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  1. I finally went for it! After tormenting myself for almost a year, I bit the bullet and went the whole hog - 1050 plus Mr. Bulletfeeder.... I must be mad Should be here within the next couple of weeks.
  2. Hi o27, Robi of Cesar shop has nice parts (as noted). If you want something a bit more high-end, touch base with Guido Amoretti of RV Custom guns of Torino. He's probably the best gunsmith in Italy and has really nice sear/hammer/disconnector kits. Closer to you, there is Hans-Peter Schaefer in Germany. Enjoy your shooting and remember, for the most part, it's the fisherman, not the rod. The day you beat some guy running a big-buck infinity will be a hoot. Clive
  3. What the man said. Very clear situation.
  4. Nothing to do with position. She shot the whole stage holding the gun with two hands, from various positions - it was a strong hand only stage. One procedural for every shot fired.
  5. It happens... we recently had a L1 match and one shooter on her very first match experience shot a 12-round strong hand only stage...with both hands Pretty decent time.... Hopefully we'll see her again at the next match...we didn't rib her too badly about it - too soon..
  6. Trigger pull, trigger pull, trigger pull. Did I mention that I think that trigger pull is important? Seriously though, if all other factors are perfect, but the trigger pull is sub-par, the hits will be bad. If all factors are sub-par, but trigger pull is perfect, results will still be quite acceptable.
  7. Cliveb


    I have two 2011s in .40. One is an Edge and the other is a custom gun. The 'smith who built the custom gun recommended the DPM and I really didn't want it, thinking it was a gimmick. At the end, he installed and tuned it for free, and supplied the normal guide rod and springs which I could switch to if I still wanted. I didn't switch... It doesn't make a difference in split times, but while running bill drills, it is much easier to track the front sight (although the custom gun is better balanced, one must be honest). Another thing I noticed is that I was suffering from tendonitis in my hand while running the normal guide rod - it disappeared with the DPM-equipped gun. So, for me it worked in a major PF round. For 9mm? I honestly wouldn't bother, after all, there's pretty much no recoil to speak of.
  8. My first "proper" match would be an IPSC LIII in Vienna - first time at that level. Did OK with about 55% I think. God, we (a bunch of us had traveled overseas for a big match or the first time) were nervous, on the crapper all night...and when the RO asked "are you ready?" I went "no, but I guess I have to start shooting at some point". was a hoot
  9. Had a popper at about 50+ yards at the IPSC Europeans in 2016. Then a couple of paper at about 50 yards in the world shoot in France - I remember asking the RO "how freakin' far are those?" and he said "about 45 metres, which is ok...for a rifle" lol Still got 'em though
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Damn, looks like I really have to go down the 1050 route. was hoping you'd talk me out of it I have an excellent kidney for sale, lightly used, still got lots of mileage in it!
  11. Pretty clear guidelines Trouble is that the Mk 7 Evolution Pro is now on the market...gawd 'elp me!! Hahaha
  12. Thanks to all for the feedback. I personally was favouring the 1050 over the 650, but needed a push to justify the price difference I've loaded on 650s and don't really like the primer system. The fact that the 1050 has a better primer system is quite a big deal for me. As for the lifetime warranty, I've had my 550 for years now and never needed it...
  13. Thanks Nowadays I shoot more. Thing is, I find the 650 a bit "fiddly" and the tool head crowded. Is the 1050 that much sturdier?
  14. I've had my 550b for about 6 years now, reloaded well over 115,000 rounds on it. However, I'm now finding that I have much less time for reloading. I think I need a faster machine but I'm torn between a 650 xl complete with a Mr Bulletfeeder or a 1050 - but if I go for the 1050, I can't afford the Mr Bulletfeeder for at least a year or two. What should I go for? I'll be loading about 30,000 rounds of .40S&W every year. Thanks for the input
  15. Inspired by designs on pottery from ancient Greece - referencing the Mediterranean context....
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