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  1. https://www.smith-wesson.com/performance-center 5", 4.25" models and both with ported models available as well. The overtravel adjustment seems interesting.
  2. matt7184

    P320 X5 Thread

    I haven't noticed any issue from the notch on my Legion + DPP compared to my non Legion X5 + R1.
  3. I initially thought my Legion didn't lock up as tight as my pre-Legion X5, but I notice that Sig also seems to lube the Legions generously compared to the pre-Legion X5s from the samples I pulled. Looks like they are still using TW-25. When my Legion X5 was used a bit and the lube came off it seemed to be almost as tight as my pre-Legion X5...not sure it's any significantly different and if so probably done to lower the return to battery complaints when people ride the slide closed.
  4. I've found this to be the best technique. And yes OP some of them are tighter and annoying especially when new.
  5. matt7184

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Romeo 1 Pro is supposedly starting to ship next month.
  6. Have any of these "R2" cut guns made it to the market yet?
  7. ACRO will fit on the 43/43X/48.
  8. matt7184

    ZEV OZ9

    Why would it be hard to believe that the DPP footprint used on the M17 would become the "gold standard"? I have heard the same about the Type 3 RMR and Sig also is moving to the same footprint. Just because they release a new version of the RMR doesn't mean they can't sell the same Type 2 with the "Classic RMR" footprint. Adapter plates can also be made if customers want (see the KE Arms RMR to ACRO Plate).
  9. matt7184

    MOS mounting plate

    Yup I've used them for my RMR equipped Glocks. I like how much tighter and cleaner looking the RMR mounted is with them
  10. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/03/07/interview-with-eric-grauffel-changes-brand-and-joins-the-cz-shooting-team/
  11. Max has made comments about a 320MAX in comments
  12. If you want bright try the newer 6MOA Romeo 1s...They make my Aimpoint Micros jealous...
  13. Have been using my X5 + R16MOA + GoGun Gas pedal in a Trex Ragnarok + X300 Holster without any issues
  14. This looks interesting to me. Are there any holster options (for competition or other uses)?
  15. matt7184

    Shadow 2 Undercut

    Is it me or is the trigger guard undercut area sharper on the Shadow 2 than the Shadow 1/SP-01?
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