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  1. 115 pd hp, 10.7 of AA7 oal 1.165 makes 173 pf in my axiom ethos, no popper holes
  2. jnkill

    Trubor bullets

    124 jhp pd. 10.8 n105. 38 sc
  3. jnkill

    Trubor minor?

    i run an 8lb wolf variable, tried a 7 but had a few failure to go into battery, so back to the 8
  4. Sarge is right, gotta stop em now
  5. i zero my open gun at 25, just know that with 1.5 offset you're going to have to adjust for close targets (head shots with no shoot)
  6. my first match a ro took me aside before the safety brief and said" walk today dont run cause you aint gonna win and dont do anything stupid"...he was right
  7. practice, practice, pratice... thats the only way to get better at anything including who
  8. My home range has an “intro to action shooting class” every 2nd sat. Not required but highly recommended
  9. Lol Sarge, that’s exactly where one of my copies is
  10. My home range was built on an old landfill, they dug out an old vw , not sure if the guy was still in it
  11. by your interpretation that means if i'm shooting single stack i have to do a standing reload if i can see 5 targets from my 1st position even though i can see it at the next position, i dont think so
  12. Exactly, I’ve had the last shot brass hit the timer and add a full second, if I wasn’t watching it would have hurt their score
  13. +1, I started out squadding with Trent before I knew any better, now I do so I can pick his brain about the stage, he still almost always beats me but that gives me something to work for. lol
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