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  1. sell me your 650 and go buy the 750 you need it :) I have a 1050 for my 5.56 and a 650 for my 9 mm I need your 650 for .45acp
  2. Thanks for your reply's, lots of useful information I had no idea about. going to look at all these ideas and see if I can get this thing working correctly.
  3. I bought it brand new from dillion. about 1.5 years ago haven't loaded on it in 6 months or more remembering these same issues. got pretty frustrating and walked away from it .
  4. Problem's I'm having either a decaped primer hang in the case causing a live primer to be smashed in with it, or no primer at all dumping powder all along the shell plate until I realize what's going on., very frustrating. all that powder working it's way under the shell plate uggg!! I use my air compressor to try and blow it out but it's only a matter of time I will have to tear it apart. surprised that the primers haven't gone off. I hate the fact that I have to watch every primer dump into the cup or check to make sure one isn't half stuck. I highly doubt I have gone thru 100 rounds without something going wrong. when I bought this thing I had no idea I was going to have to prep all these cases before I could reload them, I expected to trim them to length after several firings but From what I have read and noticing that dillion makes a case prep machine, it looks like that it the only way to insure not having all these issues. I also have a 650 loading 9 mm and it's been much easier to deal with , I loaded 500 tonight on it and never had an issue.
  5. I'm going to wait for the 1200 I heard it does everything + some.
  6. Thanks for the reply's, I'm still trying to get the feel of this machine my 650 I have down but this one is a bit tougher. I talked to dillion today and they said to file it flat , why have other suggested on a 45 degree angle ? to a point?? I have noticed now that I think of it a little more pressure sometimes but just figured it was a case that maybe needed more sizing. Thanks !!
  7. I'm getting a frequent primer drawback, decaping station knocks most of them out but not all, die is adjusted correctly as far as I can tell, I'm constantly watching the primer cup to make sure the spent primer drops, loading 5.56 / 223 mixed military and standard brass, seems dangerous as the spent primer gets sucked back in the live primer is smashed into it. never know it happens until it drops into the bin . starting to wonder if I made a mistake buying the 1050.... seems like I cant get thru 100 rounds without some sort of jam or failure. mostly primer issues and case jams as it is loaded on the shell plate. I took the back clicker off tonight as it started acting up and jamming for some reason odd that it looks like it has been sanded on one side , appears bent and its stating to crack. My swage rod jam nut came loose and now the rod feels bent as it doesn't turn freely , rough night reloading pretty frustrated at the moment.
  8. 3995 for the basic machine, 2 k for a dillion 1050 hard to justify the difference . my 1050 works great.
  9. I built my own because I thought they were to expensive as well, I improved it several times to it's current set up and it runs perfect I wish I had a better video of it but it gets crappy loading it into youtube. I have allot of R&D invested into this as I got a little obsessed with making it perfect. mine is much simpler then the mbf as it doesn't flip the bullets which is the big head ache setting them up. this is not a 3d printable feeder it was made on a cnc router out of uhmw has a aluminum welded support bracket that just simply bolts to the machine using the factory holes just longer bolts. Proximity switch turns it on / off, has a modified mr bullet feeder die will do all calibers buy a simple change of the plate. here is the video
  10. just build your own bullet feeder it's easy to do all you need is a 125 thousand dollar cnc some programing experience a welder proximity switch few electrical connections and about 2 months of screwing with it.
  11. better hope you don't have to poor a bunch of money into them No warranty after 1 year.
  12. after owning a 1050 for a couple of weeks, I would go 1050 all the way and add the bullet feeder later the 650 and 1050 are two completely different animals. even thought the 650 is a really nice machine it feels like a toy along side the 650. would love to try and use a mark7 just to see if it's one step beyond the 1050. Maybe in a few years after they get all the bugs worked out of manufacture and get some stock built up.
  13. Now that I have the design all figured out and it works perfectly sure it's totally worth it. it's allot more difficult then most people think. The prototypes some times felt endless, some things worked while others not so much. I have a pile of parts in almost every part of this project that didn't work . there are hundreds of videos on line with these feeders most of them very crude with the same basic design , mine is different .
  14. motor 25 proximity switch 15 hdpe and acrylic 22 aluminum mount 18 springs washers bolts tubing fittings 12 bullet feeder die 56 electrical box relay switch wire 22 12 volt transformer 12 parts cost 182.00 cnc maching center 156,000 artcam software 8,000 design, prototypes , programing , know how 24,000 Miller tig welder 3,600 machinery cost. $191.600.00 I pulled the video link from people asking to many details.
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