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  1. Yes, there’s a regular introduction class: http://www.richmondhotshots.com/intro_to_ipsc Also on the site is a link to the calendar of events. E.g., USPSA practice generally every Saturday morning.
  2. candiru

    what am I missing about .40 S&W reloading

    Make sure you’re getting enough case expansion (not just mouth flare) so the bullet base consistently drops deep enough to be stable.
  3. candiru

    Fine Tuning Svi Mags

    Nope. What pads are you using? FYI, I’m running new style SVI tubes, grams guts, TTI 4g base pads -> 21 reloadable and fits the mag gauge.
  4. candiru

    Mark7 Evolution

    This has been an issue since they started the company so don’t hold your breath. And for the record I’ve been a customer for awhile. Frankly, their attitude on this is silly.
  5. candiru

    SVI loading help

    Just load and shoot what you’ve already got. It’s not like it’s going to hurt the barrel. Buy some coated and test them against the plated heads up. And then start buying in bulk. :-)
  6. candiru

    SVI loading help

    No leading problems with any of the good quality coated through either the SV TiN or DLC coated barrels that I’ve tested. Including Acme, Blue, Bayou, Ibejiheads.
  7. candiru

    SVI loading help

    FWIW, I switched to the Ibejiheads 180’s .401 diameter and cut my SD and ES by 30+% over those Blues (which are .400)
  8. candiru

    SVI loading help

    Coated work great. Test with different diameters to find which one works best for you. The AET barrels have a tendency to strip the plating. The newer generation supposedly do that less but why bother? The good quality coated shoot at least as well and are cheaper.
  9. candiru

    reloading .40 without FCD

    Yes, the GRX will get rid of that bulge. If you’re shooting a lot then a roll sizer is a lot more efficient.
  10. candiru

    Steel Challenge 80/20 Practice Techniques?

    FWIW, Mike Seeklander just talked about Steel Challenge with Max Michel: http:// http://americanwarriorshow.libsyn.com/max-michel-a-world-champion-shares-his-steel-challenge-secrets
  11. For pistol, I wet tumble with pins (not ultrasonic) with a wash & wax, rinse well, dry in a dehydrator, then load them. No weird gunk just clean the press normally. So, not sure what your process is missing.
  12. candiru

    N320 40 S&W Load Recipes

    Results are not necessarily linear. Assuming you're not using a labradar or magnetospeed, you should be 10 feet from the chrono. Follow the best practices for reloading and test carefully. There's a variety of good reloading manuals out there. Vihtavuori's in available online but it's good to read a few.
  13. candiru

    SSP Top Focal lenses vs Rudy Project

    Isn't it Leatham who's settled for having his prescription done in between? I.e. Making the focal distance e.g. 15 yards. So they are both somewhat blurry. Personally, I just got my first progressives. Still learning to tilt my head back for a crisper sight picture when I need it with the pistol. No problem with shotgun or rifle.
  14. candiru

    N320 40 S&W Load Recipes

    4.675 gn VVN320 180 gn RNFP Blue Bullets at ~1.185" coal Mixed range brass CCI spp 169 pf 5.4" SV AET Tested multiple times between ~55-90 f using 3 different chrono brands -- variance is ~+2/-1 for average pf.
  15. candiru

    Hodgdon Titegroup vs VV N320 for 9mm

    Wow! That's huge and bizarre. I get +-0.02. Well, at least you get consistent results for other powders.