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  1. I have both the Czechmate and the Tanfoglio. I presently shoot the CZ and it is a very tight running gun. As for the TF it doesn't have a 170mm mag that will work unless you weld two of the K9s together and I have two of the Taylor Freelance extensions and neither of them will cycle consistently. I also have the 170 MBX and it never cycles consistently. The best way I found to shoot a TF open gun is to use the Witness and convert it over to an open gun by purchasing the 6" barrel and cutting it down and thread the end. Then add a custom compensator like the John Durso one. Iv'e done this on two and they work great. One has the Durso comp and the other has a custom comp a little shorter than the Durso comp. Another issue with the Tanfoglio Gold is that there comp is too short.
  2. Very interesting! I have had my experience with an individual on this website. Agreed to sell me an item and when funds were sent never sent item. I thought integrity was something that Firemen had in there character. Unfortunately has become deaf and non responsive to communication. Still continues to participate in other forums. My experience has left me very puzzled about certain people. I have learned to do things with a little trust now. I surely agree with the place scammers belong.
  3. I hope they can resolve the problem. I have a friend that has had a couple of issues with his STI open gun and each time STI has replaced the slide or even the whole gun. But it seems to possibly be a design problem that is not being addressed. I was always very happy with mine and I never had a problem with it. I had only put a couple of thousand rounds through it. It seems as though the real test is when you get up into the high volume of round count. If anybody has had an issue with a low round count I would like to know. Good Luck to the STI owners out there.
  4. I get 170 PF with 115 FMJRN with 10.3gr MP under 1.160 OAL.
  5. I greatly appreciate the comments on this forum. I'm going to try the 147s RNP @1.135, 3.3grains with the N320. I will post my results when I finish.
  6. I have switched from the HS6 to the Lovex and have been using it for my RNJ 124s at 9.0 of powder. It has been an improvement on my open gun. I have had problems with my hands and with the lovex compaired to the HS6 the vertical movement and obtaining the dot on the target has been noticeably different.
  7. I know a fellow shooter and this has happened three times with his STI. He has sent it back each time and they have either replaced the frame. Or twice they replaced the whole gun. He is not shooting STIs anymore and has moved up to a better quality open gun. Each time it took a minimum of two to three months for the return.
  8. Fine Scotch Brite and a little cutting oil. This works great and after that just make sure after each time you shoot it wipe it off and coat with lubricant.
  9. Yes I'm sure the flat trigger is SA only
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.
  11. Does anybody have any information or the availability of a Right Side Mag Release for a STI DVC 2011? I had seen one on youtube that was for a 1911 that was posted 5 years ago. I don't seem to be able to find one. Just trying to find out if there is even one available.
  12. I have been purchasing the Lovex from here. http://shootersworldpowder.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Shooters-World-Load-Manual-Version04-23-18.pdf I was originally using HS6 and still have 8 Ibs of it. The Major Pistol Powder was recommended by a friend so I tried it and compared to the HS6. I found it to be less reactive. The red dot definetely moved less with the Major Pistol Powder than the HS6. It is a much finer grained powder than the HS6. It takes more weight to obtain a major load.
  13. The extra long comp was tested on the TF Gold and it was then installed on the TF Limited. Those differences were very minimal. Not that noticeable. Does that make since now?
  14. I'm saying that there is a noticeable difference between the 12 ported comp and the durso comp. There is very little difference between the gold with the durso comp and the pictured limited with the durso comp. I don't know how you can be confused if you look at the photo and read what is printed.
  15. I installed the comp from kneelingatlas on my modified Limited and it is great. There was a noticeable difference in the vertical mussel flip compared to the 12 ported TF Gold. I have both pistols and I put the comp onto each and it took a little bit of time to obtain the results. The difference between the Limited and the Gold with the long comp was very minimal. I'm using Lovex Major Pistol Powder. 9.1 grains with a 124 RNJ bullet.
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