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  1. Anyone hear anything about release dates yet? They seem to be taking their sweet time!
  2. All, Anyone else looking for an extended mag release for this gun? I can't find anyone that makes one yet. Comparing to a Shadow 2, I'm having to alter my grip significantly for mag changes as the button is way too short. Anyone got a line or in the market as well?
  3. Joshg

    Shadow 2 Legal Date

    Still available on CZ Custom btw - I ordered mine last week and got it yesterday. https://czcustom.com/cz-shadow-2-black-polycoat.html
  4. Joshg

    CZ Store in Prague?

    I wish I had known about that store when I was in Prague
  5. Sleep and diet have a bigger effect than most realize. Hope everything worked out after the adjustment.
  6. Not surprising as they had so many version of the Shadow out. There seemed to be like 9+ at one point.
  7. Nothing worse than shooting with cold hands, especially on an all metal gun!
  8. Could you take me off production for this race and put me on as my Open %? Joshg A67558 Thanks!
  9. From what I've read they are helpful. I have books 1 and 2.
  10. It asked for a google sign in. I am a fan of the idea and want to see but I'm not getting a google account. It's 2013 and you don't have a google account?
  11. Good write up. I'm not sure I could trust the M&P for carry with their striker problems though. Does anyone know if they have addressed this with the shield?
  12. Here's my latest video from my last match. 1st B, 6th/16th overall. Shot 86% of points What I did well: -Accuracy (to a point) -Moved faster -No failed reloads What I need to fix: -Reload quicker and start running sooner -small mistakes (trigger freeze cost me 3 seconds, forgetting a hidden steel cost me 3 seconds) -shoot faster on close targets: I'm not scaling my splits as well as I could. barely shooting faster at point blank targets than far ones. Another thing that happened on the classifier was that I had awful control of my gun, it was flying everywhere on 3-V. It's incred
  13. yeah.. I actually ran out of ammo without knocking it down. I later found out I was missing a mag on my belt. It was a very high round count stage to start with. There were a ton of people that gave up after 5-10 misses or so. I refused!
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