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  1. I was looking at doing this. L&M Precision Gun works can convert the standard X5 Romeo 1 cut to accept the RMR/SRO while still maintaining the ability to still use a Romeo 1. I guess the RMR footprint is ever so slightly longer than the Romeo1 which allows the front and back of the cut to act as recoil "lugs". I ask him about the Sig slides that were already cut for the Romeo 1 pro / Deltapoint. He said he could still convert them, however the RMR/SRO would have to sit at the very front of the current slide cut and there would be a small gap in the back. In this configuratio
  2. I received the same email around the same time and I submitted mine online. They better get a move on as the "store rewards" expired at the end of September.
  3. Well I have over 2k rounds on two different Legions. While I love the pistols, I think Sig missed the mark a bit. In my opinion, the following items should have been either carried over from the X5 or improved upon. 1. Finish.. While I don't really care what my guns look like, the finish should not show significant signs of wear after 2 practice sessions. With over a year of shooting the standard X5, the finish still looks like new. 2. Low profile plate system for mounting optics. In this day and age, every other manufacture is giving us options on what optics we can run.
  4. I am sure they added the LCI so they could use the barrel in "other" applications in the future. One barrel for multi applications allows them to only stock that one part instead of multiple ones. Its interesting that the didn't add the LCI to the slide.. Maybe that be a "feature" on the next revision.
  5. Been thinking of picking up one of these for my X5 Legion. Did you have any issues before you filed it back? How much did you end up removing? On Trijicon's website, they show the site mounted to a few different pistols where it was overhanging the ejection port a lot more than the picture you posted above. Its interesting that the made the hood as long as they did.
  6. jrn1975

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Something to keep in mind. Sig lists the sight at $479. Actual street prices will be closer to $399 which is inline with other quality optics. My two Romeos have been pretty solid with no issues, but with a 5 year warranty on the electrics, the price is pretty reasonable considering all red dots will die at some point... I wish the Legion accepted the Romeo 1 as I can order that sight for $210.. I just got an email back after asking them what MOA versions are available for pre-order and was told both should be available at the same time which is by the end of August.
  7. jrn1975

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Thanks. I bought this one from a store with a great return policy.. I think at this time I am just going to return it. Since they haven't addressed this issue, its only a matter of time before it happens again. I was able to get ahold of Sig and they are allowing pre-orders for the Romeo1 Pro. Not sure if its for the 3moa or 6moa dot size. Price quoted was 479. Upon researching, it appears the new Pro model comes with the metal shroud that was an option for the Romeo1. I guess this was the primary factor for the increased price. When looking at the pictures on Sig product p
  8. jrn1975

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Sig finally got back and said by the end of next month. All I can say is it can't get released fast enough. One of the two deltapoints that I purchased for my legions just died. It lasted a tad under 200 rounds. It shuts off after 1 shot. When inspecting it, the silver contact under the battery came loose and made it all the way to the rear of the battery compartment. I am about to just buy 2 Romeo 1s for now and mod them to use on the legion since I can pick them up for the price of 1 deltapoint…
  9. jrn1975

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Sig is listing the length of the Romeo 3 max at 2.1 inches. The deltapoint is 1.82 inches. The way the current cut is in the legion, I don't think it will fit without a mounting plate. The other thing is will the original Romeo 1 be phased out once the Romeo 1 pro is released. That would suck if have an older slide cut for the older Romeo and not be able to purchase the optic any longer.
  10. jrn1975

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Has anyone heard of a release date for this dot? I just purchased a couple of Deltapoints for my X5 Legions, but I am not overly excited about them. I watched a P365xl video which stated the Romeo 0 would be released late this month/early August. I was hoping the new Romeo1 Pro would get released before that. I wish they would have cut the legion slide for the Romeo 3 Max and released both at the same time to make things easy.
  11. The Romeo 1 has small notch designed to be used as a sight if the dot goes down. Not great but works if you add a .250 height front sight.
  12. Visually? Legion has a cut in the barrel for the Loaded chamber indicator, the color, and the rear sight plate. The Legion slide has the legion logo on the plate. The Legion also has a larger optics cut to account for the Deltapoint and Romeo 1 pro. I guess you could argue that you were using all Sig factory parts "on" a production gun.
  13. I will give that a try tomorrow. The slide, to frame, to barrel lock up never bothered me with the legion as it didn't effect accuracy. But the difference really effects the trigger "feel". In the end, it probably doesn't matter that much when shooting at speed. For me, I would always want a short positive reset over trigger feel any day. If I was shooting bullseye, I am sure that would be reversed. With all that said, the legion trigger out of the box is very good. The gg kit provides a slight improvement, most noticably in the reset length due to the over trave
  14. So I had a chance to play around with the triggers of my two legions today and found some interesting things out. Stock, both triggers were about the same. Pull weights were within an ounce of each other. Picking the guns up off a table you could tell no difference. There is some creep, to a clean break. Reset was ok, but not as good when compared to the GG kit. Pulling at the bottom of the trigger shoe resulted in pull weights around 3lbs 3 oz. Next I took one of the Legions and replaced the trigger bar spring with one from GG. This spring is suppose to be lig
  15. I think optics are the biggest issue ATM. Finding a deltapoint at a reasonable price has become a little hard. I did find one for my match gun but can't seem to find one for the practice/backup gun. I am not 100% sold on the deltapoint. I like the window size but hate how high it sits up on the slide. Brightness for the 2.5 MOA dot is "ok". I think it really needs one more setting for when you are shooting a stage where the sun is directly in front of you. I also question the long term durability as I have read some of the issues that other users have faced. Only time will
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