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  1. OK, thanks, that's what I wanted to know. I see them for that price, it seems like it is going to be a long time to fill the back orders.
  2. Does anyone have a Romeo 3 max and an rts-2? I would like to know if anyone has done a comparison. To buy an in stock Romeo 3 max from SIG directly is $779, you can get get an rts-2 for about $360. Is it worth the price difference?
  3. I am curious what is going on with the release date of these core models.
  4. Anyone know when the release date for the 2.0 core 5 inch will be? It looks like a good option for carry optics.
  5. I would like to see how bright the 5 moa SRO is compared the Romeo 1, 6 moa.
  6. I also am looking for another PCC red dot, using a DPP Pro, 2.5 moa, just not bright enough on a bright sunny day. I am using a Romeo 1, 6 moa on my CO gun, window a little small, VERY VERY bright in any sunlight, used it on highest setting once. Looking for something as bright as the Romeo 1, 6 moa, anyone know if the 510c, c-more railway are as bright as that?
  7. jmi786

    P320 X5 Thread

    Any update on the sight adj. issue?
  8. Alma, what are your thoughts on the 3 moa dot on the Romeo 1 since you have had some time with the RX ? Have you compared it to another optic in 6 or 8 moa.
  9. MarkCo, Now I have one more scope to check out. I was trying to decide between a VX-6 multigun with the new reticle,and the razor hd 1-6. Can anyone say how the Burris 1-8 compares to those two?
  10. MarkC0, The circle dot is first focal plane,correct? Does that mean that that the illuminated circle will be magnified out of view at higher magnifications?
  11. I am considering getting into single stack. The Max 1911 looks like a decent piece out of the box. I am not set up for reloading either cartridge yet, will be using Atlanta arms or similar in the beginning. I am trying to decide what caliber would be best. I'm guessing that .40 would be good for both minor and major. Need some input.
  12. jmi786

    BUG guns

    Alma, With the subcompact grip module, what holster options are there? I see that bladetech and comptac list holsters for the compact, but no listing for sub. I was wondering if the compact holsters would work, being that the trigger guard is a little different. jmi786
  13. What type of mount is everyone using on their mtac scope? Is anyone using the Larue or American Defense?
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