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  1. jerkeejoe

    Custom Open Glock

    It’s not a money issue. If I wanted a custom 2011 I’d have one built, and I suspect at some point I will, but fancy 2011s are a dime a dozen. This is a very unique gun. Plus, I had this one built because I like shooting Glocks and thought it’d be fun to shoot an open Glock. I’m a high A shooter, not a grand master, I suspect it’ll work just fine for me until I get bored with it and move on to something different.
  2. jerkeejoe

    Custom Open Glock

    Will definitely post a bunch of vids and range reports. He has a guy custom making kydex holsters. None of the race holsters will work due to the frame weight. Mine should ship next week. Machinist misplaced some holes in the frame weight and delayed it a week. Oops. 😬😂
  3. jerkeejoe

    Custom Open Glock

    I suspect you’re right. I’ve owned and own now some 2011s, but never an open 2011. Tried shooting limited with them, but always go back to my custom g35.
  4. jerkeejoe

    Custom Open Glock

    In the interview he said he was upset with the guns breaking down, but I don’t know if that was really the reason or just the stated reason for him to justify going to another sponsor. Honestly, I will run minor loads through mine quite a bit, so I’m not overly concerned. Even then mine will get a fraction of the rounds through it that KCs saw. If it doesn’t work out I’ll either go back to limited or buy a 2011 open gun. 🤪
  5. jerkeejoe

    Custom Open Glock

    Ya, his gripe was durability with the Glock shooting open. He didn’t have any gripes with speed or performance though. We’ll see how it goes.
  6. jerkeejoe

    Custom Open Glock

    It was in that ballpark excluding the optic and the upgraded coating
  7. jerkeejoe

    Custom Open Glock

    Haha. Sorry man. Just don't want to step on the gunsmith's toes. I met him at SHOT this year and I believe mine and his are the first two Open guns he's built, so I don't know if the pricing I got is final pricing or the same for future guns.
  8. jerkeejoe

    Custom Open Glock

    I'm hesitant to post the price since it's a custom. Feel free to reach out to the smith and he can give you more info. I'm just a customer of his and have no financial interest in promoting his stuff. I'll post an honest and unbiased range report when I get the gun. That said, here's a link to his site and facebook if you want to contact him. http://www.dcprecision.us/ https://www.facebook.com/DCPrecisionLLC/
  9. jerkeejoe

    The 'which timer' thread

    Just a heads up that the PP2 also gives splits.
  10. jerkeejoe

    Thumb rest with access to 90 degree Cmore

    Tag. I'm interested in this too. I generally loosen the thumb rest to adjust C-More.
  11. jerkeejoe

    Custom Open Glock

    My custom built Open Glock should be arriving in the next week or so from DC Precision and I can't wait! This will be my first serious venture into open shooting. I've been shooting limited for a few months now and look forward to jumping into Open. Decided to go with a glock as it's what i shoot best. My limited gun is a modified G35 and I managed to shoot to a high A class my first few months, so I figure I can be plenty fast with an open Glock as well. I'll post pics of my actual gun when it comes, but in the meantime, here's a pic of his personal gun he built for himself. Mine will be nearly identical except coated multicam (because why not). Started life as a G17. Slide milled significantly, custom designed (by DCP) and built frame weight, optic mount, and comp. Fully blended magwell, modified Apex trigger parts, and a KKM barrel. Total length is 1" longer than a stock G34.
  12. jerkeejoe

    Two Eyes Open

    I'm right handed and left eye dominant, but have always shot both eyes open. I definitely have a strong preference for both eyes open shooting.
  13. jerkeejoe

    furthest pistol shot you've attempted and made

    I screw around at 100 yards pretty regularly. Have tried to hit a 250 meter target before, but it was pure guesswork and just for giggles. We walked in shots all around the target but didn't hit it.
  14. jerkeejoe

    Grip Tape

    Ive done this before as well. Definitely grips, but I found it more likely to catch on clothes.
  15. jerkeejoe

    Red vs Green Fiber Optic front sight

    Strong prereference for green here. Seems faster and easier for me to pick up.