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  1. I ended up replacing the guts of my MSH with standard parts. Didn't want to replace it as it already has a magwell and is armory cote black. Works great Found a new #18 Wilson combat hammer spring in the drawer and threw that in it. Fitted a Caspian trik trigger while I had it apart. Feels way different and doesn't take hulk Hogan to rack the slide with the hammer down now. Haven't gotten to actually shoot it yet but will soon.
  2. Pretty sure my LGS had one in stock last week when I was there.
  3. I just replaced my trijicon night sights on my SA operator with a Dawson adjustable. It is a Novak cut. This is the rear I bought. https://dawsonprecision.com/024-022/. Works well. Also replaced the front with Dawson fiber optic front. Also Novak cut.
  4. I have a loaded operator in .45 that has the ILS mainspring housing. Looking at reducing the spring weight and was wondering why the ILS springs are so much heavier than standard. Even the Wolff lighter weight springs are still mid 20 pound range. What weight spring should I go with, or should I spend the extra money and swap out the MSH?
  5. I would try the Magpul grips with silicone carbide applied to them. Cheap and easy to work with. Maybe even stipple them first. And if they get messed up you're not out much.
  6. That seems to be standard on the X5. Nothing to worry about. Pretty sure it is just because the barrel to slide fit is a little tighter on them. It does get better with time.
  7. Does anyone know the spring weight on a stock X5?
  8. tylerradke

    P320 X5 Thread

    I agree it would be easier to find but I don't know they fit for sure. I'm about 98% on the legion plate fitting since they are both cut for R1 pro
  9. tylerradke

    P320 X5 Thread

    Do any of you legion red dot shooters have the original adjustable rear sight plate sitting around you would consider parting with? There is a JR. shooter in my club shooting an M17 who would like to switch her night sights out for target sights but there are no options that I know of other than the legion plate.
  10. Is anyone making an extended or wider slide stop/ release that is not tucked under the slide and a real P.I.T.A. to operate from the right side of the gun?
  11. Anyone? Someone has to have tried this.
  12. I bought a similar sight pusher to what ramnj has off Amazon and it has worked very well so far. Have done a set on a SA 1911 and a SA XDM
  13. Does anyone know if the adjustable sight plate off an X5 or X5 legion will fit on the M17 in place of the fixed night sight plate?
  14. I don't see how 10+1 wouldn't be better anyway. Maybe i have been told wrong but seems to me you could shoot your 5 double tap targets and have one in the chamber and do a tactical reload but you don't need to retain the mag because it is empty so let it hit the dirt and keep rolling. And you have an extra round for the shot you drop. If someone has better info on this subject please fill me in. I've only shot 5 or so matches so far.
  15. I have very limited experience but for a single stage trigger the velocity is #1 for the money to me. They run about 40 bucks cheaper than the cmc triggers. Cmc has a tiny bit of creep where the velocity has zero. Also I feel the velocity has slightly less overtravel and therefore a shorter reset. Weight wise they are the same. I plan on getting a couple more for my other ARs.
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