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  1. Thanks Sarge.. Yea, I bought the PT grip insert when I switched over to the PT grip. Started out with a lot of sticking which has minimized some but now the gun has an 1/8 in movement from where the dust cover moves away from the holster body when its holstered. IE, the gun moves a lot when holstered. Never had this issue with the SV and SV grip insert. I could try another grip insert.. the one I have is a month old, but at 50 bucks a pop I am starting to think the money may be better spent on a new rig.
  2. I am currently using a Double Alpha Racemaster but I have been having a lot of issues with it since getting the phoenix trinity insert so I am in the market for something different. With the racemaster, I have a ton of gun movement when the gun is holstered. The gun also "sticks" a lot on the draw. The holster worked great when I was using it with an SV grip and insert. I have tried everything to get it working correctly so I think its just time to move on. Has anyone used the Racemaster and then switched to another brand? Pros/ cons? I am currently looking at the CR speed but I am open to anything that works reliably. Thanks
  3. If you give them a call, I bet they can accommodate either request.
  4. The Honcho is a cool concept. Its kinda like the jack of all trades type of pistol. I didn't see the specific weight on the pistol, but I would think it "again" would be a tad heavy for the 9mm cartridge. I am sure it shoots soft though. There are soo many good pistols out there right now to choose from. The thing I like about the Atlas line is that they are developed and purpose built with a single goal in mind which is to be some of the best shooters for their specific purposes. The Hyperion was developed strictly around the 9mm cartridge and it truly delivers what I feel is the best overall package for that caliber.
  5. This is just my opinion, but the Hyperion is a fantastic pistol. The overall weight and balance are near perfect for the 9mm cartridge. The sites track perfectly. It is by far my favorite pistol in 9mm. My only issue is that my wife feels the same way, and has claimed all rights to my Hyperion so another one my be in my future. I can't really compare it to a Nemesis in 9mm, however I do own a Nemesis in .40. I personally think the overall weight of the Nemesis would be a bit much for the 9mm. If I had to guess, I would have to say that the Nemesis would shoot a bit softer due to the weight, but wouldn't return on target as well as the Hyperion.
  6. I am sure all of the "reputable" builders are turning out a great product. Two years ago I was looking at moving from production to open. I was lucky enough to run across Atlas when they were first starting out. I had a ton of questions and Adam took the time to work through the build with me. Anytime I had a question, he was always there to provide me with a quick answer. The customer service is second to none. So far I have purchased two custom open guns, a Nemesis, a Helios, and a Hyperion. They have all been amazing but I know if I do encounter an issue, Atlas will be there to resolve the issue as they stand behind the products they build.
  7. I just had SIG issue a call tag for a Romeo 1 purchased last year. The sight is still working however the dot now looks like 2 separate dots stacked on top of each other. I would say I have about a 1000 rounds on the optic. Right now I am trying to figure out what route I want to go going forward. It seems that there have been issues with just about every miniaturized red dot. In the past year, I have sent in 2 Trijicon RMR type 2s because the dot went from being nice and clear to a 10 MOA starbust, One deltapoint pro where the triangle started to look like blurred image, and now this Romeo. All of these red dots were slide mounted different pistols. Heck, the last RMR I bought didn't last 100 rounds before it lost zero and the dot became a massive starburst. Anyone running the Romeo 3 on the X5? Thought about just buying the adapter plate and giving that a try while my Romeo is in for repair.
  8. I have been looking for a guide rod for the compact / carry models myself and have only found one which was the DPM systems recoil reduction system. I have no experience with their products however they do allow you the ability to use "different" springs.
  9. You may want to give Johnny Glock a ring and discuss what you are looking for. In my search for the "perfect" glock trigger, I have found that they can customized alot. From pre-travel, to break feel, to reset.. All of those things can be dialed in to your preference. With soo many great triggers on the market, its hard to say what is the best as personal preference varies between each shooter. For me personally, I hate a glock trigger with a "wall".. I really like a rolling break as I find it easier for me to keep the sights on target. I value reset length over pre-travel. Others love the wall and don't want any pre-travel. Working with someone like Johnny Glock will allow you to have a trigger dialed into your shooting style.
  10. I have shot both as well as a JP GMR 13. All three gun cans be competitive in USPSA but will require some modifications. With that said, I look at it this way. The scorpion is like shooting a Glock, M&P, ect. in limited where the MPX is like shooting a nice 2011.
  11. First, clean everything around the primer assembly. Make sure that the primer assembly is indexing all the way. If not you may have to change out some springs. Second, with the shellplate empty, fully operate the ram and make sure that the primer seater is indexing perfectly to the center of the shellpate in station 2. If not, you can adjust the amount of index by adjusting the block that the ring indexer rides on which is located on the left side of the press.
  12. Well my press is currently running pretty smooth after I converted the tool head to float station one and replaced the shellplate. It was certainly a ton of hassle to get to this point but through the last 500 rounds, I only had one where I had to guide it into the resizing die.
  13. Soo, here is a thought. What if the entire shellpate had the slots cut slightly off? IE not perfectly parallel to the top and bottom. I say this because when I raise the platform with a piece of brass in station one, it appears as though the brass is leaning to the outside of the shellplate slightly.. While I thought it was the platform, it very well could be the shellpate. The other stations may not be causing issues because they have a wider tolerance and the brass is held more securely in place with the locator pins. Just a thought.. Looks like I pick up that caliber conversion after work to test it out. Good thing is, I can always return it if it doesn't solve the issue.
  14. I have actually tried both.. Brass in station one only and shellpate full.. No difference made. I noticed today at lunch, there is no pressure on the shellplate from any other station when the brass hits the side of the resizing die.
  15. I have seriously thought about doing this.. and maybe I will as soon as I can figure out what to use for a shim
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