wide sear in my shadow with cajun's adjustable sear and spacer over 7 years ago and I haven't messed with it since. Only adjustment to do is the safety arm.
  3. Dwbsig, is that a rl1050? Does your connecting rod contact the frame at the bottom of the stroke like in my picture? I would need significantly more than 1/4" of a rise to set back that far.
  4. Here's a picture to demonstrate the overhang when handle is fully down. No one has messed with modifying the connecting rod/frame interface to reduce travel? It seems that losing only .05 inches in verticle travel of the ram will require enough less rotation to increase the handle height when at bottom of stroke roughly 3 inches.
  5. I have my 550 on a strong mount. A 650 on a strong mount wont fit due to limited ceiling height. (Setup is in a basement, case feeder makes it too tall) The 4 inch riser is an option. Still curious as to how others have their setup mounted.
  6. Getting ready to bolt this down to the able and am trying to brainstorm the best setup. The hard stop for the press is where the connecting rod contacts the frame. In order to allow the handle to reach this position on the bottom end of the stroke this press would need to be mounted about 1/4" to 3/8" overhanging the front lip of the table. Tech at Dillon recommended mounting it on a 2" or so riser so I can set the mounting position back some. How are other RL1050 users mounting their presses and do you use the full travel of the press? Has anyone modified the hard stop at the
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