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  1. BASE772

    SRO on a Gen 5 G34

    Forward Controls Design is great.
  2. ^^^^ This I’ve tried most of the well known aftermarket connectors myself. Only use the Glock Minus connectors now. Before a USPSA or Steel match I drop in my striker assembly with a 5 lb striker spring and it’s perfect. Change it back when I get home.
  3. I know some people have had good luck with those aluminum plates. But my CHPWS plate only lasted one range trip for me and one of the aluminum post broke off. Been a few years ago.
  4. Forward Controls Design has come out with a very solid adapter plate for the Glock MOS with an RMR. It’s steel and the same thickness as the factory plate. RMR fits tight. And it’s wider so the sealing plate is not needed. I’m very happy with mine. That being said I haven’t had a problem with the factory plates. But this seems better.
  5. I personally hate the 32 MOA ring. I find it distracting. You can pick up a 407C V2 which just has the 2MOA dot for around $230.00. They also make the 407 with just an 8 MOA circle ️. Not sure if I would like that either.
  6. I now have over 4000 rounds through my G44 with zero failures to feed or extract. I did have three light strikes in the first 1000 rounds or so.
  7. BASE772

    Preferred grip tape

    Talon for sure.
  8. I’ve got 1750 rounds of the Aguila Super Extra out of my G44 with zero failures to feed or extract. Good stuff!
  9. No regrets with the 17 at all. I just shoot it better than the G34 with red dot.
  10. I’ll buy one. Never owned a 22LR firearm in my life. According to Glocks web site the trigger pull is the same as other Glocks. And here lately I’ve been putting a lot of practice in shooting strong and weak hand from the draw. Firing one shot usually at the plate rack at 15-20 yard range. Be great for that. I’m assuming it’s the same sights as all the other Glocks so I’ll put a orange Ameriglo front sight on it and shoot steel over the winter instead of being almost the only guy shooting a center fire pistol. And it just looks like fun!
  11. Truglo Tritium Pro part # TG231G1MW on my G17 MOS. I believe the Holosun 508T is about the same height off the slide as the RMR.
  12. I’ve seen this in several 9mm Major barrels that someone tried to ream and they got chatter so to speak while doing it.
  13. The Glock 24 round mag is supposed to have the 33 round mag spring for reliability. I don’t have either so can’t confirm it. But i got the information from a very reliable source.
  14. My Gen 4 34 done the same thing unless I ran at least 140PF. The Gen 5 ejector did help some. Now I use a Gen 5 17 MOS at 133 PF and have no brass hitting my DPP.
  15. I run the same springs in my G17.5 Carry Optics gun. Also use a Lone Wolf connector and have had a reliable 3# trigger with Federal and Winchester primers.
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