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  1. +1 on the GR pouches. Easy to run bullets forward or out.
  2. Switched from Racemaster to Alpha-X and finally to the Everglades Magnetic Race Holster and I’m a happy camper. The balljoint never broke on me but never inspired confidence. The Alpha-X is better there. But they never got the inserts as rock solid and smooth as the Everglades MRH. And the MRH is rock solid everywhere else, too.
  3. Better fit, lockup, and smoother & more consistent action. Stronger construction. I had both the older mechanical and the newer magnetic insert for the DAA holsters. Used the old Racemaster and the Alpha-X.
  4. For the question you're asking here, definitely start with: https://www.amazon.com/Breakthrough-Marksmanship-Tools-Practical-Shooting/dp/1091416818/ But getting Skills & Drills Reloaded while you're at it is good, too.
  5. Get Ben Stoeger’s newest book, Breakthrough Marksmanship and work on his drills like Practical Accuracy and Doubles.
  6. If you just need beeps for dry fire.. Just use one of the phone apps while you wait.
  7. I’ve used the AMG in some nasty weather this winter. So far, so good.
  8. Indeed. So far, I have presets for Live:Outdoor:Pistol, Live:Outdoor:PCC, Live:Outdoor:SoloPractice, and Dry:SoloPractice. I haven’t been to an indoor range yet. ;-) I have had it since the first production batch. I was using a Pocket Pro and PP II. This is better in quality, configurability, and including when getting wet.
  9. Get the AMG Lab timer. It’s easy to crank up the sensitivity so it will pick up dry fire.
  10. In alphabetical order... Acme, Blue Bullets, Ibejiheads all make good coated.
  11. Well said. As many have noted on the site, the talk throughs of their own training sessions have been surprisingly helpful (in addition to all of the obvious other things they provide). I’ll add that the fact that Ben and Hwansik are so different in so many ways is a great benefit in their teaming up on this. Frankly, they are both serious students of the game and in teaching & helping people get better. The pace of evolution on both fronts is very impressive.
  12. Yes, there’s a regular introduction class: http://www.richmondhotshots.com/intro_to_ipsc Also on the site is a link to the calendar of events. E.g., USPSA practice generally every Saturday morning.
  13. Make sure you’re getting enough case expansion (not just mouth flare) so the bullet base consistently drops deep enough to be stable.
  14. Nope. What pads are you using? FYI, I’m running new style SVI tubes, grams guts, TTI 4g base pads -> 21 reloadable and fits the mag gauge.
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