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  1. Sent a message to Timney stating I love the trigger but not the reset. And if they ever come out with a heavier trigger reset spring I want one. Got a reply saying they have one.
  2. https://ghostinc.com/plus-6-moab-for-glocks-full-size-mags-black/ really plus 5 but these work great! The body of the extension slides down over the mag. The baseplate locks it all into place.
  3. Contact Timney per their website. They sent me a couple of the stronger trigger reset springs. I like them a lot better.
  4. I’m really liking the RMR 124’s. Seem like a very good bullet. Just as accurate as the PD 124 JHP out to 25 yards as least.
  5. The Mcmaster-Carr spring would not work in my Gen 5. Was to wide at the coils and it bound up. The factory spring works fine. Just to weak for my taste.
  6. Same happened to me. I think they could improve that. But I haven’t replaced my housing yet and haven’t had any problems. Seems like the trigger bar holds it down alright.
  7. Better shoot that Timney first before you sell that JG trigger. Until I can get a more positive reset on the Timney the JG trigger is still my go to. But to each his own.
  8. 2.5 lbs on my brand new crazy tight G45 MOS with stock striker spring and Glock minus connector. Reset was sluggish but I played around bending the connector so not as much pressure against the trigger bar and lightly dusted the side of the trigger bar that contacts the frame with some 2000 grit. Made a huge difference in my reset. Since this is a competition gun only I may tweak the connector a little more. See what point the trigger bar jumps the connector.
  9. Thats what I was thinking as well.
  10. Do you know if anyone has tried this spring yet?
  11. Love to see Timney make a carry version. Just a thought.
  12. I couldn’t tell any difference with or without a plug once the buzzer goes off.
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