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  1. I used to enjoy shooting a GP100, 610, and 657, but I haven't shot revolver since USPSA went to 8 rounds. USPSA should not have made six shooters obsolete .
  2. Shooter's connection belt comes in a 26. Worked great for my son when he was 12 and skinny as a rail.
  3. Nope. More neck tension. Lol. A bit... I've been loading both for over decade, same result.
  4. Nope. Same OAL so same capacity when the bullet is seated. Same results with equal loads.
  5. Unfortunately there are no pressures listed. 9x19/9x21... same case capacity, fairly rare but it's 9 major.
  6. There are a few 9x21 loads that make 169PF in my Sierra manual. Using a 125g bullet @ 1350fps. They are loaded to 1.165. A normal length for 9 major.
  7. Actually, in my Vihtavuori book, it lists a 147 with 6.5g of N105 for 1125fps. 165PF.
  8. The Sure Cycle install alone is very easy to do - I did mine this morning in under an hour. I bought the Browning Sporting Clays piston - I believe it was cheaper at MidwayUSA - and it is stamped "LESS THAN 1 1/8 oz." I'm going to try the "Light" piston - which is stamped "LESS THAN 1 1/2oz." - first to see if it runs before dropping in the SC piston.
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