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  1. Guga Ribas is definitely stiffer. Not even close.
  2. You might want to just call the factory directly. They are super helpful. The thumb safety works either way.
  3. MA is releasing their spring based decapping stem later this week. Supposed to cure the suck back issue. I’ll be ordering 1 to try.
  4. Had a Racemaster and Alpha-X and am very happy with the Everglades Magnetic Race Holster. Better adjustability, stability, and much smoother & consistency in the action.
  5. Ugh. No. VV powders are very much on the temperature stable side of reloading powders. In other threads on this very forum, people have discussed this, such as the following https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/191646-temp-sensitivity-n320/ where it's mentioned that "The VV manual states their powders have a 1% velocity increase and 3% case pressure increase with each 18 degree (f) temperature increase." So, you'll need to qualify your statement with more data as many of us have experience with it over reasonably wide temperature spreads and have seen (very) good stability. I have chrono results from the low 40's to 100 and the numbers are within the SD variability from batch to batch (.40S&W major loads).
  6. The load I quoted was for Ibejiheads which are coated lead. The lead is soft compared to the hard jackets and so will seal up more in the barrel which means that it takes less powder to get the same velocity. As for the perceived recoil, it’s effectively the same.
  7. In terms of the chrono rules, the idea is to make sure that you're at least 1.5 standard deviations above the goal velocity (and you're using a temperature stable powder) or 2x, if you're more conservative. There have been some write ups of the math about that.
  8. Oh yeah... Note that MG's take more powder to achieve the same velocity. Both because they are .400 diameter and between their jacket alloy is very hard. I didn't see any primer problem signs with MGs and CCI primers.
  9. N310 is good for the heavier bullets for the caliber -- especially when loaded long like that. For example, a classic bullseye load is N310 with 200 and 230 grain .45's. I'm using 4.2g N310 for 180gr Ibejiheads RNFP coated, .401 diameter at 1.21 OAL out of a 5.4" SV AET barrel for 172pf (as per a calibrated set of LabRadar's). I did a bunch of tests with my competition gun with N320 and N310 and various bullets and diameters and the N310 & .401 Ibejiheads was more consistent over the chrono and in a blind taste test shooting freestyle. That SD & ES spread sound about right. For e.g. USPSA, you're never going to notice any difference in accuracy of that spread.. In terms of primers, I use CCI spp and don't have any problems. With a dillon powder measure, I get very consistent 10 drop weights. If you're new to reloading and paranoid, switch to N320 and go up about 0.5gr.
  10. +1 on the GR pouches. Easy to run bullets forward or out.
  11. Switched from Racemaster to Alpha-X and finally to the Everglades Magnetic Race Holster and I’m a happy camper. The balljoint never broke on me but never inspired confidence. The Alpha-X is better there. But they never got the inserts as rock solid and smooth as the Everglades MRH. And the MRH is rock solid everywhere else, too.
  12. Better fit, lockup, and smoother & more consistent action. Stronger construction. I had both the older mechanical and the newer magnetic insert for the DAA holsters. Used the old Racemaster and the Alpha-X.
  13. For the question you're asking here, definitely start with: https://www.amazon.com/Breakthrough-Marksmanship-Tools-Practical-Shooting/dp/1091416818/ But getting Skills & Drills Reloaded while you're at it is good, too.
  14. Get Ben Stoeger’s newest book, Breakthrough Marksmanship and work on his drills like Practical Accuracy and Doubles.
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