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  1. Alas, my Edge was not built correctly (I only tensioned the extractor correctly - the timing sucks), in my country there is nobody to tune it, and sending it abroad to get it tuned up is too much of a pain and a huge expense. He suggested this as a way to get it to work in view of the situation/context. As I said, it seems to have helped hugely. Also, Hornady One-Shot is not available here. Living abroad renders the STI warranty irrelevant. That's a sad fact of life.
  2. What, precisely is your issue with it? I too had my doubts, but as I said, 35,000 rounds later and no problems to report.
  3. What I'm about to say might seem sacrilegious, but it was actually recommended to me by a gunsmith when I was having lots of failures to extract in spite of a correctly-tensioned extractor on my 2011 Edge. He suggested that I lay them out on a cloth and give them a light spray of WD-40. When I asked whether it damages the primers, he said it had never happened. It seems to remove the lube perfectly, helps in feeding through magazines and really helps with extraction. As long as the misting is light and you roll them around in the cloth, it doesn't result in dieseling and smoke. Apparently, in Italy, most people shooting 40S&W in standard division do this. Anyway, I did it for over 35,000 rounds to date, and never had any issues - I even take a WD-40 soaked arg in a ziplock baggie when I fly to overseas matches and give the match ammo I purchase a rub. Edited to add - I don't do this with .223 rifle rounds - too concerned with possible dieseling issues. I give those a quick tumble in corn cob to remove any excess lube.
  4. I agree. Bin the powder check and use your eyes. Remember that now, all you will have to do is look at the case - no hunting for bullets etc. The Bulletfeeder is awesome.
  5. If your budget runs to it, why not? However, in view of the rifle calibres, you will also need to invest in things like a trimmer (also mounted on a toolhead), so you will need to budget for that. How about starting on 9mm (since this is what you load most of and is the most straightforward - you can "learn" to run the 550 on this calibre) and then invest in toolheads for rifle in due course?
  6. Had one on my STI Edge. Can't say that it was a huge help, especially in split times. Then I got a custom 2011 with a DPM system which I liked a lot and installed that in my Edge too so my backup gun would mimic my match gun a little more closely. In my humble opinion, not really worth the money....
  7. Sorry, but no. I'm the IPSC RD for Malta - in Europe, and have participated in a good number of IPSC LIII and IV matches. There is nothing particularly defensive/military style about IPSC matches. As others have said, they tend to be quite technical with lots of moving targets and movement between target arrays - but one can't call that defensive/military...
  8. I used the "clip" from station 1 of the 550b press - just snipped off the extra piece (part 13926 "cartridge spring")
  9. Just to add my 2 cents' worth. My STI Edge has circa 65,000 rounds through it. Accuracy has started to wobble at distances beyond 25 metres - the group size has opened up to about 6/8 inches (with different types of ammo), so I guess the lockup is quite worn. Still acceptable out to 20 metres though, so a good beater/backup gun to train with while babying my primary competition gun.
  10. There's a nice match in Vienna which I really like shooting - great stages and organisation, but I'm finding it harder than ever to see my front sight or even swinging targets - light levels are just too low for me. I think I'm gonna start having to give it a miss (as opposed to missing the bloody targets).
  11. I have the regular MBF. Best thing since sliced bread....
  12. I just went for a 1050 after 5 years of loading on a 550b - if you are going to load one calibre, I absolutely recommend that you go for it. If you get to keep the 750, then you can use that for a calibre of which you load less... Seriously though, there is no comparison between the 750 and the 1050. Stuff the warranty worries.
  13. Absolutely true that a more expensive gun won't give the proportional improvement in results. I started with a Glock 35, then went to an STI Edge and now shoot a 2011 custom gun - did my scores climb by as much as I spent? Nope, but the difference was still measurable and, more importantly, shooting my custom 2011 feels like shaking God's hand and puts a big smile on my face. Worth it for the scores? No. Worth it for the warm, fuzzy feeling inside? Hell, yes!
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