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  1. 15-20k each gun, 5-10k on the other two guns
  2. I have 4 DDP with the upgraded [blue] circuit board. No problems with any of them yet. Probably 15-20K rounds on two of them.
  3. On one of my 2 Legions the Take Down Lever broke aprox. 15K rounds.
  4. Leupold has been replacing the circuit boards in the DPP's with a new version of the circuit board for at least a year. I have 4 DPP's that have been back to Leupold multiple times until the new version of the circuit board was installed. So far I have not had a problem with the new circuit boards. The old circuit board was green and the new version is blue. I would assume that 6MOA version has the new circuit board in it.
  5. +1 I just got the Quinetics bullet puller, it is much , much faster than the other inertial bullet pullers. As said u don't have to take it apart between rounds, just loosen cap about a 1/4 turn and dump bullet, case and powder into a funnel over a cup. Powder goes into the cup, bullet and case else where. Put the next bullet in , 1/4 - 1/2 turn to tighten and repeat.
  6. I just had this happen last week and this is how I got it out. I didn't realize this is apparently a not so rare breakage. I ordered a new one and received it in 5 days. I tried calling to see if it was covered by warranty , but could never get through.
  7. I ordered 2625 125gn bullets from BBI on Tuesday Sep 29. They are already out to UPS for delivery on Oct 6!!
  8. I have a subscription with Blue Bullets- 3300 135gr TC 9mm for 12 months. Started it in late July and received the first month shipment Aug 19th. Today they told me to expect the 2nd month shipment in mid October.
  9. It is available. Cost is not comparable -190 euros = $225 usd
  10. I contacted Umberto on facebook. He responded on Messenger that the cost is 190 euros sent via Fedex and pay via PayPal.
  11. I don't think there is a adjustment for primer depth on the 750. Dillon says: "Push down on the edge of the shellplate at station 4. If it feels springy, then the shellplate bolt needs to be slightly tighter." I can check that.
  12. That's interesting, I didn't think about that. I assumed that the magnum rifle primers were just harder. I am using a Dillon 750.
  13. I have the Primer Pro. No problems at all with CCI and Federal primers - SPP, SPMP, SRP, SRMP. I have had 5 upside down primers out of 20K. Loads a tube of CCI in less than a minute [Federals are a little slower], much faster than I can load a 100 rounds on my Dillon 750. It does not require me to watch it while I am reloading. I do not take it apart for maintenance. I take the drum off and wipe all exposed surfaces with Pledge and then a dry paper towel. I use Pledge on a Q-tip and wipe down the feed ramp , and all the opening slots in the drum itself from both sides. At some point I did loosen the torx screws on the V2 plate slightly, maybe a 1/4 turn, and have not touched them since. I have not run many Winchester primers thru the Primer Pro, but they did load slower than CCI and Federal. Overall I am very happy with the Primer Pro.
  14. Just to add to this. I have recently gotten some CCI small rifle magnum primers. I loaded up 100 of them and shot them at the range today. I had 7 light strikes out of the 100 in both of my X5 Legions. They all fired the 2nd time. Looks like they are only good as training ammo - to induce random malfunction practice.
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