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  1. Also u can download the app and check it out for freee
  2. Next to where u enter the zip code is a GPS button so maybe u can enter coordinates, no documentation on the app.
  3. I just got the G2 from amazon and used it yesterday. Very easy to setup and use. The blue tooth and iPhone app worked perfectly. Just remember to put in your zip code so that it get the correct local temperature, bp and elevation. And of course the bullet weight. U can store ur results and send them to email and print them out. Results were consistent with chrono stage at match last Saturday.
  4. I agree that it is high. I don't have a chrono so all my PF data re: Federal 150 syntech if from major matches. At all of these matches [maybe 10-12] it has consistently been a PF of 136-138 out of either the X5 or the G17.
  5. Shot a level 2 last Saturday using up the last of my Federal 150 syntech. Power factor was 138 out of my X5. Similar PF out of my Glock 17s in the past. I recently started reloading and I am using Sport Pistol, however I like my power factor to be around 132-133.
  6. hiflyer51

    Gray Guns

    I had a similar experience with Gray Guns customer service last week!!!
  7. tmz, what did you use in place of the case feeder tube? It looks like some kind of flexible hose connected to a shorten case feeder tube. And what kind of connectors? I want to do this with my 750.
  8. Based on my experience with the sear and trigger bar springs going forward I will go no more than 8k rounds before changing the grey gun springs. Can probably go longer with factory springs.
  9. I asked Grey Guns customer service about spring life the other day because the my Grey Guns competition triggers don't feel as good as they did when they were new. Here is part of the response from Chris at customer service: ". As far as spring replacement, it's kind of a "when it's needed" thing. If your trigger starts to feel spongy, go ahead and change the sear springs, and if you notice that the reset seems to be getting a bit sluggish, it's time to change the trigger bar spring. On your gun with 30K rounds through it, I'd go ahead and change those just cuz" My other gun my match gun has about 10k on it and it doesn't feel much better than my range/dryfire gun. I didn't realize how bad my triggers had degraded until at a match last Saturday I tried a couple of other guys Legions with fairly new grey gun kits in them. Since the springs degrade gradually, I didn't notice it until I had something to compare it to.
  10. hiflyer51

    X5 vs Glock 34

    I shot the G17 CO for two years. Both my G17s had Johnny Glock competition triggers. Six months ago I started shooting the X5 Legion. Both X5 have the Grey Gun trigger kit with the Keres adjustable trigger. While the triggers on my X5s are pretty good, they are not as good as the Johnny Glock triggers. Reset is better on the glocks. Also the glock triggers feel crisper. However I prefer the ergonomics and weight of the X5 Legions.
  11. I have 4 DDP's. Two on competition guns[CO] , one on a carry gun and a spare. All were returned for repair in 2018 and early 2019, a couple twice. None has failed since in over a year.
  12. I had pretty much the same experience with Sig. I had a Romeo Zero that would not adjust elevation out of the box. I caledl customer service, they sent me an RMA to send it in for eval. They returned a brand new one in about 3 weeks.
  13. I adjusted the camming pin and that looks like it will solve my problem. I don't think I had that problem when using the Dillon sizing die. The Redding sizing die must have a tighter tolerance requiring a more precise adjustment of the camming pin. Thanks for everyone's input and pointing me in the right direction!
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