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  1. It is an odd shape. Contact J&L Gunsmithing on Facebook or call (757) 567-5993. He has a deal with a company that makes them. I got my Pmatch and holster from him. By the way, my Limited Pro fits that holster, but the Pmatch doesn't fit the Lim Pro Bladetech holster.
  2. Jim Jones at J&L Gunsmithing. I bought the holster and the gun from him. (757) 567-5993. You can also reach him through his Facebook page.
  3. I thought an accidental discharge was a DQ in USPSA? I've seen people flip and catch and stick their hand in front of the muzzle to catch it. I've seen new people muzzle themselves doing a "press-check" of a short barrel firearm and I've seen the turn over into the hand method of catching their round. I'm not risking either my hand or the match to either look cool or save 10 cents (assuming I can't find the round). Sadly, some SO's are looking for stuff to DQ you on and will call stuff you came close to, but didn't do. Then again, I'm risk adverse.
  4. A little late now, but next time, you might want to consider using adapter plates, sort of like those used on the Glock MOS series. They would be a lot cheaper than welding it up every time you want to try a new optic and far less risky.
  5. I mailed out 49 lbs to them on 5/21. Their site says they weren't accepting anything postmarked after 5/22, but I haven't heard a word from them yet.
  6. Lost my Lim Pro front sight in a match. Had to shoot two stages without it. MIne is lock-tighted in now, with the permanent (I think red?) locktite. It ain't going anywhere again without a torch.
  7. That's what I meant by issuing a warning (nothing official)...tell them they were close. I usually pull them aside after they are scored.
  8. If the RO is absolutely sure of what he saw, then no argument. I've seen a lot of RO's make that call from weird angles, where there is no way they can be sure. If I'm not sure, I will issue a warning. Loaded or unloaded doesn't enter into the decision for me though.
  9. Amazing coincidence, since I was replacing mine yesterday morning. I bent the extra curve out with pliers. It was a little bit of a pain in the butt, but I think it should work OK.
  10. Also, try Jim Jones at J&L Gunsmithing. If anyone can find one, he (or his wife) can. EAA stuff is his specialty and he also has foreign contacts for them. (757) 567-5993.
  11. Go to Amazon.com and order a couple of different strength full lens reader safety glasses. I think I have Elvex or something like that. They are only about $12 a pair and you can try them before you spend the money to have glasses made. I have been using the cheap ones for a couple of years now.
  12. I shoot a Limited Pro, so no Barney mag necessary...but no, I don't drop a round in and let the extractor get pushed out by the round. The broken surface just looked like cyclic metal fatigue with a brittle fracture at failure. The grain structure looked like a MIM part. I saw no evidence of plastic deformation. I didn't see the missing piece though. That's probably in the grass somewhere.
  13. This is a really timely question for me, since my extractor broke during the Boone match (missed half of the match). Of course, my overconfidence in my Tanfo led me to not taking a viable back up pistol...my fault I know. Anyway, the surface looks like a fatigue induced brittle failure, which would suggest they have a certain number of cycles. I'm going to carry an extra from now on...and a backup gun. In the middle of the match, I think that a backup gun may be a better option. You may not have time to fix much more than the extractor, slide lever or slide spring anyway.
  14. It didn't look to be a mechanical issue, but if you feel it's dragging, IMO, it's most likely the grip panels, rather than the frame.
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