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  1. I apologize if I did something wrong. I offered a heck of a deal on the GPS backpack thinking you might like it as well and save some cash. Someone took me up on the offer. It was not my intent to hijack your post. They just responded and then I took it off your post to a PM. Again, please forgive me if I stepped on anyone's toes. It was not intentional.


    If it is any help, if you are set on a backpack style range bag, the GPS is a good alternative to the DAA. I just didn't like the backpack style after trying it. Now if you put it on the DAA cart that may be a decent alternative. I now use a Alpha Dynamics small range bag and it is perfect for monthly matches and regular range use. 


    Again, please accept my apology!



    1. gearguywb


      No worries Joe, and I appreciate you reaching out.  No offense taken.  You did absolutely the right thing.  My issue was with someone else jumping on your offer before I even had a chance to see it.  


      Again, no worries.




  2. Checked them out at Shot. Frankly I was very impressed with what I saw on display, especially given the price point. These could end up being a major player in the competitive world, especially as STI leaving is going to leave something of a vacuum. Full disclosure....I have no dog in this fight
  3. On the flight coming back from Shot. STI is out of the competition business IMHO. The only thing they are focused on now is the Staccato guns. I saw USPSA approved the SS version for that division but the frames/guns/race guns/etc. are no longer being made.
  4. gearguywb

    P320 X5 Thread

    This is exactly why I said to measure YOUR magazines. It doesn't matter what a video shows when you are standing at the chrono for a major match and they measure your mags and they are too long.
  5. gearguywb

    P320 X5 Thread

    They fit, but really, really, close. I would check each each one myself to be sure.
  6. Just looked at ordering the grip module from Sig. The only option is $300 for the one with the weight and mag well.
  7. gearguywb

    P320 X5 Thread

    Really wanted to give one of these a try but $300 seems pretty steep.
  8. Fondled one at the range Friday night. Liked the weight. As with the standard grip, I don't think it has near enough texture to keep it from slipping in competitive use. Please let us know what you guys find out about the $200 credit.
  9. I have used the CR Speed pouches for a couple of years and wanted to try something else. I found 3 Guga Ribas to try and liked them. Unfortunately it looks like they are going out of business or something else is going on. No one has black pouches in stock and several vendors say that when their current inventory is gone they will not be carrying them any longer. Sometime back I tried the Double AA and was not overly impressed. I really like the cut out that allows the index finger to be along the leading edge of the magazine. Looking at some other options..... The black Scorpion looks like it would work. Anyone tried them? Pros/Cons? Other suggestions? Thanks!
  10. gearguywb

    P320 X5 Thread

    Looks like both the Romeo1 and 3 are 30mm vs the Vortex, that I am currently running is a 26mm
  11. gearguywb

    P320 X5 Thread

    Thanks. IMHO, the 3 min dot is too small to USPSA type stuff. Much prefer the 6 minute.
  12. gearguywb

    P320 X5 Thread

    Currently have 2 X5's, one I have kept with sights to teach classes where most students are using s, the other set up for CO with a Vortex on a Springer mount. Looking to set up the top end with an optic as a back up gun. Before I jump into the pool and just set it up exactly as my current CO gun, the Romeo3 looks interesting, with its large field of view, but appears to be very expensive from Sig (as well as out of stock). Anyone actually used one? Thoughts? Availability and cost elsewhere? Thanks!!!
  13. I have tried a couple of them that I picked up and they seem to work pretty well. Just looked online at several different vendors, everyone is out of stock. Is there a production issue that anyone knows of?
  14. Totally stage dependent. The majority of the time, the 2 round difference does not overcome the point difference.
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