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  1. Better to call them up, they will give u an RMA so it doesn't cost you shipping. I sent one in that they received on Sep 24 , they shipped back to me on Sep 26. I have had excellent service from them.
  2. I installed the Grey Guns competition trigger kit yesterday and shot it today. It has a little less over travel and is lighter 3# vs 4#. I shot a lot of doubles drills and some Bill drills. Shooting the Legion stock I thought the trigger was OK, however I think the GG trigger is considerably better. I think the GG competition trigger is on par or slightly better than the Johnny Glock competition triggers that I been using on my G17s. Installing the GG kit was fairly straightforward using @Alma Coles videos with one exception. I was unable to reassemble the trigger bar and GG trigger with his method ( it works fine for the Legion stock trigger ), I had to use Apex’s trigger bar installation method. I suppose this is because of the different trigger geometry. I am using the flat face trigger. l
  3. @rowdyb thanks I am getting the kit in today. We’re there any other changes to the trigger besides the reduced weight i.e. over travel, pre travel, feel of reset, etc.?
  4. Have you had a chance to compare the Legion trigger to the Legion with a Grey Guns competition trigger kit or other Grey Gun parts?
  5. Does anyone here know what Sig did mechanically to reduce the pull of the X5 Legion trigger? I have ordered the Gray Guns competition kit, so I guess I will know soon if it is an improvement over the X5 Legion trigger.
  6. Thanks this is the first time I heard of Keres Dynamics I will check it out
  7. Thanks for the quick reply! I just got my X5 Legion yesterday and just shot it this am. This is the 1st Sig320 that I have shot. I liked the way the gun felt, but I definitely would prefer shorter overtravel. Less trigger pull weight would be nice too. I have been shooting a Glock 17 with a Johnny Glock competition trigger in CO USPSA the last 2 years.
  8. Just wondering how much , if any , improvement would the Grey Gun trigger upgrade be vs. the trigger that comes with the X5 Legion?
  9. I sent a DDP back for repair recently. They received it on Jul 2, and sent it back Jul 3!! I received it Jul 10. They replaced the circuit board. I just spoke to their tech support. He said they have a fix on the circuit board / loose battery contact problem and that all repairs done as of a few weeks ago will have the updated circuit board.
  10. I have tried Apex, 2 versions of Glocktriggers and Johnny Glock. By far the Johnny Glock competition trigger is the best.
  11. RYG Extended Length Magazine Releases are the best I have tried , not too big, but just big enough
  12. I added agility ladder and cone drill workouts to my training. It has helped with my quickness and agility. I do the cone drills seen on YouTube "5 Best Cone Drills for Speed and Agility" by Profect Sports. I do these as described in video full speed , and then with gun stopping at cones obtaining sight picture and exiting to next position. I do the agility ladder drills as seen on YouTube "13 Speed Ladder Drills For Faster Footwork & Quickness" by King Sports.
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